Friday, May 11, 2012

All Over This Stuff

As for me and this house, we have been battling the stomach virus!  Good news is we are hopefully on the mend and will ALL be better by tomorrow.  It is a sad picture, but it is just what we have been looking like since Wednesday!

Since we have not been up to too many things, I thought I would do a post about all of the exciting things that I am ALL OVER these days!  Yes, these are some new things that I cannot get enough of.

I am loving some
 Yes!  I have found these awesome headbands, that I cannot wait to order.  Problem is, I cannot fingure out which ones to order.  I love wearing my hair in ponytails/ buns, but much of my hair comes out of the sides, trust me it is a mess!  I have been using these rinky dink skinny black stretchy bands but it seems like they are always sliding off of my head... GRR!  So, I had a friend post a picture of them on FB (love me some Facebook), and how they were in a local store.  Well, I guess that people (men and women) are wearing these bands while biking (or just watching a biker from the comfort of your seat), yoga (or just watching yoga), running (or walking, I love walking), and for fashion (not so much men doing this one, but this is what I would be doing).  Check out their site, totally awesome prints and solids to choose from, Junk Brands
This one is just too pretty.  Love the red and the blue

this looks so fun and summery to me!

Black is good too!

looks easy enough!  Cannot wait to place my order (I will look happier than the lady in the above image!)
 In case you have not watched the Bravo channel, been drinking up some Skinnygirl Margaritas, reading her books, whatever... Bethenny Frankel is breaking out in every business imaginable!  I have found that she is now doing beauty/ skin care products (I have found these products at Wal-Mart).  I am loving them.  My new favorite is her tinted lip balm, in red.  Looks shimmery and pretty, and has fixed my cracked up dry lips.  Love IT!!

tinted red lim balm
 Since we have been under the weather.... I would like to give a little shout out to the saltine crackers!  Love them, and without them, my children and I would have been starving ourselves since Wednesday.  Thank you and God bless.
 In this house, we all have some major eczema issues.  Dry skin...we got it.  Sensitive skin... we got it too!  So, I have finally found the end all be all to soothing our skin....

Hope that everyone has a great day!


Unknown said...

did you watch grey's last night????? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

i know that has nothing to do with your post, i just KNEW you would talk about it....and you i dont even know why i mentioned on here????? ha! hope the red's are feeling better!

Cory said...

Aww! You all need some probiotics in your tummy's now. And I will definitely be goen to check out those headbands cuz I am tired of the ones that slip off my head too. :/ I mean... WHAT IS IT? Is my head misshaped?

Kourtney said...

Hey, thanks for the post on the JUNK headbands! Find us online or at one of these local retailers: Rush Running, Lewis & Clark, Phat Tire

Angie said...

Nothing like saltines during a stomach virus! Hope you and yours are all better very soon :)