Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some days turkeys and some days lurkeys....

Sorry about the title, but I was trying to make it rhyme, and honestly it just wasn't happening, thus turkeys and my new word "lurkey".  A "lurkey" is person that is caught lurking around a place where turkeys sometimes roam.  Yes, lurkey.  I am thinking of submitting it to Webster for his dictionary.
I'm just gonna put it out there, the Foresee fam has had an eventful weekend.  What has made it even more exciting is that the events came to us, we need not even leave our street!
This morning, started like any other morning, we get up, make milks, change a diaper, and discuss how many times and what times the wee ones got up during the night.  (Why do we do this every morning, I do not know, but we do).  So, we are a movin' and a shakin' through the house.  Aron and the kids go back to Sophia's room, he opens the blinds, and what does he see but a lurker/ lurkey.  Aron hollered for me to come and check out this guy who was outside running in the yard, checking his phone, darting to the end of the street (as if looking for a ride), talking (coulda been singing to himself), and then (as if y'all needed more unusual behavior information) the lurkey started hiding.  Ummm, humm.  He was hiding.  Peeking around our neighbors fence, and hiding out.  Did I mention it was 8 o'clock in the morning (and he was not playing hide n go seek with the neighbor kids, because he was over the hide n seek age of 12, he looked 18-late 20s, and he had no coat).  His behavior was so strange.  We all sat in the window and watched this fishy behavior for about 30 minutes.  Yes, 30 minutes this went on!  Aron and I were thinking maybe we were witnessing a future episode of 48 Hours Mystery.  We would be interviewed because we helped solve the case.  I even recorded the strangeness.  Yes, I am that nosy neighbor, whatev.  Hello, danger stranger!
Anyways, my big, brave, strapping defender husband decided to take one for the team and "go open our garage door" to see what lurkey would do with human contact.  So, lurkey guy noticed the door open and Aron was in the garage (standing out of sight), and then lurkey went and hid behind the fence again.  Wierdo Vierdo!
Aron then decided this guy was up to no good and called the police.  Y'all, it was only 8:40 and we are calling the 5-0!  Can you believe it, never a dull moment!  Lurkey was hiding still, and we could see the police cars (not one, not two, but three cars) coming down the street!  Really, 3 cars?!
They were turning around the corner, and right at that moment Lurkey stood up to walk from behind the fence saw the police and just walked right up to the cars.  It was the strangest scene ever!  They talked for a few minutes, we witnessed a pat down (had my children been older I woulda been all, this is what happens if you don't eat your vegtables or this is what happens if you don't stay in school (they woulda never gotten that though), but it was just as if we were sitting on the couch watchin' an episode of COPS).  Then the guy willingly got into the car, like it was his momma picking him up from school or something.  "Oh, hello suspicious character!  How was your day dear.  Get in the automobile, do you wanna get a slushy from Sonic?"
There ya have it.  Some days it's turkeys, some days it's lurkeys!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why'd the turkey cross the road??

What a day! 
The weather in the NWA has been beautiful today, and we have spent it outside!!
The day started early (because our children are not big fans of sleeping and their internal alarms are set from anywhere in between 2 am to 7).  Anyways, 640 came very early this morning.  I had no desire to move out of the bed.  We had both children in the room asking for milk, a cartoon, a doughnut, and all I could do was lay there and play dead.  Yes, that is right, I just laid there and thought if they saw no movement that they would keep on going looking for another life form.  Too bad, their father has me beat!  So, the morning was filled with laundry, My Little Ponies, and doughnuts with a side of bacon (two of my most favorite food groups).  We spoke with G and Honey (the grandparents) and they invited us to meet them for lunch at Abuelos.  We said no, that is a lie, I had the kids socked in shoes within minutes and out of the door (wha?  chips and salsa are two of my other favorite food groups).  The lunch company was so nice, I love any time that I can spend with my parents, I really do like them a lot.  Our conversation was all about summer vacation at the beach.  I cannot think of anything I would rather do than talk about the time I will be spending in swimwear while stuffing my face with chips! Ha!  After lunch the cheetah babies and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart.  There was a lot of shrieking, 101 questions of why cant we have this and that and is that a boy?, and jumping in and out of the cart.  (I could not get out of there fast enough).  A nice little lady even stopped me to say, "they grow up so fast, treasure these moments".  Really?  Did she not see the sweat pouring off of my face?  Just kidding nice lady, I do treasure these moments when my tiny tots act like nut jobs, I figure they are just getting me ready for their teenage years.
So next up was a quick stop at the Sonic, I even purchased their kids their very first Sonic slushy.  I went with strawberry, I thought that would be a safe drink seeing as how they love strawberries.  I was wrong.  You would have thought I was trying to poison them!  Brayden was gagging, and Sophia said that it smelled.  Ummm, okay.  Needless to say I am sipping on a Rt 44 Vanilla Coke and 2 slushies (I will be up all night fo sho)!
When we got home Aron was finally home (he is on call this weekend and has been in and out with all of the wind causing power to go in and out).  He was home and ready to go outside and play.
The kids colored, tried to hula hoop,
 and played baseball. 
Aron and Brayden had so much fun, I think we might have a ball player on our hands.
Every time Brayden would hit the ball, he would say, "thank you, thank you!"  Crack... Me... Up!
Aron and Brayden went in the house after awhile, and Sophia and I were still outside when we heard a buncha gobblin'.  I was very confused (not alarmed), I just thought maybe Aron and Brayden were playing with his turkey call.  (Aron has a passion for hunting turkeys).  The gobbling went on and on and on.  Then all of a sudden Aron starts yelling then running while holding Brayden in his arms.  Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!
That is right, my man was just walking around the yard with two of our newest friends.....

Y'all, these turkeys walked all around the neighborhood with the Foresee fam in tow.  The kids would just call them and tell them to come here, it was too funny!
I love this picture, we were trying to get the turkeys to walk back to this wooded area by our house, and here I am with these 2 gobblers looking at me.
All I could think about was that show, When Animals Attack!  Seriously, what was I going to do if they charged me?
1.  pee my pants
2.  fall of the ground and play dead
It was a scary moment.
We followed them all around the neighborhood for a good 30 minutes and they finally retreated back to the woods.
Ya never know what is going to go down at the Foresee home, I felt like I was in that movie, We Bought a Zoo, only we did not really have zoo, or all of those zoo animals just turkeys and Chip the dog.
Hope your Saturday is as exciting as ours!

Friday, February 21, 2014

It's all fun and games until someone pees their pants...

I think that we all know the direction that this post is taking, so if you feel that you will have trouble looking me in the eyeballs come tomorrow, Sunday morning at church, or Monday around town, please "X" out of this post, come back tomorrow and I will be blogging about something adorable that the tiny tots are doing, but today I discuss this.
This week has been very busy.  If we were not at work, at church, or in the car on the way to one of those places, we were just at home getting ready for bedtime and baths.  I was so very excited for tonight though.  Our church had a women's night, and all of the ladies in the church were invited to come and play bunco and be able to visit.  Oh yes, and there was child care!  Let's just say my week has been so very long, and I have been so tired, but let us not get it twisted I was going to bunco!
We arrive a few minutes late (because, well that is how we roll).  I dropped the littles off with their workers and off I went.  It was so great.  There was a hot meal and women to chat with!  Not once did I have to yell over anyone to talk, get anyone a milk, or even ask anyone to stop playing in their food.  IT... WAS... WONDERFUL!  I sat down with a couple of ladies I did not really know, and we played a game that I am not totally into.  I mean let's be honest, rolling the dice does not really get me going, but chit chat...  ummmm it is kinda my thing.  So, there was a lot of rolling dice, tally marks, yells of bunco this and bunco that.  Looking around the room you could see that everyone was having a great time, I mean these women really know how to represent.  We love a great meal (that we did not have to cook), and each table had multiple bowls of snacks... chocolate snacks (heaven)!  The night was a bit funny.  I am not sure how many of you know about bunco, but you roll 3 dice and.. well, I am not really sure what you do or how you explain it (this is probably why I did not win a game).  Each game has two winners and 2 losers.  I lost 10 out of 12 times.  In fact, I lost so many times that I got a prize for losing so much.  It was the best.  I love being a loser!  I received a gift card to a local store, Marshall's and they have the cutest things to decorate your home (I will be there tomorrow, with my 2 children).  Please, pray for me know.
Anyways, I left the adult section of the church and traveled on over to tiny town to pick up the tots.  The kids, ugh, my sweet babies, were so excited to see me.  I was excited to see them too, distance does make the heart grow fonder! Ha!  Anyways, the kids were so excited to see me that when I opened the door to pick them up, they escaped out of the door to run to the car.  After I loudly talked at these kids, "stop running, come back here", seriously the kids have no fear when it comes to me, they looked at me, pushed open the door and ran outside.  Oh, no they di-int!  They just ran out of the church in the dark!  So, in front of the mothers and their children (that listen, stood there and watched), I walked quickly out of the church questioning my parenting capabilities.  For real guys, I was having a fun night but I was getting ready to be crazy mommy, in front of my friends :(  I got outside and these kids were already down the ramp.  I mean seriously, who are these children?  They have the speed of cheetahs!  So, I once again (in my keeping it Christian tone, but really starting to sound a tinge on the exorcist side) say to the cheetah kids, stop running!  Now, the animals  precious angels start running across the street.  Did I mention it is night time, and that cars are backing in and out of the parking lot?  So, now that I realize the kids are not going to listen to me (and I need to put forth a little more effort to save their cheetah booties) I start running.
I will let that sit in, I .... Start.... Running.
Here is a little FYI about me.....
There are a few things that this gal is not into.
1.  Being sweaty
2.  drinking coffee
3.  running
I am not a runner.  When I run, move swiftly, jog, whatev, I pee.  I may not even have to go at that moment, but it will happen.  (thank you cheetah children.  Not only do you run away from me and not listen to me in public places, but you helped to make your mommy not potty trained).
Well done children.
Well done.
I finally caught those kids.  Let's just say the excitement for the night was short lived.  I mean, I had to chase these Olympic runners, I pee my pants, have to discipline the runners, then ride on a blanket on the way home.
All in all, I would say the night had its ups and its downs!  How was your Friday night? 
Oh, yes.  Just a PSA for the 10s of readers out there.
1.  I love my babies
2.  I love my babies
3.  I love my babies

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday....

I know,  I know.  It is Saturday and my post is titled about Monday, but it has taken a few days to be able to process to be able to even write about my "manic Monday".  So, if you have a few minutes to catch up, go grab a cola (or a coffee, gag).  I'm writing and drinking one, so if you are reading and drinking one, it would almost be like we are together at the local Panera discussing the day.
Anyways, let me set up the day.  So picture it, it is a Monday morning and honestly the day is going good.  I am not that girl that wakes up in the morning and is like...." Oh, it is Monday.  Is it time for the weekend?"  I'm pretty much a happy gal, a healthy girl (except for the cookie/ coke habit (coca cola), loving my littles and man, enjoying my days at work, I mean honestly things are looking good.  So, Monday's.. bring it.  Well, anyways, I wake up close to on time, get the tiny tots off to school, make it in to work   on time, a few minutes late, okay it may have been close to 8:30, but I blame that all on Sonic they were a little slow that morning.  (Please note, that from here some of the peoples names may have been changed to protect their identity... Wha?  They may not like to be on some girls blog.)  So, I am at work and things are good.  I had been going through emails, chatting about the new cool things happening at work, and even talking about how our marketing team of one Jerrard was working on our company blog and he would be doing a week of Valentines Day posts (hello, I love talking blogs and Valentines). As if the day could not have improved more, one of the guys at the office, Andy, had made cookies (breakfast. check).
This is when it all starts to get a little strange.
As I was typing I looked at my left hand and noticed it looked a little different.  Different meaning blue.  I. Know!  My hand was blue? Wha?  So, I calmly asked my guys (Lenny, Jerrard, Andy, and JR) umm, is it normal to have one blue hand?  Well, a few chuckles later and a comment about a Smurf (thanks JR), things started to get a bit more serious.  We all started looking at my hand, it was as if it was something off of Grey's Anatomy.  I was fo sho the epitome of the 3C's (cool, calm, and collected), even though my insides were the 3 F's (fa-reeked out, frazzled, funny feeling).  Then two of the cutest girls you could ever meet (from the "other side" of our office building came in) one is a mother and the other is a friend, so I am assuming the guys felt I needed womanly support.  They checked it out and were also confused.  The color of my hand was changing from blue to my own "10 shades of grey", things were not looking good.  I went ahead and called my doctors office, it was almost 1045, and of course I told the lady on the phone my hand was blue and could I please come in for an appointment.  Her response, "well, you can come in at 130".  I said it again, "my hand is blue, should I be alarmed?  Did she think I was having a stroke?"  Really, I am blue.  The lady stayed strong with her 130.  I decided maybe I should just go down to the clinic where you do not have to have an appointment "walk-in", I honestly thought if there was a line, people might move outta the way if they saw Ole Blue Handed Foresee walking into the line.  So, I told my work, I will be back in a few minutes, I am gonna take my lunch.  No one thought it was safe for me to drive, so they drew straws and Andy had to follow me.  Anyways, I get to the car call my mother and explain my strange symptom to my momma (mommas know everything), but she had no clue about this and told me to call her after my appointment was over.  Then I called Aron and asked if he would still love me if I for some reason had a blue hand, he was confused and said to just call later after my appointment.
On my drive over to the office, I started thinking about being blue.  Would my hand go back to it's normal pale color (I am cool with being pale, sure I struggled some in school when people would act like I was blinding them with my bright white skin (thank you Thris Twitzer) or when some would call me Lilly because of the whiteness (thank you Ron Black).  Blue... sure.  The pain in my hand was going a little further up my arm, would it turn blue too?  Blue.
There are a lot of cool blue people.
There was that supermodel turned actress... Rebecca Romaijn
There was that movie that won those awards... Avitar.  People really loved those blue guys.
There was Smurfette.  She was blue and had blonde hair. (Hello, that is so me)
The Telletubbie?
Veruca from Wonka and his Chocolate Factory... but she was super horrible and blew up like a blueberry.
Holy, moly, was I gonna blow up like Veruca?  Sweet Jesus! 
Okay, there are not really a lot of great things that are blue...
Well, the drs (yes, plural) came in and reviewed my hand (just as I thought, they were a lil concerned).  There was talk of blood clots, they could only feel a pulse in one artery at my wrist, things were not looking good guys.  I started to get a lil bit worried/ anxious/ sweating/ tingly/ light headed (it was as if I just took some pill with the craziest side effects ever).  They said, "you really need to go to the ER".  Wha?  I then asked if one of them could drive me, and that was not an option. (whatev).  So I called Aron on speaker (and he was not even close to town) the dr said they were going to call an ambulance to take me to the ER.  Ugh.  You guys, my husband is so funny.  I really love him.  He makes me laugh.  His reaction to the dr (word for word), "umm, wont that be expensive?"  I just yelled at the phone, forget it, it was just my life, and I would call someone else.  I laugh now, but laughing then... I WAS NOT!  I called my parents and my daddy was there within minutes.  I was seriously looking at my daddy as he walked in, thinking to myself, would this be some of my last moments with my daddy?  I just knew that I was obviously dying.  We got to the car and he drove like he was a Paul Walker (God rest his soul) extra in Fast and the Furious. 
We got there and checked in, just me, my daddy, and my blue hand. 
My momma got there a few minutes later. 
I was feeling strange and nervous.  Then out of the blue walks Andrew Davenport (this is his real name, because if  you do not know him you should, he is the kindest guy, and I went to high school with him, and have only seen him 1 time since high school (and that was ages ago).  Funny thing about old Andrew, he had contacted my a few weeks prior, he was going through a tough time (I will not go into detail) but needed to speak to someone and did not know who to talk to and just thought, I need to talk to Caryn.  I talked to Andrew for about 20 minutes that day, and just prayed with him about his situation, and just tried to be a peace to him in his time of need.  So it was very "out of the BLUE" that he thought to contact me when he so needed a friend, and I am in a stressful not good moment and God sends him in to help me.  Andrew works at the hospital, was off that day, but had to come in to do some test (random), sees me there, and he sat down with me and my parents and just prayed.  The peaceful feeling that I had at that moment was just what I needed.  Thank you Andrew. (So, people, go getta friend like Andrew).
He leaves and in comes my Aron, and then I was taken back to the ER.  For a few hours we (myself, Aron, and Daddy) sat back there waiting for answers. I mean my hand was still blue/ gray.
I had some blood work, x rays, and even ultrasounds of my arms, chest, neck.  I just laid on the table during the ultrasound not even knowing what I was looking at on the screen, I would ask the lady if everything looked okay and she could not tell me any details and I would have to wait for the doctor.  (Hello, nerve wracking!)  I even asked her to blink 3 times if it was bad, she just did not even blink (I honestly think that her eyeballs looked a little dry and that she wanted to blink she just maintained big open eyeballs (it was amazing.... like circus amazing)
(yes, I know it is a cat with bulging eyes, but the people just looked to crazy to post, thus the wide eyed kitty)
It is always crazy, things like this that make you realize what is most important.  Here I am laying on a table, on what I thought would just be a "Monday". 
I had a wonderful morning with my babies... I love them so...

I was just chasing them into school, pinching their booties as I embarrassingly sang the Frozen song "Let It Go". 
Would I be going into some surgery shortly?
Thinking I did not even hug my Momma before I went into the back of the ER,
 and man I really wanted her to be sitting there holding my hand at that moment.
I was remembering all of my most favorite moments with my Daddy,
ugh, he is simply the most amazing man I have ever known, besides Jesus.
Then, my brothers.

They did not even know where I was.  Do they know how much I love them, I had not even talked to them in a few days?
My sisters, it was Katie's birthday the next day, 16!  She was going to be 16!
My SIL, LeAnne,
I think that she is one of the strongest bravest women I know, but does she know that?
My Aron....

ugh, I am so in love with him, and am I going to stroke out momentarily and leave him alone with Larry and Moe?  I hate the idea of being away from him for a day of work, I just love to be with him and by his side.  Does he truly know how much he means to me?  I should have told him more everyday and kissed him more.
Yes, all of these thoughts were going through my head during these ultrasounds.  What if there was a blood clot, would have to go into surgery, what if something goes wrong and I do not make it?
Geez, who knew the day was going to be like this?
After what felt like days of waiting the doctor finally came to talk with us, and said my blood work was good, x rays show no cracks/ breaks to my arm/ wrist/ hands, and the ultrasound shows no blockage (I had excellent blood flow).  Then she said that I need to make an appointment with my regular doctor and have some more tests, but she felt that I have Raynaud's Phenomenon.
Ummm, alrighty then.
Ray, who?
Ray Nauds?
My father:  (Rain Man?)
My Aron:  (Rayon?)
She said some people have this and it deals with the blood flow to their extremities (like the blood vessels/ capillaries) spasm and stop flowing blood making you turn blue, gray, black, even white.  It can happen to your hands, your fingers, feet and toes, your nose (eek), your ears (yikes), and ladies your nip$%#@ (holy moly)!  I have only experienced the left hand, but it can be painful (yah), feel tinlgly like your parts are asleep (uh huh), and there is nothing that can be done to stop it (just great).  It can happen when you are stressed or very cold.  They suggested having mittens handy??
My thoughts.... like Michael Jackson

Or I could move my hands/ feet in circular motions to help with blood flow or running warm water over the affected part.  Here is the kicker, some people just have this and that is that, but then others have this and it is because they have Lupus.  So, some further testing will help us to figure out which syndrome I have.
Anyways, there is my Monday.
So, if you see me around town, and I am rocking some gloves in the Wal-Mart, or I am looking a little blue, do not be alarmed, it is just my Raynauds.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Gettin' Hot in Hurrrre......

Well, my weeks just got a little hotter, and I know you are curious why.
That's right!  Hot Yoga Time.
I'm just gonna throw this out there, this will be a new attempt at getting this womanly physique into shape.  I've tried walking (honestly,I walk everyday.... To the car, in the parking lot, around the Wal-Mart) but the walking ain't cuttin' it.  I tried running.  Okay, that is a lie (but I've discussed why that whole thing won't work out).  I tried Insanity (3 times), it was insane and sweaty (I don't do sweaty).  So, here is my latest fitness attempt.... 
Looks easy enough.
I can lay there and stretch, and breathe.
What concerns me most is the clothes.  Where are they?
Really?  Booty shorts and spots bras held together by a string?  That kinda takes the whole "hot" idea out of hot yoga.  I don't know if a tiny bra like top could hold in the bubbies, but maybe so?
Then there is this guy.....
Ha!  I. Die!
Will my instructor hot yoga person be wearing a speedo and standing on my back?  Y'all, I do not know if I could take it!  Is the gal he's posing on laughing or crying?  Just trying to prepare myself for anything.
Back in the day, I was flexible.  I could do the splits, touch my toes, even do a high kick or ten.  Maybe, after class 1 I will be doing a little bit of this.....

Alright, maybe the 3rd class?
So, good bye to the ladies who lunch.....
And hello to the ladies who sit in a circle....
And do strange stuff like this!
Tuesday/ Thursday!  Who's in?