Friday, July 30, 2010

Pancakes and tarballs..and does she have all of her teeth?

Maggie and Katie in front of the swordfish.

So, one morning we crawled out of bed (okay, everyone else crawled outta bed, Aron and I were awake with Sophia at about 5 a.m., but whatev!) and we decided to go sit outside on the patio with Sophia. We would look at the birds, check out the water, and just stop watching Mickey Mouse ClubHouse (seriously, the Hot Dog song was wearing us out!) So, here we are having a relaxing time on the patio when Lovey is walking while pushing the footstool. She is standing by my chair and close to the edge, but am I alarmed, no! not at all. Then a millisecond later her sea legs kick in and she trips on the edge of the patio, not a problem until she caught herself with her precious little tiny baby teeth! Yes, the teeth that we have worked so hard on growing, rubbing the baby orajel all over, the hard moments I have spent brushing them, yes, those teeth broke the fall of a 25 pound Lovey! I picked her up immediately and held her against my chest saying "its okay, trying to smother her cries in my huge boobs (that probably made her cry more!). Then I pull her face back to check her out and her face and my upper body is covered with blood! It was horrible! I ran inside, Aron running after us, I was yelling,"her teeth, her teeth, Momma, shes lost all of her teeth!" Did I mention it was 715, and my family is on vacation! People are running out in their drawers and the sleep still in their eyes. It was a mess! Calm Momma and Daddy who have seen me and the boys with broken arms, wrists, noses, ect., checked her out, decided she bit her tounge, cleaned her up, and gave her a popsicle. She was fine, and still has her teeth. (Bonus, because we really cannot afford baby veniers right now!)

The next morning was not as exciting (okay, yes it was) we decided to all venture out to our most favorite breakfast hangout at the beach! Tacky Jacks. O-M-Goodness, I just got chills and heartburn just thinking about it! They will make you pancakes that are larger than your head, it is amazing!!

We love posing for photos berfore meals.

Seriously, where are my pancakes!?

The brothas

Me and Daddy (please excuse the hideous sight of my peek a boo bra, it totally ruins the father daughter glamour shot. He definately cannot put this on his office desk.

Uncle Richard trying to control the wee babe!

Sophia riding on the elephant (we were way more into this than she was)

The tarballs. Katie and Maggie went walking on the beach, and this is what they come back with. Tarballs! They looked so odd, like a weird hard ice cream mud sandwich. Please note, this is the only one that we saw the entire trip.

Love yal!



Kerry said...

Oh My Gosh, I would have been hysterical-I'm so glad Sophia kept all those sweet teeth-her little smile is the cutest! Love your vacation stories!

Kelly’s Korner said...

Harper has fallen on her mouth about 3 times and bled like crazy and I was sure she knocked out her teeth. It freaked me out so bad all 3 times. Their little mouths can really bleed. SO SCARY!
I love tacky jacks!

Lindsay said...

Reading your post, I was like, "Oh no! Did Sophia not have teeth today?? Surely, I would have noticed." So glad she has all her teeth and really enjoyed ya'll being at Sid's party today.