Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Bear turns 2

My baby is 2!  I cannot believe it!  Seems like he was born just last week (sobbing..sniffle....sigh). Two years old, and he is such a joy for our family.  He is sweet, and shy, and is such a big flirt.  He loves his Momma and his Daddy (this I know because his face lights up with pure happy when Aron walks in the door).  He adores his sister and watches her every move and mimics it 5 seconds later.  She runs he runs, she coughs he gags, she cries he is quick to be the one to comfort her.  He is a wonderful sleeper, lay him in his bed and he sleeps through the night, and he is a "bear" to wake up.... Moody moody!  He loves to watch Elmo "memo","icky" (mickey) Jake and Hook, and he is still a lover of Rapunzel on the movie Tangled.  He hates to wear a coat and anything tight on his arms.... Crying fit!  He doesn't say much (he doesn't have too his sister is such a big talker he couldn't get a word in.  He's talking a lil more each day now that I pry the paci out of his mouth.  His top words that he says a bajillion times a da,,,, noooo, thank you, honey, mommy, Sophie, daddy, toons, icky, Dad(this is what he calls my daddy), drink/ juice, peepee byeeeeee.  I'm sure I will think of more later.  He's a lover not a fighter and such a delight.
We had a birthday celebration with our family.  The theme was Sesame Street.  We just love Elmo and all of his friends!  A happy afternoon for my baby boy:-) 

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