Thursday, January 9, 2014

Working 9 to 5.....

As we all know, for the past 4 years, I had taken a senior director position at la Foresee Manor.
see look at the happiness
Me taking a few minutes out of  my busy day (cake bakin' none the less) to chat on my pink phone to my mother (probably)!
Just kidding, that is not really us (I would never wear that shirt, it is ironed and green stripes are not my thing, and I would never let my child stick his fingers in the cake batter bowl (Lord, have mercy... we use spoons, it is flu season y'all).
The job has been incredible, my employees are just lovely
 the pay has been awesome (pay has been hugs, I love yous, and kisses,
and I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, my boss is super hot.
(if he is reading this, he is very embarrassed right now, and will probably ask Why did you just write that?)
I can honestly say I... LOVE... MY... JOB!
With all that being said, with all of that love for the job, I made the decision to get another job (outside of the home).  Wha?  I know.
 That is right!  Since the beginning of November, I took a job working with a local supplier, Denovo Brands, They are such a great company.  I even get to do a job I was very passionate about 4 years ago, product development!  Eeek!
Let me just say, going back to work has been no easy decision.  I have been so happy to be working at home raising my babies, running my home, cleaning my home (totally sure that Aron is laughing out loud at that), and being 100% focused on my family.  Aron has been totally supportive of me staying at home with the kids, and has always said, if I want to go back to work, then go, if I do not want to go back to work then do not.  See, not only is he incredibly hot, but so wonderful, kind, and giving letting me do what I really wanted to do!  It has not been the easiest job, SAHM (stay at home momma) work is not for the weak, it is the hardest job I have ever ever ever had!!  As we made the decision to send Sophia to a 3 year old pre-k program a few days a week at our church, I could just see her totally change.  She started to make friends, was more social, and was learning so much.
This is Sophia and her teacher, Ms Pam.  Sophia has two teachers, Ms Pam and Ms Holly and loves them so much.  I am so thankful for this woman, she is spending time everyday with my little Red.  I have such a peace when I drop her off each day, because I know that her teachers are loving on my girl just as would.
All of that being said, I just came to Aron one night and said that I might be ready to go back to work.  He was not so sure, told me to not do anything at that time, but just really think about it.  It was after 10 oclock, I was a little sleepy, we had just gotten the kids to bed, I had been working on bills and I said I was just going to look at this headhunters website.... just look.  Ha!  I opened the site and the very first job was doing product development.  I.... DIE!  Wha?  Really?  I loved my old job doing product development.  It was creative and so much fun, and I was able to develop baby clothes!
So, I apply (not thinking I would ever ever get a call back), I mean hello, I was using a 4 year old resume, and hello, I have not been working for the past 4 years, and hello, I really do not have any other reasons why I would not get a call back.
Ringgggggg a Dinnnnnnng, DING! (that is the sound of my cell phone the very next morning)
Wha?  I know, they called me.
God thing?  Yeah!
So, I talked to the lady from the headhunters office, she was a delight and I ended up talking to her for an hour (about work, myself, herself, y'all I felt like I made a new BFF, she was a doll).
It was hard to contain my excitement all day.  I wanted to surprise my husband with the news of my out of the blue phone call, so put on my best looking outfit/ sweats, I made him a fancy dinner (who am I kidding, we probably had chicken nuggets or PB&J) and told him about my day.  He was super excited for me, and the opportunity that I may have.
The next afternoon, the supplier called me and set up an interview.  Y'all, it was moving so quickly, I did not even have an interview type outfit, hello!  I wear sweats all day!  Praise Jesus for my mother, she went out and bought me some new "go getta job outfits" (what?  like me a two and a three year old coulda really spent any time at the local Dillard's shopping a trying on clothes?)
Anyway, I will speed it up, but within 2 weeks, I was offered a job.  I accepted, and was so excited!  A job!  I would be doing product development for a company whose main focus was on outdoor recreational products, ummm.... what am I getting into??  I had no full time child care, but I had a job, and three outfits in which I could mix up the pieces and make three more outfits.
It just got serious!
Full time child care.   Ummmm.  Child care is expensive.  Child care.... in the town I live in, it seems that you have to put your child on a wait list while they are still in the womb.  I was calling places, and people were saying that they could get my littles in their school on a Tuesday..... of next March???  Wha?  Blast!  What was I going to do?
Sophia was only in part time child care at church, and my Bear, what was I going to do with my Bear?
I went to my church and they had a spot available for him 3 days a week (also part time 8-2).  I was so happy, the babies could at least be in the same place, around women who I trust and love so very dearly.  Brayden would have three teachers:  Mrs. Beth (whom has kept my children on Sunday mornings at Sunday school) , Ms Karen (ugh, Karen, my children and myself think she hung the moon), and my precious friend Vonda.  It was just the place my guy needed to be, with these women (seriously cannot think of any other group I would want my babies with).
Then to top it all off, my wonderful, amazing momma picks the kids up everyday and then she plays with them (I think that they are probably wearing her out)!
until I get home!  Such a blessing.
I have not really been talking about the new job very much.  I was afraid, I would miss the kids and my time at home with them too much, or that they would not adjust well to school, or that Aron would be so sad to not walk in the door and have me whipping up a chicken pot pie with a chocolate cake for desert (okay, did not happen very much ever).  I kept thinking I will give it a few days, and if the company was not good, or the people were not great, then I would just not return, and it would be easier had I not really discussed it with anyone.  Well, I have really enjoyed being back in the office.  The people have been great, and the work is good too, so for now, I am going to stick with it.  Good things are happening...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I have missed your warm sense of humor and have feard that something must have happened to you or your wonderful family. So glad to see you back and that everything is going so well for you and yours! Thank you for your posts, they are really a bright spot in my day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's "feared" not "feard"!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! Nothing sad about going back to work and letting your little ones learn/socialize with new friends. Congrats!