Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hi, my name is Caryn.....

and I am a PINNER!!
I'm a pinner are you a pinner?
Today, I have found some of the coolest ideas, and I will be doing them ASAP or when I get around to it!  Seriously, these pinners are super geniuses and I just spent way too much time looking at things that I just loved!
I love these bookshelves.  I found this one on marthastewart.com

I just really like this idea to use planters on the wall for your childrens toys.  So fun and will add something, other than a picture, on the wall!  I already have a spot in Baby Bears jungle room in mind for these and will be trying this soon!  Pictures later!  I found this idea on bhg.com site

This pin was from Nichole Gabriel
Rain Gutter Bookshelves!
I am so pumped about these DIY shelves out of the rain gutters!  Genius!
I also found a tutorial from Raising Olives , this is the blog spot of Kimberly, who is a homeschooling mom of 11!  She really has so many wonderful ideas on her blog too!

Find me!  I am cforesee

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