Friday, July 19, 2013

Extreme Home Makeover

Does anyone else miss that show?  I do.  They had such fun over the top ideas for someone's dream home and I just loved to see how everything would come together.  Well, I am pretty sure that Ty Pennington and his crew will never be showing up at my home for a little presto change-o, so this Little Red Hen needs to get busy and do things for herself!  I really want to paint our kitchen cabinets, get new wall colors for all of our rooms (kids rooms are not involved in this), and paint the cabinets in our bathrooms.  I have found such fun ideas, and hoping over the next few months to get busy with them!
First off, kitchen cabinets.  I kind of want them green.  I know that is crazy, but I love it.
Or maybe the bottom of the kitchen island could be green and the top stained super dark??
then the kitchen cabinets could have a glazed look on top of a creamy colored paint?

 For some reason I am loving the cool and relaxing blue in this bathroom, maybe I could do something in that color.  I just love how it looks.
I do not know if it is just a stage I am in, but I am loving all things painted and then a little bit scuffed up.  I simply adore this yellow chair, and it could be no where in my home now, but for some reason I am in love with it!  I would sit in it all day it is so precious!

 Here is the blue again.  I wish I could make up my mind on a great color for the cabinets.  I am so sick of looking at all of this wood in our kitchen!  Bah!  Need a change!
 Love this piece of furniture!  It reminds me of my armoire that my gal Billie at The Green Label painted for me.  Love!  Love!
I kow chevron has been big, but I am thinking I have tagged onto it too late.  Chevron is probably so 2 months ago, but I would love a curtain or at least a pillow with this fun print on it!

So, my aunt is in town, and if we are friends on FB you probably saw the pictures I posted of her painting my Moss' kitchen cabinets.  They are something else!  Simply amazing!  They make me so excited to come home and get to work of my own!

 She even painted the pantry door, which I am in love with this idea!  Who knew, you can paint a door?  I obvi don't get out much!
 The pictures do not even do this brand new kitchen justice, but it is getting me so inspired to work on my nest!  What are some things in your home you would like to change?



Leslie said...

We found a beautiful blue for our kitchen and bathrooms - it was recommended on the Lettered Cottage blog. It's Sherwin Williams "Sea Salt", and I get so many compliments. On the card, it looks grayish green, but it's blue on the walls. Have fun decorating - I love changing things with paint!

Andrea said...

I just painted my kitchen a Benjamin Moore Aura color, "Solitude". It's a lovely gray blue and makes me so happy! We also had the cabinets painted, it made such a big difference! You can see pictures on my blog :)