Friday, January 11, 2013

She's Ba--ck....

Ah, yes!  That's right, my "Twisted Sister" from another mister (and its really not my sister because he's a man, and older than me, and a 80's rock star).  Anyways, after many many many months of not getting my hair done, I start to kind of channel him.... 

See the resemblance?
Brushed out......

Who knew I was so on trend.... 
The ombre look was so hot like last fall!
Sorry, but I am not lovin' the look, even though it looks like I do since I'm not trying to get in the salon to fix my mess! Ha!!

Well, my makeover/hair change up is coming soon, and for a while I have been wanting to do something new with my do.  Should I keep it long and curly, cut it (which has been done and left me looking q-tipish), should I stop getting highlights.... Yes, when God brought me into this world he gave me blond hair, but this is a losing battle and over the years my hair is going darker and I keep fighting it!

Decisions, decisions !

I know that it is just hair, but what if I make a drastic change to it and my body rejects it and then my husband hates it and my children don't recognize me and stop loving me and then my mother looks at me and shakes her head!
What if I say let's go to the dark side and this happens......
I know... I know, that was such a rough time in my life.  I don't even know that girl anymore!  That was back when I was pretty deep into guns, and boots, and killin', so glad Aron found me when he did.

There are just so many things that could happen (I've obviously been thinking of the most nutball things ever, but it could happen)!

Anyways, after many hair style searches and magazine look looks, I've found some interesting looks.  Are they me?  I don't know.  Can I pull off something so different?
Keep it blond???

Darken it up??
Golden browny color??

love this color
keep it long and curly, its only been like this my whole life, why not the rest of it...?  Yawn!
too dark for me??

get it straightened :-) 
too much??  I'm talking about the hair, not the bubbies! Ha!

So many options!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rockin' a family photo!!

I could not be more excited about next month!  My Bucky will be 80 years old and we will be celebrating big time!!  For the first time, in a long time, my family will be in the same zip code for almost 2 days.  The 2 days will be filled with family, fun, cake (I love cake), and I have arranged for my friend, Bethany to take a family photograph of me and my people.  Let's see.... all together it will be 2 grandparents, my parents, their 4 children, their son in law, their 2 grandchildren, my aunt, her son, his wife, and their 2 children, my 2 cousins who are living big in the LA (Louisiana), my uncle, my other aunt, her husband, their 4 children, and a partridge in a pear tree.  So, if you are good at math  then you know that is a lot and if you are not so hot at the numbers then that will total..... 25 people!  Yowza!  I know, that is gonna have to be one big set up!
This is one of the last photographs that I have of some of our bunch...
it's from our wedding rehearsal dinner and we are missing some folks!
Here's an oldie but a goodie....
Now, onto me and my friend to find the most wonderful spot (in super cold February) for a photo.  I have been looking a images that I have seen on the Internet, and I have found a few that we could maybe try out......
We could all dress up in matching pajamas???  Thoughts??
this photo was found on Awkward Family Photos website , submitted by a woman Cruella
We would need an incredibly large tree branch for our bunch!
this was found from Pro Photo Support

 Red is my favorite color!

I love a photograph with a picture perfect setting!
I always love lots of color.....
I kinda like the idea of matchy matchy?  Why not?

Then again, I do love the photos that are not really posed... more natural?
Aren't these pictures a hoot!  I found the last 5 from the website, Awkward Family Photos!

Now that I have some ideas on how we should pose and options of the backdrop, I must start looking for an outfit!  Nope, for this picture I refuse to wear my "mom uniform" of blue jeans and Razorback t-shirt!  I want to be stylin' and profilin'!
PTL for FB and all of the fun shops that I have found from them having a FB page....
Elysian Boutique , this is a new boutique that has opened right here in my lil' town of Bentonville.  Never been in, but I have fallen in love with some of Lisa's things...
I adore this look, and it just screams at me (like a take me home scream!)
Then, I love these colors...
I do not think that I can squeeze by big ole child birthin' hips into that skirt, but maybe it is a stretchy fabric?  If I tried it and it looked like 2 pigs fightin' underneath a blanket, I would for sure put it back, but I know the pre-child birthin' hips woulda totally rocked this!
Then, there is another store that is in Fayetteville (just a hop, skip, and jump away... 30 minutes down the road).... Riffraff or they have a FB page...FB Riffraff
They always have cute stuff y'all.  Something like this might be cute with a solid color scarf and denim jacket?  I don't know....
Or these finds are cute too!  I found this shop on FB too, The Blue Door Boutique
Love this chevron print dress with boots!
Love the green color dress on the right, maybe with leggings and boots?  It's obvi way to short for moi!
I really like the middle dress and the stripe dress.

I love the green color but love the style and print of the dress on the right... with boots... yes, please!!
Or maybe just a solid color top, with leggings, and boots.

Well, I have 3 weeks to get busy and find an outfit for me, the boy I go with, and our wee babes!  Let's just hope that our family picture will be as awesome as the one's we have seen today!  Bethany has her work cut out for her!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Bear turns 2

My baby is 2!  I cannot believe it!  Seems like he was born just last week (sobbing..sniffle....sigh). Two years old, and he is such a joy for our family.  He is sweet, and shy, and is such a big flirt.  He loves his Momma and his Daddy (this I know because his face lights up with pure happy when Aron walks in the door).  He adores his sister and watches her every move and mimics it 5 seconds later.  She runs he runs, she coughs he gags, she cries he is quick to be the one to comfort her.  He is a wonderful sleeper, lay him in his bed and he sleeps through the night, and he is a "bear" to wake up.... Moody moody!  He loves to watch Elmo "memo","icky" (mickey) Jake and Hook, and he is still a lover of Rapunzel on the movie Tangled.  He hates to wear a coat and anything tight on his arms.... Crying fit!  He doesn't say much (he doesn't have too his sister is such a big talker he couldn't get a word in.  He's talking a lil more each day now that I pry the paci out of his mouth.  His top words that he says a bajillion times a da,,,, noooo, thank you, honey, mommy, Sophie, daddy, toons, icky, Dad(this is what he calls my daddy), drink/ juice, peepee byeeeeee.  I'm sure I will think of more later.  He's a lover not a fighter and such a delight.
We had a birthday celebration with our family.  The theme was Sesame Street.  We just love Elmo and all of his friends!  A happy afternoon for my baby boy:-)