Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

We have had a fun week of events. On Tuesday night, everyone came to the Foresee abode. I slaved over a No-Peek-A-Boo Stew, cornbread, chocolate topped cupcakes, and pumpkin bread (did I mention I am a slave in the kitchen and 27 weeks along, hello!). Then we broke out the templates, knives, and markers for some pumpkin carving fun! It was a great time, if you like to sit with a group for an extended amount of time (about 2 hours) and carve some of the most challenging things that I have ever seen! We are not just talking about a snaggle tooth pumpkin, our family broke out the big guns: pictures of Yoda, Luke Sky Walker, wolves howling at the moon, spooky houses, and then there were the pumpkins with greetings! It was a so much fun (even though I did not hack into those poor things, I was more helpful in taking pictures, asking people if they needed drinks (yes, they needed to be hydrated), and picking up pumpkin seeds and gunk off of the floor (I had to get to it before Sophia!)SIL (LeAnne) and Annalee Aunt Cathy and Jason

Ma and Pa (always gazing into one anothers eyes)

Oh! My two greatest loves!

Ma, me, and Moss

(I look crazy bc I was trying to hold my neck up to avoid the double chin and I was trying to hold up the two huge growths above the belly. All of that work made me look like a nut.)

Moss, Ma, Pa, Aunt Charlene, Poss (aka Bucky)

me and my sweet Daddy

Now, the festivities have begun! Check out the table, can we say PUMPKIN PATCH IN THE KITCHEN!!

The brothers.

Look at how intense these carvers are. The silence was so thick!

Ryan (my BIL) and Aidan

Richard with the Yoda template!!

Nicole and Jason diggin in the pumpkin guts!

Dad and Poss.

Dad went in for a consult. Poss accidentally cut out a piece that should have not been cut. Poss thought the house looked a mess, but soon you will see the prettiest spookiest house ever!

My ever so talented husband. He carved a brown recluse. He was so proud!

I have come to the conclusion that these people have some skills!! They should totally open up a booth at the Arts and Crafts Fair!!

Do you and your families have the pumpkin carving tradition? What do yal do for fun during the spookiest of spooky holidays?? Do tell!

Have a spookalicious day!

Love yal!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Look Boo-tiful Dawling!

Yes, in this family we go all out for the holidays. On Tuesday evening, we gathered at Ma and Pa Curry's house for a Boo-tiful Halloween costume contest. What a great time we had! There was a lady bug, a couple a mummies, Zorro made an appearance, there was the spider in a web, a nana (Sophia's favorite), a veteran, a witch, a pregnant cat, a beautimous prom queen, the hunter, and a pretty lady in her pajamas! We were all decked out! Take a look! What are you dressing up for this Halloween (or what will your sweet babies be wearing)? Only a few days left, so get your costumes out people!!

Ahh, the sweet family! (The glasses totally make me look smart!)

This is Deaddy (the mummy), he was terribly spooky!!


This is his Boo-tiful wife, Mummy! (Mummy used most of the bandages on Deaddy)!

L-O-V-E my lil sister's mask!
Gotta love the banana costume!
The spider stuck in her web (momma) and the witch with butterfly wings (Aunt Charlene)!

Baby Sis

Family Shot!

Aunt Charlene (she looks so innocent!)


Yal have a spooky night!!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Lordy, Lordy, guess whose birthday it is??

What a way to start a fun family visit! Yesterday, we celebrated my sweet Moss's birthday. (If you are curious what a Moss is, this is what we call our grandmother. Yes, some are called Grannie, others MeeMaw, and then you have your Moss. Who can figure? We sure do love her, and wish her many more happy birthday extravaganzas to come!!


Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday sweet and precious Moss!

(this is her making a wish, or wondering how she is going to blow out all of the candles??)

Happy Birthday to You!!

Love yal!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Week of SPOOKTACULAR Events!!

I hope that yal are ready for this week! Our family is celebrating Halloween BIG! We are having a week of SPOOKTACULAR events!!! Muuhahahahaha!!! Scary, huh?

The festivities will be as follows:
Sunday evening: The arrival of Bucky and Moss. They are bringing some of their own goblins and ghouls... my sweet Aunt Cathy, my Great Aunt Charlene (Bucks sister), and Dr. Curry (he is a dog). We are celebrating Moss (grandmother's birthday). It shall be a frightful night!
Monday evening: A Boo-tiful Halloween Costume contest. There will be photos (so all family members that are not attending, please tune in for the photos.
Tuesday night: Dinner will be served at the Foresee manor. We will feast on Peek-a-Boo-Stew and other finger licking good things (maybe some Halloweenies!!) The activities will be pumpkin carving, cannot wait for this!!
Wednesday night: We will chow on GRUEL and Boo-Berry and Banana Cobbler. Later we will be gathering around a camp fire (or the fire pit in my Mummy and Daddys backyard) roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories!
Thursday night: The out of town visitors will have to leave to go and haunt their towns and friends, but we will be celebrating Mummy's birthday!!! Muuhahahahahahahaha!

Sophia and I actually started the events a wee bit early, and went on a visit to a local pumpkin patch/ corn maze. This was no normal corn maze, it was in the shape of a razorback! Woo Pig! (Please note, you can only tell that it is in the shape of a razorback if you are looking at it from the air, we did not do this, but we are taking the nice man (who opened the place) word for it. My sil (LeAnne) asked us to venture out with them to see what all of the hype was about.

There was a lot to do at the corn maze. There was a hay ride that took you our to the pumpkin patch, a cow train, a small petting zoo (with goats, pigs, and a cow! O MY!), the maze, a gun that shot out corn cobs at a humungo target, and a nice shady area for me to sit.

Next time I go, I will not be dressed in long sleeves, leggings, and boots. Come on now, it is fall yal, where is the cool weather. I had let the dog out early that morning and it was like in the 40s! Then 2 p.m. comes around and I was glistening like a pig! Sheesh! I will also need my big strapping husband to come and chase Sophia, she is no longer happy with someone holding her, my sweetie pie niece was chasing her all around the place! I will also remember to pee before I go. There is just something about a porta potty that I am just not to sure of! Can I get an AMEN!!?

This photo is just funny to me. Sophia and are in the area with the animals. It stunk of poo, and we are probably both looking at the ground, thinking...what is that and get me outta here!

Happy Fall Yal!!