Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo to you! Halloween 2012

The Princess
Sophia and her friend Sidney
 The Cowboy
I started looking at Halloween pasts, and I found some funny pictures.
Halloween 2009, this was Red's first Halloween!  She was a flower!
O, what a difference a year makes.
Halloween 2010
She was a bumblebee and then a lady bug!
Our family picture!  I dressed up a pregnant woman (FYI, I was so pregnant!)
Family Halloween Party, 2010
Aron the Hunter, Caryn the Pregnant Cat, and Sophia the Lady Bug
 Halloween 2011
Cinderella and the Shark

 My babies!


Mantle-icious... Christmas Decor!!

It has started!
Today is Halloween, so tomorrow I am going to declare it National Put Up Your Fall Pizzaz and Bring Out Your Christmas Razzle Dazzle Day!!  I have been on the internet.... and looking at old pictures of Christmas Mantle Pasts... and I am trying to figure out how to change it up a bit.
2009 la casa de Foresee
2011.... it is needing a bit of something...
I am looking for fun, whimsy, pretty, Santa's workshop
2012... picture coming soon...

Just wanted to share with you some of the beautiful images that I have found!
Mantle Wonderfulness at StyleEstate
This chocolate brown and green Christmas is just divine!
I love all of the pinecones that are used
Love the wreath above the mantle and the use of the class hurricanes
Christmas Cabin Wonderland!

Now, I really like traditional red and greens for Christmas decorating, I liked this picture for the use of all of the ornamental balls!  I love them in the glass jars.  I might do something like that on my coffee table.
Nothing about this mantle screams Christmas to me, but I think it is so very lovely!
The floral swag is complete perfection.
I found this on a website, Jonathan Klunk Design Blog
Isn't it just beautiful?  I love all of the greenery, don't ya wish you had these skills?
This was found on Pinterest... of course the link is bad, but I like the look... so enjoy!
This fun... Pottery Barn.. look is from The Yellow Cape Cod
Another Pinterest picture with a bad link, but I am posting anyways!
So, what do you think?  How do you decorate your mantle at Christmas time?  Or do you?  I love just having stockings up, but I love to add a whole buncha razzle dazzle to my mantle!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy birthday to my bestest friend!

My momma!
Really, I just love her so very much!


Happy Birthday to a special girl!  I love you momma!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Spooky Party Continues....

I know I already posted pictures from our spook-tacular pumpkin carving party, but my sister, LeAnne always takes such fun pictures that I just needed to post!
Sophia and I welcoming the fam!
 Sophia's cousin and aunt brought her a Halloween cup full of goodies!
Aidan (handsome nephew), me, Annalee (my sweet sweet niece), my sister Katie (adore her)
 Richard, Mercedees, Momma
 Doll-baby stealing chips!
 Annalee, Sophia, and the Bear
 precious cousins

the master carvers
slicing and dicing
 We are so weird.
Both posting pictures on Facebook, then getting together to review the posts.

 carving at its finest
 look at the concentration.
 Baby Bear
 Gotta get rid of that paci, it is possibly in every photograph of him!
 We're the two best friends that anyone could ever have...
 All hopped up on sugar!
 I love my face in this picture... completely bored!