Friday, September 17, 2010

Sophia in Wonderland

So, as yal may know, my sweet girl turned 1 this past month, August 2nd! The theme of the birthday extravaganza was Sophia in Wonderland! Enjoy the photos!!
Some special characters were able to attend. Above is (Aunt Kitty Kat, dressed as Alice) with Annalee.

Honey dressed as the White Rabbit and Uncle Richard wore a Tweedle Dee hat!

The characters were so much fun to have sitting around the party!

We munched on hotdogs, burgers, brisket, and all of the fixings! I made cookies that said "Eat Me" and we served drinks in bottles that read "Drink Me"! The birthday cake was made out of 48 cupcakes in the shape of a 1 (as you can tell, she enjoyed it!)

What a day we had! Aron and I cannot believe that our precious girl is already 1! The year has just flown by!

Love yal!


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How "Sweet" it is... said...

SOOOOO cute!! What a fun birthday party!!