Monday, June 11, 2012

Double Date

This weekend, we were invited to go on a double date with some friends of ours.  The night was sure to be a success, seeing as how we were going with other people, and on our past dates we skipped the movie and just go grocery shopping... hopefully, with friends, they would not allow us to ditch them for a trip to the Wal-Mart!ha!  We got a baby sitter/ little sister to watch the kids and off we went to dinner and a movie!

We were so excited to meet up with our double dates, Nathan and Lindsay.  Nathan and I grew up together and have always been the best of friends.  When he married Lindsay, 12 years ago, I quickly saw how incredibly wonderful she was and now she is one of my dearest friends.  We often frequent each others houses for play dates and always have a fun time together.  I insisted that we take a picture since we were in dresses, had showered, and were wearing make-up!  (stay at home mommies you know you should always be photographed when this happens... ya never know when it could happen again).
We met up at Johnny Carinos for dinner.  I was not even messing around with food, I was really craving the super size bucket of popcorn, so for dinner I ordered chocolate cake (I know, what am I 5 years old, who even does that). 

Funny tid-bit!  Yes, this picture is of me and my dress!  DYING!  So, this is my new maxi dress, it is brown and white and yellow along the bottom.  Yes, this new maxi dress has a smocked top..... uh huh.  Notice anything?  How about the smocked top should be resting across my bubbies.... not on top of them!  I wore my dress just like this for the majority of my date.  At least Aron said that I looked pretty.  Just pitiful.
We laughed and talked about funny things, and we could have spent the rest of our night there talking, but that movie popcorn was calling my name!!!  Off we went to the movies....
Ya seen it?  It was a scary movie.  I do not know much about what was happening since I sat with my fingers in my ears and my head down.  (FYI, not a fan of the scary movie, but I really wanted to be with this group of friends!)
The bonuses of the movie:  it did not last forever.... and it had Jesse McCartney in it.  Remember him?  He sang that song, Beautiful Soul and Because You Live.  He was one of those teeny bopper singers whom I have not heard much from in awhile... it was because now he acts... who knew?

Anyways, the date night was a fun time, and I cannot wait to go on another date soon!!

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