Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to Life..... Back to Reality

I know, I know, last month I stated the blog hiatus was over and done with.  Lies!  The clock strikes 9 in the evening around here, and I completely space out pass out okay, I just sit in front of the television until I can barely hold my eyeballs opened.  I have so many things that I want to be documenting for my family (last days of preschool, summer memories at the splash pad, beach vacation to the Redneck Riviera (don't be jealous!), my "glamping" stories, the fact that I went on a diet.... lost weight.... and gained it back, funny things the kids are saying and doing, and boy potty training (once again, don't be jealous)!  I know one day I will get all of these things on here (I must, this is something that I love to look back on and see what we were doing a month ago, last year, or three years ago).  So, since it is fresh on my mind, and my body is still wishing it was there...... the beach!  Oh, Redneck Riviera how I love you so!  Please note, this post is heavy on the photos!!  So, if photos are not your thing, families having a fun time interest you none, or the beach makes you cringe (you are obviously a crazy person) then come on back now another time!!
Enjoy!  These are my most precious people, and so many of my most loved moments over the past week.  I wish we were still there! 







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