Friday, December 26, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!

Hello Friends! I know that I have not written in a while, fear not, I am okay, just been so sleepy with no energy to type!! Well, I am back! I will try to catch you up on the past few days!

This week has just been so wonderful. I just love me some Christmas!
On Tuesday we went to the Parks home for our first Christmas extravaganza! It was a very fun evening of food, family, and fun! (some of my 3 favorite "F's"!) In the below picture (front, niece Annalee, back row left to right, nephew Aidan, sister Katie, and nephew Abram), they are all so cute! Look at how big they are all smiling, they did that every time they were close to the presents!

This is a photo of LeAnne (my sister in law) and myself. She is so wonderful!She was so great and put the whole evening together. She made a great dinner, lasagna, salad, and bread, and then there was some kind of pie that made you call someone sally or slap your aunt sally? I do not remember, but it was very good! I ate so much and never got sick, which was such a blessing, since the morning sickness has been an all day occurrence for me. So I was just in heaven!

Then we opened presents!!! Everyone loves this time of the party!

The boys received gift cards to Wal-Mart, Kate got a gift card to Limited Too (she loves that place) and Annalee was given a bead kit with like 10000 beads, wonder how long it will be until it is all over the floor? Sorry LeAnne and Ryan!

We got Ryan golf balls and LeAnne an assortment of scarves.

The Parks family really went all out on gifts this year, I got a gift card to the Motherhood store (this will come in handy since I am quickly outgrowing my pants)! Aron got a gift card for the man-store, Sportsman's Warehouse. He is so happy, and has not stopped talking about the new camo he will be purchasing! Then we got a group gift (totally unexpected). LeAnne found 3 baby quilts that Aron's late grandmother Bonnie had quilted. This is so very special! Here is a picture of us opening them, I was trying not to cry! The other is a picture of them all laid out at our house!

Baby Foresee will just love these quilts! This is such a wonderful gift.

After all of this excitement there was one last gift, given to all of the kids! Here they are getting ready to open it!

Bingo!!! Could this night get any better! We then played Christmas Bingo for what seemed like hours! Every time someone got a bingo, you got to pick a present from the basket, there were so many different things, candy bars, slime, magic cards, Razorback cups, coloring books, sunflower seeds! We had such a great time! Almost every time someone got a bingo, Ryan and LeAnne, in unison would say, "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!" Love that! Here is everyone playing! Can't you just feel the excitement! Everyone smiled extra big, since I said this photo was going on the blog!
All in all, this was a wonderful evening with my family! I am so lucky to have them.

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Katie said...

Caryn, that must be funny. I loved it when u gave Ryan the golf balls. HA,HA,HA! Well ,Caryn I love your blog it is TOTALLY cute. Bye-Bye!