Friday, December 26, 2008

The Curry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Curry house,
we were all stirring, and definitely louder than a mouse!
Our stocking were set on the couch with such care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there!

Aron was nestled all snug in the chair-
While visions of all of the food we would soon eat, danced through his head (o-bellies beware!!)
Momma in her red,
and Daddy in the kitchen, this night has only begun (just thought I should mention!)

When in the living room, brother Richard heard such a clatter,

I ran to the room to see what was a matter!
Away to the entry I flew like a flash (okay a slow flash, but a flash, hello I am pregnant!)-
and it was there that I noticed Katie just had a crash (on her bike in the entry way into the dancing Santa Claus)! This is the before picture!

With Daddy in the kitchen, so lively and quick, I should have known in a few moments that dinner would make me sick!

More rapid than eagles, his courses they came

Dad whistled and shouted and called us by name! (he looks very serious when he shouts for us!)

Now Amy! Caryn! Aron and MamMaw! On PapPaw! Now Jason! On Robert, lil Richard, Richard, and Katie!

To the kitchen we came, and then we said grace, quickly enough we all filled our plates!

As I drew my head and was turning around, u-oh! the morning sickness was soon to go down!
The next little bit, I tried to keep my distance, in hopes that all would still have a nice Christmas!
We later exchanged gifts, and this was so great!
Aron got a little apprehensive when he received a book about Jon and Kate Plus Eight! (thanks mom and dad, just have to get him prepared in case there is more than one Foresee in the belly!)
MamMaw got Pajamas and Kate got a camera!
And we all had stuffed stockings-
and little did we know that we would all soon be going shopping (Wal-Mart gift cards! Woo Hoo!)
This Christmas was wonderful-
we all have been blessed!
Then we went home to all get some rest!
But as we sprang to our cars-
We all gave a whistle-
and away we drove like the down of a thistle (do not know what that is)
But I heard someone exclaim-
as we all drove out of sight-
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

oh love you are so cute!! i miss you! i will be back at work on mon and it is a must that we do lunch!!