Sunday, September 11, 2011

99 bottles of Dr.Pepper on the wall......

99 bottles of drink... ya take one down... ya pass it around.... 98 bottles of Dr. Pepper on the wall... and repeat!!! 98 bottles of Dr. Pepper on the wall...... ya catch my drift.

15 hours in a suburban, 3 adults (me and my brothers), 2 children under the age of 2, a small dvd player with suitcase of Disney movies to be viewed, a couple a soda pops, 8 suitcases, boardgames, a skillet, snacks... and redneck riviera, "Here We Come!!"

This picture cracks me up! Daddy is holding the luggage and stuff in so it will not fall out! I told yal in a previous email we pack up everything when we travel!! No Joke!!

Me and my momma (while the boys packed the car)

Jason and I. Can you see the fear in his eyes. He is going to be trapped in the car for the next 15 hours with 2 small children. He really has no idea how many times we will have to stop for diaper changes, random stops to stretch our legs, stops at EVERY Cracker Barrel along the way to Orange Beach (there are at least 7, I have them mapped out on my phone- they have the best shopping!!) Little did he know we would hear the Hot Dog song 29 times and watch Tinkerbell and The Lion King 4 times- we love some Simba in this house!

Yay! We are so excited to go on vacation!

Some of us were less than excited!

This is where I sat, inbetween 2 car seats. Let me tell ya- riding in the middle with a wee bita leg room (with these child birthing hips)...well I survived.

Are we there yet??

Seriously, when we pulled up the clouds opened up and I could kind of hear angels singing. It took 9 hours of driving the first day, an overnight stay in Jackson Mississippi (everyone in 1 room 2 queen size beds), only 1 stop at Cracker Barrel (boo!!), a few thunderstorms, group sing alongs of The Circle of Life and HakunaMatata, only 2 times driving off course (added about an hour extra of driving time), no crying from babies (shocker), no break downs from babies (shocker), 6 hours of driving on day 2, and a shopping trip at Sams.....

Hello Sweet Turquiose Place!! We are so happy to see you!

Thank you to my wonderful brothers for driving me and my babies to the beach safely! You guys are the best! Such a fun time!

This concludes post 1 of about 10! haha!!


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Cory said...

Yay! You are back... :)