Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Do-Over??

What a few weeks!  I finally feel like we are coming out of a fog of sneezes, sore throats, yak, flu, and snot!  Ugh, I know!  Super disgusting, I know, I've been living it!  I guess it is just the season we are in.  One day it is in the 80s and the next day it is 30?  Who can figure?  I have tried to be a kind and nurturing momma, but all I want is to break out of this germy house!! 
It's been a few weeks, but I think it all started when sweet boy had strep (coulda been my Red, it has been so long ago and so many germs have been passed back and forth that I have lost track (and my sanity, but that's a post for another day)!  I reached out to his teachers to let her know they would be out, and the response was that just in their classroom they had cases of strep, stomach viruses, and the flu!  I was so thankful it was just strep... I mean just some fluids, amoxicillin, and a new toothbrush and we'd be back on track!
Whomp... whomp!!
After strep, there was the stomach bug!
Y'all, why does the stomach bug happen during the night after you have only been asleep for close to two hours??  I can not think of anything worse than a little with vomit on his clothes coming to your bed (during the night, and I was having such a fantastic dream... man friend and I were on an island... alone.... there were drinks, waves, and tans (yes, I had a tan.... must have been a dream)!!  But nooooooo, I wake to, "momma, I threw up on my bed and my floor."  Pit-ti-ful!!  I stick sick kid in the shower and then go and survey the damage.  I tried to wake up man friend because.... well, I am not sure why.  He has a horrible gag reflex and it would have just been no bueno to have him assisting me!  Good thing he did not wake up!  So, I make my way to the bedroom and I can already smell it, in fact I can still smell it!  It will forever be with me burned in my nose!  After I peek in, I can see that the yak is in a small mound, not like a Mt Everest mound, but def a mound!  Ugh!  Sorry, for the graphic nature!  I remove the sheets, the stuffed animals (there were 7, all large size Ninja Turtles (yes, there are only 4 turtles, but we have multiples), and then clean the floor!  Thirty minutes, many hand towels, and a half a bottle of Febreeze later the mess was cleaned (oh yea, did I mention Brayden was still in the shower and man friend is still asleep)!  Anyways, we did survive the stomach bug!
Just a little FYI, because I am a sharer and someone shared with me...
If you get throw up on your carpet, you can clean and clean and clean (trust me, I know), but sometimes you can still smell yak!  Ughh!!  Well, my girlfriend commented on FB when I was looking for moral support from FB land, and she said bowl water on the stove and them pour the boiling water over the yak infected and cleaned up area.  *Make sure you have on shoes!!  After you have poured the water over the whole area, then stand on a towel to clean up the excess water!  Friends!  No joke!  It worked.  As soon as I did this little trick the smell was gone!  #Thankful

What, y'all thought the illnesses would end there?  Well, no.  Then I got sick... a little coughy coughy with a fever!  Two appointments later, and a round of negative flu tests, it turned out to be the flu. I tried to tough it out, but it did not work out.  Sometimes when momma is sick, you still have to function!  I mean, I still had to help with Valentines, reading our pig book each night, keep up with laundry, and cleaning the bathrooms (shocked, I know, but I was still nervous about the stomach bug and if I get it, I cannot stand the thought of throwing up in a dirty toilet)!  Is anyone with me on this??  Anyways, I just could not kick it.  I am still struggling with cold symptoms, but I am glad to be out of the flu woods!
I finally returned to work, after missing a day or two and then it was the weekend, and then, Bray gets some random virus with a high fever!  Wha????  I know!  I contemplated burning down the house, because well I was just thinking crazy and not getting a lot of sleep!  So, he had to stay home and could not return to school (24 hour fever free)!

We had the weekend to re-coop, and I was thankful we did not have school on Monday and Tuesday, but I really needed to get back to work.  So I took the kids to childcare, and on Monday night, I could just tell Brayden was not feeling well.  I tried to ignore it, because, well, I am just being honest.  He woke up during the night with a high fever, I was crying on the inside because I just mentally could not handle it any longer!  Really, 101.5!  He was pitiful.  I went to the bathroom to regain my composure, and then I walk out of the bathroom (lights off) and I trip over a little!  Yes, Sophia was laying at my bathroom door!  I fa-reeked out and knew for sure I broke a body part and would have to go to the hospital for a vacation away from my family (what, a girl can dream, yes?)  I snap at her for laying lifelessly on the floor, and she just cries.  "I have no spit in my mouth and cannot swallow and I am so cold mommy!"  I reach for her face... in the dark, and could feel it was soooooooo hot!  That is right, another one bites the dust!  I call for man friend, because, well he was asleep and I wanted him to share in this glorious event I call motherhood!!  That morning, I took both littles to the dr, and it turns out everyone had the flu!!!
Yes, this is us, after 2 hours of being at the drs office.  Both people with the flu, sitting/ sleeping on me!!  We were just waiting for my flu test/ strep test/ mono test (yes, mono??)
The rest of the week, I have been sitting around playing nurse to all of my people, praying for patience and a kind attitude, and for my job (that I don't get fired).... hello, can y'all see all of the above sickness and I have been missing work!!!
So, I am kinda thinking February was a BUST!!  I would say that we need a re-do, but I am afraid we would have the same outcome.
A few things I have learned...
1.  If you do not turn in a doctors note to the school, within 3 days of the dr visit, absences are NOT excused!!  What??  I had no idea!  I was just holding onto them in case anyone ever asked for them!

  #MomFail #ElementarySchoolDropOuts
2.  I am super thankful for VUDU and the fact that they have new releases available to watch before the actual release date!  Yes, I have paid to just have the movie instead of waiting the 2 weeks to rent it!  I obvi think that money grows on trees, and will just spend $20+ on movies for the day.  No biggie!
3.  Moana.
I spent the money on the movie for us to watch, and welp, it is not my favorite.  I mean, I cannot even sit and watch the movie, it is possibly because the Rock is one of the main characters and when he sings it is like nails down a chalkboard to me!  #JustSaying #SeriouslyHitANote  I normally love these Disney movies, in fact, I am really looking forward to the Beauty and the Beast movie with Hermoine!!  Anyone else excited?
4.  We had free movie channels over the past few weeks!  Thank you Dish!  I watched a new show with Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley.  It is called Big Little Lies, and it is on HBO.
Can I just say, that I think if those 3 women met me like we could be besties!  I am sure they would sit around and talk about how hard it is to be rich and famous, and I would be all, I know what you mean!  Best friends, I am sure of it!  Anyways, the show is a bit intense, and is following the lives of these 3 women who seem like they are super perfect wives and mommas to 1st graders, but behind closed doors these women seem to be a bit of train wrecks (hello, welcome to my world)!!  Of course, the free preview is over, and now I will have to watch the show on VUDU, but I think that I will keep on tuning in.  Anyone else watch?
5.  Not only have we all been experiencing every sort of fever in our house, but we have also contracted a bit of puppy fever!  Every other day Sophia asks questions about dogs and when we can get a dog.  Her daddy has pretty much promised her a puppy for Christmas, but Christmas cannot come soon enough!
She wants to learn everything that she can about dogs and wants to learn about every type of breed.  In fact, the other day, I found her watching a movie about dogs on Netflix.  This is not a big deal, but I sat next to her and she was just sucked in!  I look at the screen and realize that she is watching a dog giving birth!!!  Geez Louise!!  Is there nothing else that she could be watching, My Little Ponies or Tom and Jerry??  No, dogs giving birth!
6.  Last night I declared the evening to be movie night (because we have not watched enough tv over the past month).  I got to choose, because well I just did not want to watch anything they would pick (just being honest).  I picked out ET.  Possibly too soon, I mean this film still keeps me from going outside at nighttime.  But they sat quietly and watched, and cried.  That movie is such a tear jerker!!  I just knew that everyone would have bad dreams, but nope!  Everyone slept through the night!!

7.  We were able to celebrate my baby sister a few weeks ago!  19 years old!!  I can remember when she was born!  She invited her college friends over for dinner at my parents house and we were able to come over and see her!  The night was so fun (until man friend left sick... I know!)  We were still happy to be together and celebrate Kitty!  We love her!!
8.  This shirt!  I must own it and wear it proudly!!
It is my new mantra!!

9.  It is Sunday, and so far the kids are hopefully on the mend and will return to school tomorrow!  Praise the Lord!!  We will spend the rest of the day working on a new puzzle with 300 pieces (I know, what am I thinking) and putting together a new Lego contraption!  We really should be focused on our 1 District 1 Book, and play a little catch-up we need to read 9 chapters before school starting in the morning!!  So much to do, so little time!!

 10.  I guess I would not want to re-do the whole month... we did have a few fun moments!!
School Valentines Day parties and there have been a few days of health and those were spent outside climbing trees and exploring local trails!


Thursday, February 9, 2017

BIG prayers for Lora!!

La casa Foresee is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  This house has been struck with a handful of different things:  strep, stomach bug, and the flu!  (I think this is where all 10s of my readers should collectively say, "whomp.... whomp!")  I have had to put a few things, that I have been wanting to do on hold....
1.  I am having a birthday party for my Baby Bear (yes, his birthday was in December.... and yes, it is February)  I am just running a few months late.  Go ahead judge me!  #WorstPartyPlannerEver
**Note to self, after I post this I need to order a birthday cake for Saturday!  (I know, I have not even ordered the cake yet and the party is in a day)!
2.  I wanted to wash all of the sheets in this house.  (whomp... whomp)!  I do not even want to get out of the bed, so disgusting sheets will have to stay on the mattress till Sunday.
3.  Lil sister has a birthday this week!  She is 19!  How did that even happen?  Katie are you reading this?  It is 19?  Right? 
4.  I was supposed to have a lunch date with my friend Lora.  Y'all remember Lora, yes?
Lora is sitting right next to me.
Anyways, the above picture was taken after dinner a few weeks ago, and when we left the restaurant, we had already planned to go to lunch and go shopping at some of the local shops on the square.  I have been looking forward to this (because, y'all, sometimes mommas just need to be with other mommas and eat, talk, and talk some more)!  It is good for the soul and sometimes that time kind of rejuvenates you and gets you ready to go back into the "motherhood trenches"!  (and all of the mommas said, "Amen!")
With all of the sickness in our house:  strep, stomach bug, and me down and out with the flu, the lunch plans have not worked out!  Since my friend just finished her radiation treatments this past week, I did not want to expose her to any extra germs!
I messaged Lora this morning to say Monday!  Monday for lunch!  Let her know we had been sick, but Monday I am all in for our lunch date!
I did not expect for her to type back that she is in the hospital and had been life flighted to a hospital in another state.
(I am just letting that sink in.... again).
So, trying to be funny I asked if she was just trying to get out of lunch!  Ha!
Waiting her response, I clicked on my FB and the first few updates were posts for Lora.
What in the world is going on here?
After I started reading all of her friends and family begging for prayer on her behalf I read that my friend had a MRI last night and the doctors saw a tumor on her brain.
First things first....
I hate that she has to go through this trial right now.
I hate this for her family.
I hate cancer and this battle she has to fight right now.

Sweet Jesus, I know that you are holding her in the palm of your great hands.  Heal my friend!  Be with her doctors and nurses as they are giving her care.  Be with her family:  her husband, her 3 children, her parents, and her brother and his family.

This morning I have been praying this for Lora.  I hope that you too will pray over her.

*  Lora... seriously!  You got this!  I am waiting for you to come on home!
UPDATE** Oh, yea, Lora, I know I said no more blogging without asking.... but I already clicked the "publish" button!  #KindaSorry #ButNotSoSorry

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Sunday...

I am going on day 3 of sitting in the bed and watching television!  I am not snuggled up watching the Super Bowl, but trying to catch up on my Netflix episodes of The Queen.
*update and yes, a spoiler alert!!!
I have just finished the last episode of season 1, and I am so ready for season 2!  Heart broken that Elizabeth did not let Princess Margaret marry Peter Townsend!!  Boo!  That was her love!  Talk about rip my heart out!  This show has just shed so much light on what "may have" gone on behind the closed door... have you seen it??
Whaaa??  I know!  I do not even watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  It is just not my thing!  Half time... nah, I am sure that someone on FB will give the play by play on how awesome or not awesome it was!
I am going on day 2 (kind of day 3) of recooperting from a mystery illness.  On Friday, I finally bit the bullet and went to the dr.  I had been having a bad headache, stomach stuff, and a cough since Wednesday.  By Friday afternoon, I realized that Advil was not helping me at all.  Off to the dr I go.  After being swabbed for the flu and strep, the dr said I had neither!  Wha?  I know!  She for sure thought I had the flu, but instead treated me for strep (since Lil Red had it the week before... better safe than sorry).  I have quarantined myself from the kids and Aron since Friday afternoon, and all I have done is sleep and watch movies.
First things first...
The Legend of Tarzan
 Yeah, you're welcome 10s of readers!  That is right.  Never have I been so fascinated with jungle life, gorillas, or Samuel L. Jackson (yes, he is in this movie). 
Spoiler Alert... Tarzan may be the best thing about that movie!  Enjoy!
The other thing my attention was on... taxes.
I know, whomp whomp!  At least they are finished/ filed, so now we can enjoy our return of 10s of dollars (be jealous, be very jealous)!
The other parts of my downtime over the week have been with the man friend and the littles.  Our school district picks out a book for every child to read...
Each night, we have been able to sit together and read from our new book.  Most might find this to be boring, some may not even be reading (that is fine too), but I have really enjoyed being with my people each night before bed and learning all about Flora.  The kids have had a good time and I have most loved listening to man friend read to the kids!  So sweet, and each word he speaks melts my heart!  I just love him so much!  Such a precious daddy to our babies!
Today, the kids and Aron spent much of the day outside, enjoying another "6 weeks of winter".  Ha, it was a ridiculously beautiful day outside, the sun was out and the air was warm!  Wish I could have been out there with them, but I just opened the windows and enjoyed some fresh air (this will just have to do)!

O my goodness... so annoying!  Man friend is shrieking because his team just did something ah-mazing!!  So much for taking a nap (at 6:45, that would more than likely turn into bedtime for me at 6:45)!  Guess I need to go in there and check on him, sounded like he coulda strained a vocal chord or something!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you!!