Friday, November 26, 2010

So Very Thankful!

I hope that everyone had a spectacular turkey day! We were very lucky to have some very sweet family friends to take us in and feed me, Aron, Lovey, the bros, and the sis yesterday! It was our first time to ever spend a Thanksgiving away from our parents! So sad, but thank you so much to the Brown family for opening their home to us! We were so appreciative and full when we left! I have never seen so much food! It seriously looked like a Luby's up in there! They had about 25 people over to eat, I have never seen anything like it! So thank you sweet Brown's (Shane and Stacy/ Mike and Karen) for having us, it was wonderful!!!

I wanted to give all of you an update on my precious PapPaw. His doctor has said that he is showing signs of improvement. His heart rate and blood pressure are stable and his kidneys are starting to work (get some of this fluid off of him). This is such a blessing. He had a cat scan yesterday, and we are waiting to hear the results. It could possibly show if Bug suffered from a stroke, we are waiting on this report. After talking to Momma and Daddy (they drove home yesterday afternoon, and arrived safely last night), they have both said that the majority of the time they spent with him he was resting (kind of in a dream state). Momma said that he would wake up and say that he was at home. She said, "daddy, what home are you at?" He replied, "on 9th street" (this is a home he and my MamMaw lived in in Louisiana). He said, "I was talking to Millie (my MamMaw). We were at home." So sweet. I know that he must miss her terribly. Then he would wake up and tell my Momma to go and get the car, lets go look for a house. Other times, he was not quite sure who he was talking to, it would take him a minute or so to figure it out. I hope to get some more information soon. I will definitely let all of you know. Please know, that I do appreciate all of the prayers for my guy. His body may be getting older and closer to "that time", but my heart is not ready for "that time" yet. It would be broken. I am sure that you all understand that.

So, after all of that, I just wanted to say how thankful I am this Thanksgiving, this season, this year, today, yesterday, everyday. The Lord has blessed me everyday.

I have Jesus in my heart. This is an ongoing relationship that I work on each day. Having a stronger love for Him, striving to live in the faith more and more everyday, and to be a BIGGER christian. I do hope that others feel His spirit in me, because I sure do. I want to share of all of the wonderful things that he does for me on a daily basis! God is SO GOOD!

I have an amazing husband. Aron is the best man that has ever come into my life. I waited so long for him. I honestly thought that I had been forgotten. Dating so many Mr. WRONGS, and never believing that MR. Aron Foresee was out there (FOR ME). I am so fortunate that he loves me! The happy me, sad me, pregnant me, sick me, crazy me, all of me. I am so thankful to have married such a wonderful man.

I am blessed with a sweet Sophia. She makes me the happiest I have ever felt. She is so special, and I am so thankful that God would bless us with her. Then to have her sweet brother Brayden coming in just a few weeks! I am so thankful.

I have an amazing family. A father and mother who are wonderful role models in all that they do. Great brothers and a sweet sister! Then, there are the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, my SIL, my BIL, my nieces and nephews.

After all of that, I have the best friends. Ones that forgive me for not calling them over the past weeks or visiting for the past months. They are caring and loving friends, and will be there for me whenever I need them

I am thankful to have a wonderful church to attend.

I am thankful to be able to stay at home with my baby/ soon to be babies. I cherish this time, because I know one day they may not want to hang out with me so much.

I am thankful to have clothes on my back (they are tight right now), a home to live in, right now all of our bills are paid, food in my belly, my health and the health of others in my life.

I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful.

I hope that you have much in your life to be thankful for. I hope that you all have a happy day. Those of you who got out today for this "black Friday", I hope that you all survived! Have a great weekend! O-yeah! Cheer for the Razorbacks tomorrow as we play LSU! Woo Pigs!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Please Pray

Well, I am asking for prayers right now! Please pray for my sweet PapPaw. On Monday, we got some news that his kidneys had stopped working, his blood pressure had dropped, and his heart rate was not good. My momma and daddy immediately went down to be by his side. So far, the doctors at this acute care center that he is in have been pumping him full of lasik (this takes fluid off) and have been able to get his blood pressure back up. I just spoke with my momma and he was a little confused about the situation, weak, but he was doing some better. Just please keep him in your thoughts over the next few days.

Please pray that he is not in any pain. Please pray that the Lord will give these doctors and nurses the knowledge to know what to do to in order to help him during this time. Pray that he is given the strength to pull through this. Pray for my parents and my uncles as they are by PapPaw's bedside. Bring them all a calm peace and let them know that you are there and are in complete control of the situation.

Thank you to all how have read this post and maybe just closed your eyes for a moment, and lifted these words to God.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something Old into Something New!

Well folks, this is what we started with!

After a little bit of work....


Glad that it turned out and the family will have a nice wreath to go over their fireplace!!

Hope you are having a great week, can ya believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner?? What are your plans for next week? Do you just stuff yourself silly? Are you the cook for your family, if so do you have a good/ amazing recipe for pumpkin pie? I have been asked to make one, and I have no idea where to start or what is good- I am open for suggestions!!! HELP!!

I am off to bed, yes it is 7:30, but Lovey girl and I are fighting some major sinusitis/ bronchitis issues. We are total snot factories and full of flem (was that too much information)? It is so not attractive, I am so glad that Aron loves the happy me, the healthy me, and the me that has decided to forgo make-up and hairstyling the past few days! If I have grossed yal out, so sorry it was not my intention!

Love yal!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some things old.... and a few questions??

I wanted to show yal the latest project. Yes! This is a little bit of something old, and I hope to turn it into something new and fabulous! Stay tuned to see how it all comes together!
This leads up to the first question....
I have a wreath and some things that I currently use in my Christmas decorating at home, can you try to use my somethings old and make them into somethings new??
Well, I can definitely give it a whirl and a little bit of bibbity-bobbity-boo!
For this service, I am charging $45.00-$50.00 (this may change if any extras (to add some razzle dazzle) need to be purchased.
(This is a service available to the NWA area)
Yes, I do already have a few wreaths for sale, how much are they?
I do not live in your area, are you taking orders from anywhere?
Well, yes! Anywhere in the US. Please note that the above price does not include shipping and handling! Payment should be done through money orders.
If I want you to create a custom wreath, what information do you need?
Just email,, the colors/ theme you are wanting (we can discuss more from there).
Since some of you had the same questions, I thought that this would be a better way to address them!
Don't forget, check us out later to see how the somethings old turned into something new!
Love yal!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Decorating for the holidays.....

Hello to all of my sweet friends!
I wanted to let ya know, I am open for business! Yes, I am joining the workforce again, and what a better time to start than the HOLIDAYS!! I am excited to get back into the swing of things and design and decorate those Christmas wreaths! So, welcome to......
Caryn's Custom Holiday Wreaths!
Since I am very much with child and the contractions are already in full swing, I have decided to start on a little bit of a smaller scale than decorating those Christmas trees. This opportunity will allow me to still work from home (at the table or couch) and still be full time mommy to Lovey!
Here are a few completed items!
Let me know what ya think!

Here is a gorgeous wreath. Traditional red, golds, and greens!

Total bonus: shatter proof ornaments (anyone with a child, L-O-V-E it!)

This one may actually end up on our Foresee front door! Red, white, silver, with touches of green! Gotta love the candy look!

Bonus: It lights up!!

Here is a custom wreath in golds, purples, and greens.

It is a little LSU meets Mardi Gras (but so much fun)!

Feel free to place an order, just send an email to

I would love to hear from ya!

Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Chick is 15 Months!

O my goodness! Where in the world is the time going, do I really have a toddler?

Sorry if yal think that she looks a mess in this photo! She had just woken up (about 2 hours earlier, and yes she was still in her pajamas) and I decided that we were going to be crafty and make a turkey out of construction paper! (the turkey turned out beautiful and only 1 bite of a crayon was taken, at least she did not eat the glue)!

So Sophia, take that plug out of your mouth and tell me a little about yourself these days....
I am 25ish pounds and am sporting the size 4 diaper. I often will let you know when I have a yuck diaper (I hate to be dirty)! I go off by myself and do my business come find you grab my diaper and say YUCK! Yes, she says the word "yuck", I am so proud.

The clothes I wear are 18M some 24M and I can wear a size 4/5 shoe. I just got a new pair of shoes and I think that I could just sleep in them (cowgirl boots)! Thanks Honey for keeping her clothed in the cutest outfits and shoes!

I am a sweet girl. I like to look at books (having you read to me is my favorite). I love Eric Carle books, the Little People books with flaps, and anything with an animal in it! I am really entertained when you play music in the house, I really like to shake it!

I love to open up drawers and take everything out of them (sometimes I just like to sit in them too!) I really like to open up the doors and shut them. I get a BIG laugh out of opening the toilet and putting things in there (like my hand)! This makes my mother almost vom!!

I am still working on building a relationship with my dog Chip, but he is still not a fan of me. I chase him all of the time with toys and spoons, but he does not think that this is fun! He only loves me when I am eating!

In the past few days I have really been working on eating with a fork and spoon! This makes mommy very proud. She cheers each time I stab something and stick it in my mouth! I am eating anything my momma cooks, but L-O-V-E me some vienna sausages! I like juice and water, I gag at the thought of milk in my cups. In fact, I will go and hide the cup.

I go to sleep around 9 something and wake up anytime in between 6-730, before the time change I was resting until 8 something, but I feel I need to be up earlier with my parents! Naps....hum, well sometimes I take a power nap (20 minutes) and sometimes I sleep for 2 hours (like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you are gonna get)!

I have taken up a new skill. I sometimes like to color, but sometimes I like to try to eat them. My mommy is letting my play with construction paper and we sometimes will have a project.

I like to help with the laundry. My mom puts stuff in the dryer and I take it out. Same with the dishes, I take the silver wear out and try to get those last few licks off a spoon or fork!

My favorite time of the day is when my mommy sings songs. My favs are I'm a Little Teapot (I am doing the little dance that goes with it), Jesus Loves Me, Open the Windows (momma made this up, it makes me laugh), Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake.

My other favorite part of the day is when I see my daddy. I hear the garage door go up and I will leave momma in a heartbeat. I will stand at the door and say dada, until he walks in. When he sees me he picks me up every time! I think I make him happy! (seriously to see your husband with your child, doesn't it make you fall in love with him all over again?)

I like to laugh at my mommas belly, I will sometimes pat it to make it move.

I have a few words that I say! momma, dada, pup-pup (dog), drink, tiger, deer, ball, bath, moo, cat, Ohhh WOW!, wave hi, say hi and bye-bye

I love to spend time with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

I like to go to church on Tuesday mornings and play with my friends.

Did I mention, I love bath time! (I am so my mothers child)

I like to brush my own teeth, if my mother helps I will bite on the brush and laugh!

So, for 15 months, I got a lot going on.

Sophia, we love you so much. You are the most precious little girl and we could not be more proud to be your parents. Each day you make us smile.

We love yal!

Aron and Caryn

Monday, November 8, 2010

29 Weeks

O-my goodness, only 11 more weeks with the belly!

I do not know what is going on with my bug like eyeballs. Sorry about the photo, maybe next week will be a little bit better!!

Here are the pregnancy stats!

I am 29 weeks, only 11 more to go! Hopefully I will make it until the end of January (but not so sure)

Size of lil man: BANANA, I love bananas!

Total weight gain/ loss: well, I know I wrote two weeks ago I have gained 5 lbs, but at the doctor today my sweet nurse Jen said I am at -2, so much for my scale!

Gender: BOY

Will the baby have a name? Yay! Aron and I have finally decided on a name. We are very excited about it too! His name is Brayden Samuel Foresee. We just L-O-V-E the name Brayden and Samuel is my PapPaw's name! We are pretty set on this!! A name, no more New Baby Foresee!

What attire can I fit in? Leggings, leggings, jeaggings, sweat pants and tunic tops!

Movement: All of the time. Now, Aron can sit across the room and see him almost jump out of the belly button, a little Aliens movie action!

What do I crave? crunching ice (this would explain the anemia), left over Halloween candy

What am I missing? sleep (awww sweet sleep), constant visits to the bathroom (yes, still suffering from pee-a-reea, this so has to be a real condition), a normal looking belly button (it is poked out so far (Sophia points at it)

What am I loving? feeling Brayden move and people loving on the belly, Aron and the constant back rubs, Sophia pointing at my belly and saying, "bubba"

Struggles: I have had a sinus infection/ ear infection for almost 2 weeks, but I am feeling much better (too bad Aron is getting it now), acid reflux, the contractions have been pretty rough but I was checked today and still not dilated (yay). I was told to take it easy (this is so hard when it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!) I go back in to the doctor in 2 weeks unless I have 5 contractions in an hour! BOO!

Precious moment today: too many to count. I am just so thankful that God has given me and Aron this precious gift. I am counting down the days until I can see Brayden's most precious face.

And a photo for the family!

So thankful for her.

Love yal!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

This was our first time to go out and trick or treat with Sophia (our little bumblebee). We did not go all over town, just a few stops to visit family. What a fun time we had. I cannot wait until she is old enough to do the knock on the door and say, "trick or treat!" She was still super precious!

She had no idea what was going on!

The bumblebee and its bee keeper!

Granddaddy, Honey, and lil bee

Can you feel the love in this photo? I have never seen Aron so proud and in love.

Annalee (niece) and Katie Grace (lil sis)

Lil Bee, Aron, and Aunt LeAnne

Uncle Richard and his favorite trick or treater!!

Nicole (dresses as a Greek goddess), Bee, the keeper, and Uncle Jason

What a night, and we even scored some candy! (like Aron and I need that)

Happy Halloween!

Love yal,

The Foresee Family

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nu-Nu-Nu-Nu-Nu-Nu, Ya Say It's Yo Birthday!!

This past Thursday, we celebrated my sweet Mama's birthday.

She turned, another year older (like I was really gonna put the number on here)!

We had a major shin-dig planned. There was a crowd of people (husband, her children, her Nicole (we love her like our own sister), and her Sophia), there was a sensational dinner (Mazzio's pizza), a chocolate cake, and a little bit of Jack (Bower, 24).

Yes, all my mama wanted to do for her birthday was stay in and play the 24 edition of the game Clue.

Here is the birthday girl reading the instructions. (we should all be paying attention)

can you feel the excitement??

Nicole figuring out how to cheat this game! (jk)

here is Katie hiding pieces, cheater! (jk)

Aron and I were so confused, seriously had no CLUE what we were supposed to be doing. He was my partner for the game. Huh, look at where he went after the instructions....

Richard playing the game.
We had such a fun time celebrating this wonderful day. I am so happy that I have a wonderful mother, who is also my very best friend. She is smart, funny, loving, kind, and I want to be just like her one day! Mama, thank you so much for being you!

Here we go.....hummmmmmmmm

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday sweet Mama!!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Love yal!!