Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby Dedication

Gosh, I love her.
On Saturday, Sophia's Gruncle Robert, Gruncle Richard, and Aunt Booty presented the sweetest gifts for her baby dedication on Sunday morning. They gave her a pearl bracelet, a gold bangle bracelet, and a necklace with a gold cross. (FYI, trying to get jewlery on a busy bee, so not easy!!) She just ooed and awed over it, then she wanted to eat it!

This is her precious necklace. (so sad that is displayed on that filthy bib!!) She wore it on Sunday morning.

This is Gruncle Robert putting the necklace on. We had to distract her with a toy!
Sunday morning was so nice. I woke up to Lovey over the baby monitor. It was her usual morning greeting, clapping then her saying hey, hey, hey, clapping. Aron went and got her and brought her back to our bed. Then they presented me with a Mother's Day card. I am so blessed to have them both in my life. We got dressed and went to church, it was an exciting was baby dedication day at the church. We went before God and our church family and made the committment to bring Sophia up in a Christian home.

Sunday morning, Sophia and her DADA! This is her new face she is making, do not know where she picked it up, but it is so funny.

This is what was shown on the big screen.

This is our little family.

Sophia, (sil) LeAnne, and Aron (he is so handsome)

After church had lunch with the fam at Momma en nems house. It was so nice to be with everyone. Here is girlfriend catching up on her reading. Look at her arms, so rollie pollie! Just want to eat her up!

Hope that ya have a great day! Love yal,
Caryn (a.k.a. Proud Mama)

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