Saturday, October 2, 2010

Game Day Baby!!

True story

Saturday mornings
6:05am: Sophia wakes up
Me: "Aron, it is your turn to get up with her. Please go and get Sophia out of her bed and change her diaper."
Aron: "Snore........"
Aron: "Caryn, do you know what today is?"
Me: "Yes, Saturday."

Really, this is no joke. Every Saturday since football has started.

Here at the Foresee home, we are huge supporters of the Razorbacks! Woo Pig!
We have now passed this onto our baby girl! She has yet to miss a game, and she is learning how to call the hogs! LOVE IT!!

Can you just feel her excitement! Woo Pig Sooie!!
Here she is after we told her we are going to go to see the piggies!! Total Happiness!

Here is Aron and Sophia. I wanted to take a sweet photo of them in front of the field, but Aron was not smiling nor was Sophia! They look like they are not even happy to be there.

We do love the games, but now we need some more entertainment for Sophia. Here she is reading to her Granddaddy! Here are the brothers and our sweet friend Nicole!
For some reason, I do not have any photos of Katie and Momma, but they will be in the next Game Day spread!!
We have an off week this week, but hopefully next week the Razorbacks will come back BIG for next weeks game! WOO PIG!!
Love Yal!

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