Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a Walk in the Park

So, today I boldly went where most brave/ genius moms go everyday, the park. Let me repeat, I TOOK BOTH CHILDREN TO THE PARK, ALONE!! This was very outta my comfort zone. I am always picturing the worst case scenerio: Sophia runs off in the crowded playground then I am unable to find her as I zoom around with Brayden in our overly large stroller and I am screaming and crying for her (kids start freaking out parents are frantic) then Sophia pops out from under the slide (can we say OVER-REACTOR!!), or she falls off of the playground equipment, or some rapid animal comes up and bites us (this could so happen, in fact a scary looking dog (looked a little mangey ran towards us today, NO FEAR THOUGH, I threw chicken nuggets far from us to get him to go away), or a danger stranger comes up and watches (so afraid of the sketchy characters), a mean child pushes her over and I am tempted to go and make them apologize to my baby... you know the worst case scenario. This is why I rarely go to a playground alone... I am such a wuss. Today was different, I said to myself, "self, you have got to get yourself and your children out of this house and take in some of this beautiful fall weather!!" So off we went.

Needless to say, 2 out of three had a wonderful time. I will let you view the pictures and you decide who was not so hot on so playground activities.....

In this picture she is saying, "best day ev-er!!"

Here they cannot figure out why they are no longer moving.

In this one, they notice their shadow

She sees the manegy dog- "no, momma.. its ruff ruff!!"

push me momma

don't like this....

still not having fun...

hey, get me outta this contraption!

seriously, quit taking my picture.

One half smile, then I am screaming!

I am so over this.

I will sleep right here.

Besides the swings the slide was the favorite. She went down the slide about 50 times before she realized there were other things to play with at the park.

Getting sleepy!

me: Sophia, are you ready to go home?

Sophia: ummmm- yes

Well, this outting was a walk in the park, I will probably take them back tomorrow!

Love yal!


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