Thursday, June 20, 2013

and... it's June!

It seems like I just spent the spring months in a funk, but the funk that was getting in the way of my spunk (and was so bunk) is now out, and I'm back.
Geez, now that I got that outta the way, and to think that Friday it will be summer, where is the time going?  We have not been up to much as of late, a little family time here.... a little bitta hanging out with friends there, a little dance, and some play, and then there is that 3rd child!  Just kidding, no bun in the oven, but the house is full of baby laughs all day.  Over the past 10 weeks, I have been keeping my friends little tot, and I think we will just keep it up, because she is a joy and my tots love her and cannot wait to see her every morning!  In fact, with 3 under 3 all day, I am finding that when the clock chimes 9 I turn into a pumpkin and am utterly worthless!  All I can do is barely watch a DVR show, much less blog, and I hate that months have gone by, I cannot remember what we have done in the past week, and now my phone keep shutting down due to lack of storage space (I take way to many photos)!  I hate to brag, but I'm gonna do it, all 3 children are asleep..... let me repeat....ALL 3 CHILDREN ARE ASLEEP... AT THE SAME TIME!  Thus, some time to share!
Here they are!  Larry, Moe, and Sleepy.  These 3 definitely keep me busy!  Who knows, maybe one day I could have a 3rd or a 4th?  FYI, my husband probably does not read this silly banter, so if you see him on the square do not make it necessary to blab all of this to him (for fear it could cause him to pass out!)
Anyways, here are a few things that have been going on with us.... a more elaborate post to follow for each event!
Sophia has learned how to use the computer.  She loves ABC Mouse, typing her letters, Disney Junior, and PBS Kids.  What are some sites that your toddlers enjoy working on.  Sophia loves it so much and it makes her feel like she is doing more school!
She recently had her first ballet recital, it was precious and I cried.  I'm so emotional about everything!  Here is a picture of her ballerina friends, I must say that they are the most adorable bunch I have ever seen on stage!
We have constantly been outside.  Yay for summertime and warm weather.  I think if we played in the water everyday (in our underwear, of course) then the kids would be happy all day long.
 Seriously, stop growing up.
Both of you!
Love them!
O yea, I love our little town, it is no Mayberry, but it is just as wonderful, and it is a hub for some of the coolest people around...... look familiar??
Yes y'all!  It is my SIL and Tom Cruise!  I die every time I see this picture!  He was is B-town!  Where was I?  It was bath time at the Foresee abode, but had I been able to leave the tots and husband, I woulda been on the left side of him!  FYI, LeAnne said he was super nice and was so kind when taking pictures with everyone who asked!  Amazing!
My brothers decided to jump out of a plane.
More on that later!  You know we all had to attend the BIG JUMP, and I took so many pictures that the people there thought I was crazy and then my full of photo phone died (no more storage space)... Geez!
My man friends and I have been able to go on a few date nights over the past few months.  I love my kids, but I love my man and love to leave those kids at home!  So nice to have a meal and not scream over children or change a diaper before desert!  Do ya hear what I'm saying?
This is my new dress, thank you to my mutha and my sista!
All in all, the past few months have been busy, and I am ready to play a little catch up!

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Angie said...

Happy Summer Friend!
Sounds like you all have already been busy doing some Summer things. We have too and I'm loving it.
Oh and those ballerina's, they are adorable!!!