Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus

I'm not sure if you know this, but I know Santa Claus.  Let's just say that he is a very dear friend of our family.  When I told him that I was thinking of inviting a few of our nearest and dearest tiny tots over to kickoff the Christmas season and have cookies and cocoa, he was like, "well, why don't I stop on by the house and visit with the teeny tinys?"
I was like, "no....., really, you could do that?"
and he was like, "I'll be there by 1:30!"
So there ya have it and here are a few of the most precious pictures to capture our afternoon!
Here he is... right on time!
Exchanging high fives with Sophia, and Brayden is waiting his turn!
 So excited to see Santa!
Santa really took a likin' to this little lady.... he even asked for her number.
He asked what she might like for Christmas....
She replied, "you can't afford it!"  My Moss with her quick wit!
Sophia showing off her Christmas dress
Daddy, Santa, and Momma
 Uncle Jason and Santa
Santa, LeAnne, Annalee

 Sophia saying she would like a castle and a princess doll.

 sweet sweet Lukas... this is his 1st Christmas

 Our friends Erin, Kamryn, and Kinley
 Sidney and Evan
 Madi and Marley talking with Santa
Madi told Santa she would like a new doll, her doggy ate her other one!
Then she told Santa that she had already gone to the mall to see Santa, but she did not believe that he was the real one.  She said, "you are the real Santa, and I really think that you will bring me a present."  Awe... sweet girl!
Another precious girl, Harper
This is John Michael... he would never get to close to Santa, but before leaving he spoke to Santa from across the room and let him know that he would like a white bike!
Mollie love!
Brayden and I looking at all of the decorations...
Uncle Richard and Santa...
Dylan telling Santa that he would like Leggos, this will help him in his future career as an engineer and lots of video games!
Parker.... not all to sure what to think of Santa...
but he eventually went to visit..
Santa portrait time...
Katie kissing on Santa!

 Tell him all about it Lukas...

Brittany and her little brother...

Sidney... such a lover of her Santa...
Lindsay and Evan
The Phillips family

 Sidney coming back for more love!  Santa totally fell in love with her!
Rich and Mercedees with Santa
Sarah Kate and Emily
After asking Emily what she would like for Santa to bring her....
well, Santa doesn't make cats
Santa doesn't make dogs
me:  what about birds? (ha, I know her mother is not a fan)
Emily:  well, Santa has always done a good job of bringing me things that I like so, he can just pick anything!  Cute girl....
Then her sister was concerned about how Santa even got here....
me:  ummmmm?  Well, Santa took his airplane, SC Airlines... didn't ya know he had his own plane to use for special appearances?
Sarah Kate:  no??? and looking at me like I am crazy..
Well, he has to fly here it is hunting season and he has to keep his reindeer safe...
Sarah Kate:  oh, well yeah.
Oh, the imagination of a child or in my case a nutty adult put on the spot!
After the children had visited and told Santa their wish...all left in the house were worn out!
What a happy time we all had!


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