Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Think I Love You (cabinet edition)

I think i love you.
So what was i so afraid of...?
Painting my sad sad cabinets...
a different look I was so unsure of!

Remember that little ditty (or the tune)?
Hello, the Partridge Family, one of the greatest televison group of singing family members I have ever heard (the only other one that was top notch in my book would have been the Zac Attack.. Saved By the Bell!  I would call them a band, but that just seems strange.  Anyways, I've been singing this song for the past few days to my favorite new paint, by Annie Sloan, and my wonderful newly painted cabinets!!!Seriously, why has it taken me so long to do this?  My kitchen was just filled with so much oak, and it make my kitchen feel dark and sad!

It needed a pick me up for sure!
So this past week, Friday, my mutha, sista, and tiny tots loaded up and went to Fayetteville.
The Red Hill,, which happens to be filled with the cutest stuff, carries this Annie Sloan paint.

Now, this paint is kind of like the loch ness monster of paints!
It was almost to good to be true!
I mean really?  No sanding?  No priming?  It can't be for real.....
Well, I purchased 3 quart size cans (did not seem like it would be enough, but the ball of preciousness woman at this store assured me it would cover my cabinets, NO PROB, then I bought the soft wax.  This morning, I returned to get me some dark wax.
All in all, 175ish for the supplies (I was okay with that)
So, Friday evening work time 5-9, I apply 1 coat to almost all cabinets.

(I know what you are looking at in this picture.  I know, how can I pull off such an amazing black on black tee shirt/ legging ensemble, I know.... be jealous).  If you were not looking at that, then perhaps you are gazing at the deer that looks as if it is going to pounce on top of me.  Well, yes, that is Aron's deer, it's other friend is in the garage along with multiple antlers.  That's how we roll, in this house.  It goes nicely with all of my fine china, pictures of French bistros and Tuscan sunsets, and chickens.  Whatev.)
Back to the painting...
(Forgot to mention I did not take 1... Not 1 cabinet door off of the hinges!!)  Cha-ching!
Saturday (my birthday), I paint at 1 until 4ish)
Aron took me out on a date, so the painting had to wait!
Sunday my Aron said he would help me finish (which was so sweet and appreciated), because look at who was trying to assist in the "cabinet presto change-o"...
So Aron begins work...
and we get final coat done

I sanded the cabinets to make them look distressed

and then added the soft wax (which seals the paint). So, that was 1 until 6!
Wednesday, 1 until 6, I apply dark wax (right out of the can, wiped off with an old t shirt)
17 hours of work, yes it may seem like a lot, but so worth it!

The paint was supper easy, and it has just changed the whole look of our kitchen/ house!
Annie Sloan is like the Instagram of the paint world!
My mother is wanting to do her cabinets now, and I have so much furniture I cannot wait to splash some paint on!!
Happy Painting!!


Angie said...

I love the way this turned out. Looks like the wax and distressing really made a difference too. I just published a new post and also mentioned the loch ness monster. haha. What are the chances?

Angie said...

Oh wow, those look fabulous! I painted my kitchen cabinets back a few year ago and it was one of the hardest, most tedious things I ever done. They need painted again but I just can't bring myself to do them!

barbara said...

Oh please tell me were the 3 qts. enough?
Did you just buy 1 qt each of the light and dark wax??

Amazing!!! You and your assistants did a great job!!! Once the painting bug hits and you are over your fear, no piece of furniture is safe :) Thanks for sharing!!!