Sunday, August 26, 2012

There Goes Our Baby!!

This week has been so exciting for my baby sister (I know, I know, I must let this go! She is no longer a baby)!  She started high school this past week!  I just cannot get over how time is flying by!  I feel like it was just yesterday that she was born!  I was away at college (which was really only 30 minutes down the highway at the U of A), and made the drive to the hospital in the middle of the night to meet my new baby sister!  She was stubborn and decided to not come out so I went back to the dorm to sleep and she was born early that morning!  Our sweet Kathryn Grace and she has been a blessing to our family ever since that day!  This is the only picture that I could find of the tiny tot and it is on her 2nd birthday!  There she is, our girl!
Here she is now!  All grown up!  A freshman at the high school!
This girl amazes me and I cannot wait to see all of the BIG things that she will do!
I started to think about high school, and I was HORRIFIED when I did the math and saw that I entered the high school, as a sophomore (our school was 10th -12th grade was high school) 17 years ago!  I thought that was so crazy!  Seriously, I subtracted like 5 times to make sure that was right, am I really that old??  Guess so!
Anyways, the 10th grade at the BHS!
I was a scared mess!  I just knew that I would be shoved in a locker on my first day (I had seen that happen on an episode of Saved by the Bell, some bullies had done that to Screech and I just knew that I could be the new Screech (I totally had the hair))!  Good thing that never happened!
That year was going to be fun!  I would be in HIGH SCHOOL!  Ha!  I was wrong!  Little fish in the big pond, I was!  It wasn't all bad.  The older boys were super cute (and I remember them being very tall, like they were all taking the same growth hormone, THEY WEREN'T REALLY, but seriously everyone was so much taller than me and people in my class), the older girls really were not too mean, and I had some great friends that I could survive that big school with.
Here I am with some of them.  No, our school did not require us to wear uniforms, I was on the dance team and I think this was at a camp or something.  Anyways, this was the only high school photo that I could find, that I am in, and I really just copied it from someone elses facebook page (ha)!  I need to find a yearbook or something!
I am on the back row, third from the left
I started thinking that man, 1995 was ages ago.  Then I started thinking what in the world was going on back then??  Blast from the past, if you will....
Ummm, Sheryl Crow won a Grammy or something for being Best New Artist!

Wha?  I know!  Sheryl Crow was just becoming a thing!  Her "big" song was All I Wanna Do!  Ugh!  Loved that song!  Seriously, my friend Kari Jo and I would ride around in her tiny convertible car and jam out to that!
This song was the jam!
I Swear, by All For 1!
Dying!  I just knew that one day a totally cute guy, Stuart, would waltz down the hall and be serenading me with this song..... Never happened (the singing, the waltzing, or the boy)!
Can you believe it, Elton John's Can You Feel The Love Tonight was climbing the charts (and I totally think that I may have dedicated it to a boy on the Power 9 at 9 (embarrassing, I know, but I really think that I may have done that)!!
Bill Clinton was the President of the United States!  This was a super huge deal since he was from Arkansas!
FYI, I got to meet Hillary Clinton a few years later.  Adore!  She signed her book for me and shook my hand.  Yes, that is my brush with fame!
The top grossing movie that year was.......
I know!  Bruce Willis?  I was not old enough to get into it and watch it, but I am sure it was a nice movie.
But, I was old enough to get into this flick that came out in 95
Anyways, high school was fun, but o my lordy it was soooooo long ago!

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Angie said...

Time for sure flies by!
My class just had our 15 year reunion this weekend. That is INSANE to me. It sure doesn't seem that long ago when I graduated.