Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ahhh- Sweet Summer Break

Well, this family decided to take a sweet summer break. Turns out, we really needed the extra rest and relaxation.....

This picture just says it all, this is how we have been over the past month!

We have gone on a family vacation (marvelous), been able to catch up with friends (yeah!!), Brayden turned 7 months(sob), I aged another year (birthdays rock), Brayden started sleeping in his own room and sleeping through the night (PTL), Sophia turned the B-I-G 2 (sob), and well now that I think about it the summer has been a wee bit busy!! I cannot wait to catch up on blogging- it may take me a month to get all of the pictures and stories in order, but it-sa coming!

Hope all is well!