Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just some stuff....

1.  You should be watching this!  Hatfields and McCoys.  Kevin Costner... Bill Paxton... it is a win
win people!  Go watch this mini series, it is super- fantastic!!

2.  While you are watching Hatfields and McCoys you should be eating this!
Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding! 
It is just wondermous in your mouth!!  Make it... Devour it.... Sleep happy with your full belly!!  It is so easy to make too!
Simple directions!
1 box french vanilla pudding
2 cups of milk
(mix these things in a bowl, real good)
cream cheese package (yum, who knew this stuff was so good??)
container of cool whip... umm cool whip
(mix these two things in a bowl, real good)
Now this is where it gets tricky!  You fold the cream cheese whip mixture in with the pudding milk bowl... It will get really creamy fluffy looking.
Lay out your Nilla Wafers... cut up some bananas.... pour on your mixture... then as if that was not enough I layered on some cool whip.  It was so good.  The time to make was about 9 minutes (but I am super fast and not so concerned about making it look like a pic from a cookbook)! Ha!  FYI, you do not have to put cookies up around your dish like a retaining wall, I just started pouring my left over mix into the bowl (to use all of the yumminess and it started going over the side of the dish... so the cookies made for a nice barrier!)

3.  I am still doing Insanity even though I enjoyed mucho amounts of the pudding.  The workouts are still very hard.  I am still  not doing them full out (meaning, when they are jumping or jogging in place I am slow skipping and shuffling to avoid peeing my pants so much).  Even with the skipping and shuffling I am still feeling a burn, still glistening like a pig, and waking up very sore in the mornings.  I did take 3, yes 3 days off this weekend.  What?  It was a holiday.  I was on vacation.  All in all, I have done the workouts for 6 days, eating much better (have had no white breads, no more waffles (tear), limiting my cokes and cookie intake, drinking the water (which does not do a thing for me, I just feel like I am drinking spit... I do not love water... miss my cokes), I can do about 21 push ups before my arms give out, and I no longer dry heave after or during the workouts.  Now, on the 15th I went to the doctor (strep throat) and weighed in at 144.7, on Sunday I weighed myself on old broken garage scale and weighed in at 155.... hummm, I think I remember why that scale is called old broken garage scale.  So, I do not know if any weight has been lost, but I feel better so whatev!

4.  The countdown to the beach is on.... July come on!!
 The beach.  The sun.  The sand.  All of those happy people.  Being with family.   Swimming.  The sharks and whales??  (Sophia is very sure that we will see these things while being at the beach.  We tell her oh yes, we will see those whales and sharks, but really we are thinking, Lord have mercy, no big fish please!)  It is sure to be another fun filled family vacation....

5.  Janet Evanovich
Do you read her books?  I read the above book yesterday, and I really enjoyed it (seeing as how I read it in a day).  Yes, I still played with my children and did laundry then made a three meals people!  I read it before the kids would rise in the morning, read a few chapters during nap time, and then could not put the book down after everyone went to sleep.  Now, I must see the movie that recently came out... ya watched it?
I just started book # 2, Two for the Dough
Yes, it goes on.  I think there are about 19 books out there.  Cannot wait to check them all out!  I will for sure have a busy summer.
I just finished these 2 books, and if you are a reader, you should too!

6.  Did I mention that my husband and I are going on a date tomorrow night.  My SIL is keeping the kids so we can go out, alone, and not change diapers for a few hours.  Bless her heart!  My niece was over last night (she will be assisting in the baby wranglin' tomorrow) and she said that we (Aron and I) need to go out real late to the restaurant, so we will be alone no other people there!  I looked at her and said, "what?  do you think that we want to be alone with one another??"  Secretly to myself, I was thinking yay!  Alone time with Aron and we could even have a conversation or just go take a nap!  HA!  Maybe we should even go and see a movie?  I still wanna see my boyfriend in The Lucky One, dreamy child actor, Zac Efron....  Wish we would have gone to the movie last night, seeing as how my dream rocker boyfriend Steven Tyler (yes, from Aerosmith) was in town at the Promenade!  I woulda even offered to purchase him a coke and popcorn (grande size, of course)!

7. How fer-och is this this lil guy??
I have a FB friend, Rhonda who had this guys cousin in her yard!
Anywhos, this is not her picture I got this little rattlers pic from the Internet, but still, it was a Rattle Snake!  Wha?  I live in Arkansas, I had no idea that these guys visited our area.  We have cows, chickens, goats, the Gentry Safari, famous for Wal-Mart, but Rattlers?  Uh, no way Jose!  I guess I thought these critters would slither to our state line and not be let in (by who, I do not know, but just was unaware that they lived here).  I should move to a snake free environment... ya know of one?

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