Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Mommy Confessions

I have a friend, that within the next month, will be a new mother. O, so many things to come for her during this time. The joys. The sweet smiles from your precious bundle. The coos. The poos.. Well, this girl friend, (we will call her Nellie), just posted the funniest article that I have seen in a while. It is on the site, The Stir, and it is from "Scary Mommy"! It is the 25 Best Mom Confessions of 2011! Go to it, will not regret it!

then type in mommy confessions (in the search box), sorry the link would not work!

After reading, laughing, and agreeing with a few of the confessions, I thought that I would write my own confessions! It is comforting to know that at least one other person out in the world shares in some of my "mommy stresses"!

1. Sometimes, with 2 children, 2 and under, it is hard to find the time and the energy to make 3 healthy home cooked meals and snacks too! A few times, I have fed my children Chick fila breakfast (chicken biscuits with fruit cup), then gone to McDonalds for lunch (this because I fear the window person at Chick Fila would be the same person and I do not want to be judged for feeding myself and children breakfast and lunch), stuff the fast food paraphernalia in the trash (so husband will not see it), then tell Aron that I have had such a crazy hectic day that I say we should eat Subway (it's healthy) for dinner. (I know, I am the worst)

2. I hate cleaning the bathroom (this does not get done that often). In fact, if someone says that they are coming over, I sometimes just squeeze the Mr Clean gel in the toilet, wait a few minutes, then flush. Smells clean to me

3. I am not a fan of answering the door when my husband is not home (even if it is a child doing a raffle sale or asking me to buy cookies). So, I look out the window and mouth and act out "BABY SLEEPING" then I make the "SHUSH" sound.

4. On the 15th of this month, I had a birthday party for my husband and my son. Just this morning I threw away the left over cake that has been sitting on a covered crystal cake plate. I actually forgot it was even sitting on the opposite side of the kitchen and only really did it because my sister in law came over a few days ago and made a comment (made me feel so gross).

5. I made chili 2 months ago, and it is still in the fridge. I always say, I am gonna throw that away next Monday when the garbage man comes, but I obviously forget. (it is so in the back, I never notice)

6. I have 9 shampoo conditioner and shampoo bottles in the shower. 6 of them are empty.

7. I still have lingerie that I received for my bachelorhood party (over 5 years ago). It is like 8 sizes too small and some of it never worn. (I will not throw it away, hoping that I will someday loose weight and be able to wear it, and I also cannot throw it away because I hate to be a waster of such pretty stuff). Ridiculous, I know.

8. I have not washed my hair since Friday. (notice I did not say Friday of which week. I cannot remember!) Just kidding. Last Friday. Or am I???

9. During nap times, I should be cleaning or doing some other wifely/ mommy duty, but I am more than likely watching old 90210 episodes or Twittering.

10. My carpets smell so yucky (I blame this on children, they spit up all over it for about 9/12 months while they crawl around then they spill their drinks and such on them for the rest of the time. Thus, I am a big sprayer of Febreeze! I smile big time when other Mommy's come over and say that my house smells so fresh and clean (I fear telling them it is all covered up with the Febreeze spray)!

11. I sometimes do not brush my teeth until Aron is due home. Never enough time in the day to do everything!

12. Being a stay at home mom is a tough job and sometimes very lonely. Thus the first name basis I am on with the trash man, the mail lady, and the laundry mat woman (she washed our comforter one time a month). I know their children's names as well, they are very friendly and have even shown me photos of those kiddos. I love proud parents.

13. In the early days of mommy hood, when I would nurse babies in the bed with me and then we would fall asleep together, they would spit up or I would leak everywhere. I would change them and clean them up, and me being too tired to change the sheets would just sleep on the edge of the bed or just lay a towel over it.

14. If the husband is in the mood, and I too tired to function or even make out for that matter, I have said that I had diarrhea all day or even make the comment that I am getting ready to start my period and feel so bad. (This only works for about 2 days in a row, so you must come up with something better for an excuse on day 3.)

15. I cannot tell you the last time that I saw my girlfriends. When the time comes up for us to get together, I usually say I cannot come (just because I do not want to get dressed up, my sweats do not say....Girls Night Out)

16. I am on a first name basis with 1/2 of the nursing staff at our pediatrician (I am a crazy mother who thinks that my children always have the symptom of...... something crazy.) It is my own fault for checking with WEBMD first (should never ever do that)

17. If I get a coke in a bottle, I can make it last over a few days. I leave it out and drink it even if it is flat. I hate to waste a good coke.

18. If my teeth look a little crooked, I pop in my retainer that I had in high school. It still works. The next morning my teeth are straight! I do this after Aron goes to sleep (I would never let him see me like that)!

19. I have used the same make up sponge for like 5 months. It is so old and grodey looking, but I just forget to get a new one at the store!

20. I do not always recycle. Just saying. (I am trying to get better since I have such green friends, they make me feel bad)

21. After 2 children, I cannot run, skip, jump, dance, laugh, or sneeze without peeing in my pants. (So embarrassing when this happens at Wal-Mart) I could be the youngest spokeswoman for Depends. Don't use them, but I should!

22. If I ever think that I am pregnant, I will go to a nearby town to buy a pregnancy test. Seriously, I thought I was recently, and would have died if someone saw me with 2 little babies in the buggy (would have hated them to look at me and wonder if I have ever heard of birth control or think that I am an oversexed desperate housewife)! Test came out negative yal!!

23. I mostly listen to Christian music. The rest of the time I listen to Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Hall and Oates, Def Leopard, Aerosmith, Bone Thugs n Harmony, and the list goes on and on! I know, right, eclectic music selection, I think so.

24. For some reason, every time I go to the store (for just one thing), I will also pick up the following items (chicken broth, baby wipes, apple juice, and a candy bar (I eat it in the car so no one will know)!

25. If I sometimes just burst out into old drill team routines (full out). I still got it, and my kids think that it is funny!

So, what you got? Please tell me that you have something too!

Please do not judge a momma, I am just trying to make it to another day. So happy in this season I am in, and I just thought that I could share some of the teensy weency little things that make up this thing I call Mommyhood!

Love yal,

The Mommy That is Just Trying to Keep it All Together

Friday, January 27, 2012

1 Door...2 Door.....

The cabinet painter is about to hit the floor!

The List

Don't cha just love a list!

1. take doors off cabinets ad clean out cabinets: check

2. sand finish off of the cabinets and get very muscley in the process: check

3. prime cabinets, wait, prime, wait, prime, wait, prime: check

4. decide on a paint color for the base, color haze: check

(little side note, paint was free thanks to a $25 gift card I found to Home Depot) WINNING!

5. get kids to lay down for a nap: check

6. Paint cabinets (coat 1) while they nap!

Then while painting, I question the color at least 5 times! Obviously, I am over it since I proceeded to paint every inch of them!

So here we go, almost ready to paint another coat (that is tomorrows work)!

And.............Here's the cabinets!

One Door!

Two Doors!

And the rest!!What a project!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1 year of some livin', lovin', and playin'

O my, how he's grown!

Today was Brayden's 1 year check up.

Doesn't he look thrilled??

B-man had a birthday on December 29th! The year has flown by.

Today, he weighs 22 lbs and is 31 inches long

Wearing size 5 diapers and 18 month size clothing

Sports a size 4 shoe

Talk about busy. He is an army crawler and walks with a walker toy assisting

He has taken a few unassisted steps.

He is working on being a climber (stresses me out)

Bray loves to dig in cabinets!

He is a very good eater (loves bananas and yogurt)

Not talking yet (says dadadadada), how could he ever get a word in with his big sis around

B takes a good nap (2-2 1/2 hours) and bedtime at 9 until 8

He adores his sister

Loves to follow her around (although he is not a fan of her touching him)

He cries when I walk away (such a mommas boy)

He loves to see Aron walk into a room (face lights up)

Brayden, you are such a sickly boy! (ear infection city!!)

Changing your diaper is like wrestling with a gator!

You have just started sitting with sis in front of the tv (it captures your attention for a moment)

You are such a lover!

You are such a thrower of toys (you got your daddy's pitching arm)

The ladies love you!

You like to dance

You have captured my heart since the moment I saw you.

Who knew I could fall in love with a little bald man with only 8 teeth!

You've come a long way baby!

Cannot wait to see what is in store for your future!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What? Is there something on my face?


what would you get if Cameron Diaz (circa Something About Mary, craycray hair)

and a munchkin from the Lollipop Guild

had babies?? Hummmmm?

Ding. Ding. Ding. I think that we have a winner!!

Tonight at dinner, Brayden fed himself. Let me start by saying that he fed himself pretty well! This night he looks a wee bit cleaner than after a normal meal! Ha!This was when I tried to start cleaning his face! He was so upset!
Even with food on his face, he is still the most precious lil man I know!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello, my name is Caryn.....

and I am a germ-a-phobe!!
Yes, thats right, I over night have become a girl that is obsessed with cleanliness and defeating bacteria!! (If I were a super hero I would be called Disenfecto Girl. I would wear black (beacause it is slimming) and maybe some red or pink. My weapon of destruction would be a bottle of bleach and hand sanitizer!

I blame this new phobia on...

Have yal seen this? Look at Gwyneth Paltrow in the bottom corner (girl is looking rough in this film yal)! If you have small children, I do not think that you should watch this movie, or if your husband is coughing up a storm while trying to watch the movie... this may be a film to skip, or if you are already thinking that everytime you and your children leave your home you come back to the house with some sorta infection.... better choose something else on OnDemand!

Yal... why did I watch this film?

It left me freaked out, grossed out, and a little icked out any time anyone in the house touched me! It did not help that we were still trying to get over some colds and coughs!

Seriously, after the movie, I got up and scrubbed counters and floors (not joking) with bleach!! I also did all of the laundry and hung up some pictures. I know the last two chores do not have anything to do with germs or Contagion, but I just felt so good about the clean stuff that I felt I needed to do the other things! Gotta love a show that encourages you to do something.... like wash your hands or clean your house! Hopefully, since our enviornment was spic and span for the moment, it will help us to all feel a bit better!

So... how was your weekend?

Friday, January 20, 2012

What happened to my babies???

Get ready to grab a tissue, I have already sat and whined a lil bit about it today. I have come to the realization that my babies are not babies any longer. I have these two tiny people. People. Not babies! This was brought more to my attention as this happened.......I know, he walked. Brayden took his most precious first unassisted steps! After shreiking for joy (which scared him to death, causing him to fall), I got so sad (a lil weepy). He's gonna be a walker. Then I am going to be taking Sophia and Brayden to school. Then they will be asking to go and get their drivers license. Then they are going to try to date. Then they are going to graduate from high school. Then they will most hopefully attend the U of A. Then they will marry and leave me!!!!! Sorry, to be all boo-hoo-ish, but its a gonna happen. These days will be gone, only a memory for me and a picture in my virtual scrapbook. Maybe we should try for a baby brother or sister? Or maybe we should get a fish.
A walker! Gosh! My little guy.

Onto the week wrap up!

After conquering the sickness, we were able to get outside for a bit!
I pulled the kids around our block in the wagon (this was the longest 10 minutes of my life)! It made me realize that I am so out of shape and that pulling these children is no easy task! Gosh, what are these kids eating anyways!?

After the warm day outside, we spent the next few days inside!

Honey and Aunt Kitty, and their G-Daddy got the kids a slide! This has definitely helped to turn our home into the equivalent of a McDonald's playground! Toys, books, balls, a tunnel, and now a slide, these children have no need to leave the house for any entertainment!
It is so much fun! Thank you for the slide!!
The kids have discovered this iron table with a glass top. I know, it sounds dangerous! Sophia loves to get underneath the table and then press her hands and face up against the top.
When she does this, I immediately think of one of my favorite movies....Sixteen Candles!Do yal remember that part when Ted is put in the glass table at Jake's party!? So hilarious and so sad!! I do love that movie!
Jake Ryan!

I heart him so much!

I would watch this movie over and over, and just thought that he was the cutest guy ever!

Did yal feel the same way too?
Did you go to school with a "Jake Ryan"?

Be still my beating heart! Sweetest teen movie moment ev-er!!

I sooo had a "Jake" at my school.

I would just think, "oh, if "Jake" would only notice me! Sigh.....

Eventually, he did notice me for a summer and in college, and it turns out "Jake" was not so hot! Girls, he was way better in the movie!! Ha!

PTL, that I met Aron!

Back to the week wrap up!!

Well, I thought that the illnesses were done. Ha!

We were back at the dr this morning! Ear infection! Boo hiss!!

He sure does look happy and sweet though!

And the last photo of the post. My angel.

I know, there is no halo, but she is sporting this knit hat (that is too small, but she insists on wearing it)! Poor thing, it makes her look as if she is a Conehead (another classic movie)!

My gosh yal, she is just so wonderful!

Hope that your weekend is filled with happiness..

Tomorrow we are celebrating my daddy's birthday!

It was on Wednesday, but tomorrow we shall feast on Blend of the Bayou and birthday cake!

Love yal!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

If I Were to Marry a Rock Star.....

I think that it would be Steven Tyler....

Is that crazy?

Okay, I know that it is crazy.

Who would you marry, if you were not with your significant other? Anyone? Would it be Josh Groban, Gavin Rossdale, Hootie?, Lionel Richie, one of those Backstreet Boys???? Any takers?

Last night, Aron and I watched American Idol. Did you happen to check it out? We have never gotten into the show, never sat down and watched a season. The show makes me feel bad for the people that tryout and believe with all of their heart that they are amazing singers, then they are told (you aint so hot). It breaks my heart. Some reason, Aron flipped it to A.I. and we watched the whole 2 hours! I am hooked, I know it is a little late to be getting into the show, but I loved it!

I also rekindled my rocker crush on my above boyfriend, Steven! He is so oddly strange, he sometimes looks like he needs a bath and a cheeseburger, and I have always loved his music, but I find myself very into him. Yal, dont start praying for me or nothing, I am not going to leave my incredible husband and try to become a Tyler roadie/ groupie, just saying that the rocker is a wee bit dreamy for a 61 year old man that can really rock out!

I am going to go ahead and name the winner, Phillip Phillips. OMGoodness, yal he was amazing!

So, do yal watch Idol? Is it a show of the past, or is it still cool to watch?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Life of a Wood Worker... continued

Cabinet update:

Funny thing about those cabinets. Ya see, they are the first thing that I am thinking of working on when I get up in the morning, they are the thing that I want to tackle during naptime, and those big ole cabinets are the thing that I want to mess with when the house is o so quiet at night time. Well, funny thing about those cabinets is my timing! When I wake up in the morning, my childrens "mommy radar" clicks to on and then it wakes them up (no cabinet work for the a.m.), then the ever so peaceful naptime that comes at around 2-4 (well, I am trying to get to those cabinets, but the laundry is stacked up so high that I am unable to get to them:(!!) Therefore, no cabinet attention is given during the day. The dark hours, when all who dwell in these walls during the day decide to rest (I have been sleeping too, way too tired to paint).

So, here is the update for the cabinets.....

The doors....

they still sit in my garage work area.

Womp..... Womp......

So, although I am wanting to work on my cabinets, they are the last thing to get my attention! Also, it is "that time of the month" You all should know what "time of the month" I am talking bout! The "time of the month" when all of the bills are paid!( Yes, we have the majority of our bills that are taken out, always in the same week (within a few days of one another). Therefore, my DIM project must wait until the next paycheck! GEEZ! Oh.... how I long for the day when we win the lotto!

I wonder if Beyonce has a "time of the month"?

Could We Be In This House Any Longer???

Well, it seems like me and the "Steve Urkel" children have been quarantined since about October! This is no joke, seriously, for-ev-er! We have passed colds, respiratory infections, stomach viruses, and a icky cough back and forth for months. When we woke up this morning, I kinda had a pep in my step, and I did not even have to wipe dried up snot off of any ones face this morning. So, I do believe that things are looking up for us, and I foresee big things for our future! We are gonna get outta this house! No more brown couch, no more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, no more of this place... we are busting out! PTL!!

Even though we have been sickly for some time, we are still keeping up a happy spirit and a happy smile on our face. So, these pics are more for the family that has seen us very little lately! Get ready, we may be coming to your house tomorrow!

Yes, our house looks like a toy store exploded! But Brayden looks pretty happy in all of the clutter! I really do think he's cute!

IPhone pics!

Can you feel our excitement! This was me saying we are getting out today! Sophia was sooo very happy to get on clothes and go to town!

Big Day Yal, Big Day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Callin' all you cowboys and cowgals!!!!

Sure, they look sweet and cute...

but alla yous need to be on thu lookout for Shooter Foresee and his Sundance KidThis lil' buckaroo recently turned 32...
and our lil' cowboy on the run has just now turned the year of 1!
Oh, what fun, o' the joy, of celebratin' a party with some good ole boys!

Come dressed up in your boots n hats
and please be wearin' your shirts with pearl snaps...
We'll be havin' a rootin' tootin'
shoot'em up

boot scootin'

Welcome to the Foresee Saloon

That's right yal.

We called all the outlaws, sister in law, our pawpaw, and our brothers to come n celebrate with one anothers. They all came to say, "Howdy!" and I took a few pictures to show that the party wudn't quite that rowdy!

The cowgirls
Cowboy Aron and his babies

G-Daddy and his Cowgirl KittyAron and LeAnne
cowboy cookies.

Yal, my friend Robin made these! She is so amazing!

If you have a cookie cravin' Robin is your cookie maven! Look her up cause she's the best, her sweet treats are better than all the rest!!

Uncle Jason and Brayden
The cake

Our sweet Nicole
Annalee and Sophia

Uncle Jason

There's a new sheriff in town, Uncle Richard got'em a Brayden

Mercedees and Bray

Couple a outlaws
Could my nephew be any cuter??

I love my boys..
Cowboy cutie
Ryan and LeAnneReally, nephews, could they be any cuter?

My precious

A tired cowgirl!
This one is in disguise....

my sister and nephew Abram
Momma n me

Yal, I just love him!
What a year this has been. My two best boys, my Aron and my Brayden. They both bring so much joy and happiness to my heart. How did I get so lucky?

Happy Birthday Aron and Brayden