Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Faces

I am obviously having way to much fun snapping pictures with this new phone! Sorry yal, this is more of a post for me, just so I will be able to remember these sweet faces.

Such sweet faces and I am so glad that they are all mine!

Happy Momma

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


What a day this has been!

Have yal ever seen the show on ABC, What Would You Do with John Quinones? Well, the show is a hidden video show catching actors posing as real people doing crazy things (pushy pageant moms, racial profiling, stealing, teens bullying others, parents leaving a child in the car to run in and get a coffee, pet owners leaving their pet with some random person on the street to go grocery shopping), and then the people that are passing by witnessing situations sometimes say things but other times they keep on walking (it is shocking)! I am always telling Aron that I would be the person to say something or try to do the right thing- well today, I was tested!!

This morning, after getting myself cleaned up and the children fed and dressed we decided to go and meet my momma at a local clothing store and then we ran over to the grocery store. The morning was going great, we even found a few things for our upcoming trip and some outfits to wear for our family picture on the beach (ahhhh- sweet vacation)

Well, mom had to leave the store before me and the kids had not finished our shopping. Not a problem, since I do normally shop with them on my own. So, we check out.... then I push our cart full of goodies and babies to the car. Not sounding so bad. I have Sophia strapped in the seat part of the cart, so I put Brayden in the car, load up our stuff, shut those doors, then push the cart to the other side (behind the car), get Sophia out of the car, she cries for her paci, I start lifting things up looking under seats and finally locate it, then I hand her the sippy cup, which was upside down on the seat (then I grab a clean diaper and start to press down on the seat to clean up the apple juice that came out of the cup, such a mess!) During this, I heard a car door shut or a something, but still going about my business, strap Sophia in and shut the door. Then I go behind the car to push my cart to the cart holder thing in the parking lot (YES, I DO THIS EVERY TIME, RAIN OR SHINE IN THE COLD OR THE SNOW CAUSE THIS IS WHERE YOUR CART GOES!! Well, I go to the back and my cart is gone. I panic, thinking OMG was my purse still in there and my new I PHONE was in my purse (I have only had it a few days, Aron is gonna kill me!!) Then I go to the front seat and there is my stuff, PTL!! Then I go back to see if the cart was taken and I notice about 10-14 empty spaces down the parking lot across the driving lane (so opposite side is a cart that was stopped by a car)! It was my cart! It had run loose into a car. Making matters worse the car was so pretty and brand new (not even a license plate)! I immediately started sweating (the 100 degree weather does not help)! So upset, thinking why did this have to happen on this day with both kids, at lunch time, blah blah blah... I call Aron (proceed to whine about the situation) and then my Dad (because Dad's always know what to do) and I knew what to do. I knew I needed to go into the store and have whomever paged or at least write my name and my phone number on a piece of paper for them to please call me and we can work out details. Then the kids start crying/ wailing, Sophia's every other word was nuggey (chicken nugget) or Simba (we have been watching much Lion King).

So, I write all my stuff down and walk towards the car to put it on the wiper blade (under) and then I go to look at the scratch which is the length of my pointer finger (about 2 1/2) inches long. I just knew WWYD's John Quinones was going to jump out with a camera crew saying it is okay it is our car and we pushed your cart into the car to see if you would do the right thing... well there was no jumping out of this man so I put my stuff on the car then look and cringe at the mark and notice it is not a scratch but a smudge from the rubber protector on the cart and it wiped right off of the car! YIPPEE!!

Disaster Avoided!!

So, has this happened to you? If you hit someones car with your door or cart, or accidentally back into another's car do you do the right thing or haul on outta there? It is so upsetting, this has happened to my car a few times and it makes me nuts!

You never know who could be watching!! John Quinones might just jump out at you next, and I would hate to see you looking crazy on an ABC news show!!


(P.S. I purposely did not write the store and town I was in so I would not get a bajillion emails saying I hit and run on your car! HA!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heaven has a new angel...

It is with a heavy heart that I am letting you know baby Miller passed away this morning. Please continue to pray for the Woodruff family: Patrick (daddy), Meredith (momma), and Cole (big brother).

Pray for peace and understanding during this time.

Heaven has a new angel today.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Praying for Baby Miller

I hope that everyone reading this can take some time out today and pray for this family.

The Woodruff's

Patrick, Meredith, Cole, and Baby Miller

Their sweet baby Miller is 2 months old and has been diagnosed with Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Please go and read their blog here:, The Woodruff Family. I have also posted their link on the right side of my blog, underneath the blogs I am following title

I have only been following this story over the past few days, thanks to a friend who had updated me on this little angel. Then the following day, I heard their story on the local news. I do hope that you too can follow their journey and lift them all up in prayer.

Pray for the Lord to give this family strength to make it through another day, help them to understand God's plan for them and for Miller, and pray for them to have a peace during this time. Pray that the Lord will heal this child. Give Miller comfort and keep him free from any pain.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes all, it is time for embarrassing moment #----, well I am not sure what number this is... but I know this will be another moment for the books!

I let yal know that I was in a wedding for my friend Erin....I love that girl! To prepare for wedding day extravaganza 2011, I went and got my nails shuzzed up and my hair did- a little pamper "me" time (it was so nice)!

And here is my moment....

As a mother, I am learning that your time is totally about your children (which I am completely okay with this). I wake in the morning to sweet babies with happy smiles and dirty diapers, then I whip up a breakfast for a very good eater and feed a meal to a child who loves to spitobber (this is a combination of spit and slobber) his baby foods at the momma (this child will remain nameless- but here is his picture.

Then I bathe and clothe this sweet babes. We play, we snack, we change diapers again (you catch my drift). There are days when I do not shower or do my hair, I sometimes will get to brush my teeth close to noon (if I do not have somewhere to go any earlier..DO NOT JUDGE)or apply the much needed concealer (this is okay, totally not a pity party). Onto my story.....

Sometimes, when I am getting the "others" ready, I am not so focused on what I am doing to myself. I have been known to wear clothes with spit up down the back or even wearing a skirt that maybe too short and may show ever so slightly the unsightly leg of my spanx (yowza, I know!) On this day, I pulled on my brand new shorts (from the Old Navy) and then pulled off the price tag from the said new shorts. I glanced at my "Heidi Klum-ish" looking body (just kidding) and walked out of the door with the babies (who looked precious as always). I drop these babies at momma n ems house (thank you for baby sitting) and picked up my sista and off we went to get our hair did! LOOK OUT!

So, if you are keeping count, I have seen my momma and now my sister....then I walk into the hair place and see 2 of my BFF's Erin (mani and pedi, for her as it was her wedding day on Saturday) and Brooke (who was getting a mani pedi bc she is the maid of honor, and thats just how we roll).


Now if you are keeping count, I have seen momma, katie, erin, brooke, the nice lady that checks you in for your appointment, some boy at the counter, and a lady who was checking out, and three small girls (all under the age of 13). That is a lot.

So, anyways, getting my hair done the eyebrows are waxed,...... I then get hot and think that I am getting sick (false alarm) but I decide I do have to go pee....... walk in the bathroom look in the mirror (make sure that my face is not too red from the brow waxing and what catches my attention but "old yeller", (YIKES...this is not a name that I call my parts), but this is what I call these canary yellow, old, granny looking, post- prego drawers that I wear (totally for comfort purposes).


In all of the rushing in the morning... I forgot to XYZ (examine your (MY) zipper)


So, has this happened to you? If you see a poor soul that has not XYZ'd that morning, do you tell them or do you let them go on their merry unzipped way? Would you tell a friend? Would you stop a stranger (they may think that you are odd since you were looking in that region)?

Needless to say, I have checked my zipper each morning, and as for"old yeller" well, I threw her out.

Hope that this brightens your day.... if not, maybe these guys will help!!

Ahh, the man that loves me... no matter the embarrassing moment or that I had a pair a drawers that I wore and referred to as "old yeller"!!

Love yal!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best Friends!

It just melts my heart to see this each day!

Sophia is constantly trying to love on her Buu-ba. She gives hugs and kisses, and I have recently noticed that she is acting like a little momma and checking his diaper. It is very funny when she says, "Buu-ba poo-poo". Hilarious! This is how I found her watching Mickey the other morning, just laying right next to him. melts a mommas heart

Then she got a bit too close and he just grabbed onto her hair for dear life. After wrastlin him away she gets back and says, "No no Buu-ba".

I hope that these two grow up loving one another and become best friends like I am with my brothers and sister.

Love yal,

One Happy Momma!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Going to the chapel........

and Erin and Jason are gonna get married!!!

Last weekend was very busy, so busy that I have spent the entire week trying to re cooperate! I need to go ahead and face it, I am getting old. We stayed out late (past 10 something) and I am still trying to catch up on the rest!!

Anyways, back to the post!! My friends Erin and Jason were married this past weekend. It was such a fun time of celebration. I hate to say it, but I did not take that many!! The rehearsal, wedding, and reception was at a barn yal! I know, a barn. If you know Erin, this is so her! I'll tell ya this, it was the prettiest barn I have ever seen!

It was a weekend of horse shoes, Erin (playing the role as Cinderella) riding into the ceremony in a carriage pulled by a horse (I heart this moment), pampering (hair and make much fun), dancing, and just a fun time with friends!! Happy Wedding Day Jason and Erin!!

Me...all partied out!! Must go get babies and sleep!!


One last thing...the photo booth...oooo sweet photo booth!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dead or Alive..............

Recently, I took my baby sis (who is not a baby, but a 13 year old woman) and the 2 kiddos to a local safari. Yes yal, here in the great state of Arkansas we have a local safari. It is packed with lions, tigers, ostrich, peacocks, kangaroos (whom you can pet), a scary turkey (who is a lurker turkey), bears, deer, hippo, and monkeys. There are so many other animals, but I really need to get to the story!

Maybe if you have been there you have seen this guy....

Does he look familiar? (probably not, since I took his photo off of a baby monkey website and made it look like a WANTED poster) but his brother or cousin or some other relation is at this safari! This distant relative monkey that is at this local safari is cute from a distance but he is tough yal- a real go getter!

On to the story.....

Remember these girls????

Aww yes, my precious and my full of life and happiness, they did not know what would await them at the park!!!

This is not their happiest picture from the visit, but it will do.

So we walk up to a cage of baby monkeys. Ahhh- I know, I know, some of you are like how sweet baby monkeys and the other buncha bloggers are like eww a place that cages baby monkeys (they should be Born Free), anyways... yes, 3 monkeys in a cage.

So we walk upon them. The monkeys are frozen (not literally, it was like 80 somethin' degrees outside) but just still as statues. I promise that they were like the Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Do No Evil monkeys. Lovey is bent over at the cage, saying "oooo-ooo- (these are her monkey sounds)" so cute she is! I am saying, "yes, those are monkeys."

As a mother, I am checking out the surroundings...

the poop build up in the cage (gross), the kids at the next animal (noticing how loud they are and how they might scare the animals), I then remember that movie Outbreak (yikes, shoulda never thought of that!, it is about a diseased monkey who bites someone and nearly wipes out the whole population (McDreamy is on that!!), and then I see this......

I laugh at this sign now, because the special diet is little red headed bundles of sweetness!!

Not a moment goes by that I look down and the baby monkeys (awwww) start jumping up and down and one starts to run to the back of the cage, then I see a skinny baby monkey arm with the longest fingers ever reach his hand out of the cage.........

this is right before the "incident"

he reaches for Lovey (the orange bow on her shoulder).... then he proceeds to pull her to the cage. He was trying to pull her through the cage (I guess he thought that they needed another monkey in the cage). Sophia is not reacting, just confused, then she see the baby monkey teeth! A little tear comes to her eye, then there was a scream of shear terror (so loud, blood rising), it was Aunt Kitty (little sister). She scared the whole groupa people around us and then she SCARES Sophia. I was already in the process of grabbing the hand of the monkey.. it was just disastrous!

I did not want to scare the whole park! My child was not hurt! Then Lovey starts screaming and crying, Katie is scared to death, and then I look like the crazy non-reacting mother- so embarrassing!
Yep, that is him.

We were not laughing that day, but today after our emotional scars have healed, we laugh!

Besides that (and that unfortunate snake slitherin' off of a cage to (sis and baby girl), the local safari is SO MUCH FUN!!

It was a good time! There is also a drive through part and it is filled with the coolest animals, we had a blast!

Love yal!


P.S. we do not really want the crazy monkey dead! do not call PETA on me, I am a lover of animals!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holy Crikey!!!!!!!!

Yes, all, that is a rattler!

I do not know about yal, but that snake is scaring the BAH-GEEZES outta me! Aron said the snake was about 5 feet long!! Holy Crikey!! My husband works for a local power company and this slithering snake was trying to cross the road (needless to say, he did not get to the other side)! I hope that he did not have any slitherlin' buddies with him!!

Just an FYI, that man holdin' the rattler is not my hubby, hubs is the photographer!

I know some of you are asking yourselves this question right now....

Self (insert name here), what should I do if I see a snake?

Well, let me assist you with some tips:

First, you need to identify the snake (ya know, see if it is poisonous). So you should pull out your snake identification chart from your pocket. If you left it at home, then here is your next best bet.... see if the slitherin' pal has a triangular shaped head and cat like eyes. If it does...then it is poisonous.

Second, you should say to yourself, "self (insert name here), I am so close to this snake that I am able to NOT ONLY tell the shape of his head but also see that it has CAT LIKE EYES, I (insert your name right here) just might be WAY TOO CLOSE to that snake....SELF (insert name here) RUN!!

You know what, I would go ahead and just run when I see a snake... ignore step 1 all together!!

This has been a PSA from one friendly blogger to anoth-a!

Love yal!


On the road with the Clampetts...

So, on a previous post I let yal know we will be going on a family vacation soon (sweet sweet vacation!!). Well, over the past few weeks, we (myself and momma and daddy) have begun to get a few things together and making lists (I just L-O-V-E a list!!). The list is getting quite long, and I am not sure how we will fit the stuff and the people in the automobile. Thus, we did a practice run on packing the car.

Ahh- family time.

Looks like we will for sure need to take 2 cars, there is just NO WAY to fit everything ON TOP of one car! IMPOSSIBLE!!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Scrub-a-dub-dub- two babies at 5 months who had just gotten outta the tub.

This is more of a post for me to see what my babies both looked like at 5 months. Hopefully, by baby number 3 (if we will be blessed with another) will have a new towel to pose with. Yes, both bundles of sweetness, at 5 months, and I did an impromptu photo shoot and I happened to use the same towel!

Sophia at 5 months!

Brayden at 5 months

Sophia and her serious pose...the thinker

Brayden, trying to figure out why I am not dressing him and taking pictures instead.
Baby girl

Baby boy!!

Sweet babies