Friday, July 24, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

Well, if you cannot tell from the latest photo, I look like I might explode! Aron and I are so excited right now, just waiting on the big debut of our precious Sophia (only 18 more days to go)! We have had some spectacular baby showers, are almost finished decorating her bedroom, have washed all of her clothes and blankets, I think that we might be ready!! I hope we are ready.

Although, we are so pumped about her soon arrival, I have been having some very crazy dreams! Is this normal?

I will fill yal in on some of the latest ones....As some of you might know I have some big curly hair (my nickname in high school (by some) was BIG PERM), although these curls are so natural!! Well, anyways Aron and I went to the hospital, since I was in labor, I did not get an epidural (because they were out of them, I know it is like they are Wal-Mart or something). The doctor had to use these overwhelmingly large forceps to get Sophia out (oddly enough I felt no pain, in fact I think I looked quite nice during the whole delivery, but when he pulled her out, she had curlers in her hair! Not just any curlers, Lock n Roll curlers (hello, so 80s), I totally got them for Christmas, and yes, I used them to put some curl in my hair!!
If anyone can translate what dreams mean, I would like to know!!

The next one, I went to the hospital, because I was in labor! Well, the doctor said we cannot naturally deliver this baby girl, you will have to have a c-section! Yikes! The reason they could not deliver her, was because she weight like 13 pounds (now I have some hips, but not that much)! So I went in for the c-section, so scared and Aron was so strong and comforting, and then Sophia was delivered. Aron cried I cried, and then the doctor says, "what is that?" Well, those words being spoken in a delivery could make anyone a little uneasy, well Dr. Pappas pulls out another baby, apparently Sophia (gigantor baby) was taking up all of the frame in the ultrasounds and they never saw baby number 2! So we left the hospital with 2 babies!! What does that mean??? I don't know!!

One of the first dreams that I had when we found out we were pregnant, we brought the baby home and I just forgot about it! Yes, I went along with my daily business until one evening I heard her cry. So I went into the back bedroom and there she was, so I gave her what every baby wants, some Dr. Pepper and a microwave burrito! What kind of mother am I going to be? Then that was not even the crazy part! I went to change her and this baby did not have a dirty diaper, when she went to the bathroom out came crystals!! What?? I know!!

As yal can probably tell, I am not really getting enough sleep! Maybe tonight will be better, if not, I will let you know what I dream about this evening!! Did anyone else have odd dreams during pregnancy, if not, please make something up as to make me feel a little normal!!

Love yal!