Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a new year....

but I'm still blogging about the last one!  I have obviously been on a family blog hiatus for the past few weeks, I guess that I will call it my winter break.  It has past, and I am drowning in pictures that were taken over the past few weeks.  So much has happened with our bunch:  we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, my Hogs went to no bowl games (but I have many fun pictures to document our last game against LSU), we had Santa over for cookies and cocoa (I did blog about this), my Bucky and Moss came for a visit and decided to never leave... exciting, I think so!, Sophia made her singing debut at church (with friends), we built a house (don't go crazy... it was made of gingerbread), we celebrated Christmas with our family, Santa Claus came back to town, my Bear.... he turned 2 (sob... sniffle... he's growing up), and we've caught a cold.  When I type it all out, it looks as if we have been busy!  So.... let's play a lil bitta a catch up..

My Bucky and Moss arrived just a few days before Thanksgiving.  Once they arrived we knew the visit was going to be wonderful.  Little did we know that God had a plan in the works for them, and they found a house right down the road from my parents, and by December 1st, it was theirs!  Anyways, that's another post... back to Thanksgiving.  My Aunt Cathy, my cousin Michael, his wife Joani, and their children (whom are super precious and look like tiny Michael's) came for the holiday.  We had such a fun time with them.  Sitting, talking, eating, Cabela's, and the Razorback/ LSBoo game.  The visit was for sure not long enough, but it was fun to have them here.  We were also very lucky to have my SIL, and niece and nephew join us!  Needless to say, we had much to be thankful for over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Moss and Madi Kay playing the piano
 Sophia and Carter... she loves Carter and they both love an IPAD!
My Bear
Madi Kay, such a little doll (I never heard her cry over the whole visit (she is like one of those sweet dream babies that just smiles and does not cry... ever! and I was so embarrassed that my crew were constant whiners!  Felt like Momma of the Year!)
 They may be whiners... but they are oh so wonderful and have stolen my heart!
Rich and Mercedees
 Daddy and Jason
K and Annalee
 Me pushing my nephew's hair down... it is very Beiber-ish... is that even a thing/ word?
I did not want to post this photo... I look like a creeper but Aidan looks so sweet
She thought my desert was a thumbs up
the crew
He loves her.
 She loves her
My Aunt Cathy and Madi Kay (her grand babies call her Ella)
Running for office... I bet he could fix somethings....?
fast friends

 Moss and her great grand babies
Bucky trying to wrangle in the wee babes
Kids-1 Bucky-0
 Moss and Buck

Moss and Joani

 Me and Michael.
Katie and Carter
 And then we went to the game.  Razorbacks played LS BLAH!  I was glad to be there with family, that is all that I have to say about that.
Me and Joani.
I did not want to post this picture bc the glasses I am wearing look incredibly strange.  The lenses look almost like they are at different levels.  Anyways, it makes me look like a nutty mess, but here at Sophia + 1 More Makes 4, we be posting the good, the beautiful, and the not so beautiful pictures.  My cousins wife looks pretty, so I post.
my sister and Joani
playing a little ball before the game
Sean and Jason.  Sean is a family friend.  He is so nice y'all.  How nice is he?  Well, while most people are bringing their food, and drinks for the tailgate, he is thinking about my children and he brings them colors, coloring books, and stickers.... nice man...I think so!
Yes... I get to make out with him all of the time.
Again, the glasses.  Is my face mis-shapened?  Is my nose broke?  What is with these crazy frames, I look weird.  Whoever left those shades in my car, please come and take them away from me!!  I'm tryin' to be stylin' but look busted! Ha!
Me and Nicole.  She's a teacher.  I love her.
more football
my Daddy and Michael.
Inside the game.  I think Aron's face says it all.  Here he is praying.
 Here is Jason discussing why the previous call our coach made was not the best call.

 Future Razorback??

Sweet memories.

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