Monday, September 29, 2014

Focusing on momma!!!

Now the 10s of people know that I am pretty honest with what is happening in the Foresee life.  When I first started blogging, I loved having this outlet where I was able to talk about anything and everything!  I have discussed our struggle to have a baby, after babies I would talk about my day as a stay at home momma,  I talk about the happy moments and the stressful moments, funny happenings in our daily lives, holidays, birthdays, I've asked for prayer over sick family members, talked about my love for my family and my love for Jesus!  There has really not been a whole lot of things I don't discuss.  My family sometimes thinks I am sharing too much, but I am a sharer, it's just what I do!  Speaking of too much, this is where my momma en'nem (that's southern talk for my mother and the rest of my people) will begin to shake their head and say... Please, stop typing!  Ha!!
One thing I have discussed over the years has been my body.  I know some of you may be shocked, but friends my body just ain't what it was 10 years ago!  Things are bigger, things are hangin' and a swangin' differently, and the only thing that is tight on my body are the Spanx I have been wearing to hold it all in and up!  (Praise the Lord for that kind and dear person who came up with the Spanx!) Can I get a Amen?  Anyways, my bod, it has seen better days.  I will admit I have gone through some cha-cha-changes (all for the good)
There was pregnancy number 1... my Sophia.
There was pregnancy number 2.... my Brayden.
Here I am pregnant with Brayden, although looking back I could have been carrying a football.
Could not be more proud to be able to carry and grow these two tiny people.  God is so good!

Now, it has been five years of living in this body, this unhealthy body!  It is time y'all know the truth.... I am a cola loving, drink it at 5 in the morning, sip on it all through the day even while I am in the bed at 10 I have a cold one in hand!  There is something about a cola that just makes me happy!  Well, that is only 1 problem, the next one is my sleep (could be due to issue number 1) I cannot sleep.  Some would call this a night owl, but friends, eventually that owl must rest!  There have been nights where it is 330/ 4 in the morning and I am just then falling asleep only to be woken by the pitter patter of little bitties feet!  To help with my sleep, I have been taking sleeping pills to help get me some much needed rest.  For a long time I would take a 1/2, then that turned into a whole, then somewhere along the road 2 is all that would work.  So unhealthy!  As if the cokes and the sleep were not enough, for years (probably since high school or college) I have struggled with a crazy stomach.  There were times where I could just not eat, for fear I would be sick as a dyin' dog for the following hour.  I had been told it was Irritable Bowel, but nothing was giving me relief.  Some days it would be better than others, but I have struggled for such a long time.  I know, I know.... stop it, but the last thing has been bothering me ever since I first got pregnant.... my back!  I have struggled with back pain for years!  So, whenever that pain is acting up I am having to take something just to get through the day.  It has been a struggle picking up my little loves, but I have just dealt with it.
I feel like my body, my insides are not matching the girl on the outside!  I am a happy momma, who loves to do things, be on the go, be with my family, and sometimes all of the above over the years have made me a bummer!  (I can say that, because I know I need to fix it.... first step, admit you gots problems then begin to fix them)!

All of that being said, over the years I have talked about doing Insanity (loved that but I found that the guy on the video was such a yeller, and I feel like he did not blink a lot, and that urked me).  Then there was that time that I wanted to be super bendy again and I got all of those yoga videos.... well, I am just not a bendy girl anymore, my down dog struggled to get off of the floor (if ya know what a mean.. ya know?)  Then remember when I was running?  I did so good for about a week or so and then I nearly broke my ankle walking out of the house to spank Red (I really feel like the Dear Lord did not like to see me a huffin' and a puffin' and a-peein' all over the neighborhood).
In all of my efforts, I have still changed a nothing, until earlier this summer, I saw my friend, we will call her Brooke (because that is her name, and honestly, giving her a pseudonym would be weird, seeing as how when I do that I just normally change the 1st letter of the name and really, calling her Crooke? or Drooke?, I mean that does not even make sense.  So, I see my friend, and when I see her I am thinking to myself, there is something about her that is changed.  She looked different, but it was like her insides matched her outside.  She was happy, confident, and charismatic (now, to know this girl is to love this girl, she is kind, loving, supportive, generous, such a special special girl to me.  (She was my maid of honor).  Whatever she was doing was different, and I wanted to know all about it (because FYI, I wanted to do what she was doing).  Well, she had started taking this drink from a line called Plexus.  Well, sometimes when a person starts in with their love for a product they are selling, I sometimes phase out.  Y'all if I don't then I will spend a whole paycheck on whatever they are selling.... So, hummm, she already lost me.  Plexus... Shmexus!  Then, the more she talked about how much she loved the products, and they were improving her overall health, and making her feel great and then she had started to lose weight, I was like.... WINNER WINNER!!  DING DING DING!!  So, I went home that night, ordered a sample of this "Plexus Schmexus", and waited.  Three days later, my tiny packet of wonderment arrived via United States Postal Service!  I walked right in my house, and poured tiny packet of wonderment into a water and I waited.  Okay, nothing happened right then, but as the days went on.... my appetite for the sweets was not really there anymore, my love for the cola... out the door.... by the end of the week I had not needed a sleeping pill and was asleep by 1015/1030, and I HAD NOT BEEN SICK WITH MY STOMACH!?  Wha?  I know!  After a month, just drinking the pink drink and water (not really changing my diet, and I'm gonna keep it real (not exercising.... y'all know that is not my thing... hello I did not even do my keegles, I hate exercise that much)! I was feeling so good.  Now, my husband.... he is an enigma, he was drinking the slim and in a month lost 14 pounds..... (dieting with him.... not fun)!  In the end, we went on vacation and I just kinda fell off of the wagon.  I was back to my old tricks of cookies and cokes in the morning and a stomach ache by 11a.m. followed by a night of no sleep.  I was grumpy, sleepy, and it seemed to be all I was talking about with Aron (thank you Aron for not leaving me)!
Anyways, two weeks ago, we were out one Saturday morning and saw my friend.... my great, happy, beautiful friend, and I just got this feeling in my stomach that I needed to call her and get back with that Plexus stuff.  I mean, it was helping me with my overall health.  I just wanted to take it so I would stop drinking a sixer of Dr Peppers a day, but it was really doing so much more for me!

So, I ordered and then I decided that moment, that I wanted to be an ambassador for the products!  When I was taking the products, I was a product of the product... is that strange?  I wanted to be able to tell others that they do not have to feel sluggish and ick!  It was just such a easy thing to do!  All I would even have to do is talk about the products that I use, and if someone else were to use it I could benefit financially from that!  So, I could improve my health, talk about it, and hopefully encourage someone else to get out there and do it with me!  Why would I not do this??

So, that is what I am doing.  I am taking a little bit of a time out.  That is right.  Momma is in time-out!  I need this time for me and my body.  My husband and babies need a momma that feels good about herself!  That time for me is right now! 

Old Caryn (while she is fun and a good time, but underneath is super unhealthy) is out!

While, I will not be weighing in every other day, and counting calories, or forever stop eating my doughnuts.... I will however stop doing things to my body that are not good.  I am doing a overhaul on me and my health.... 
Old Caryn.....
160 lbs
(eek.... that's right, 10s of people, 160!  Some of you are thinking I woulda never thought that, remember.... Spanx... they are life changing)
booty/waist-41" (that is a big number.... note to self... do not convert that number into cm or mm... that number is crap-tastic!!)  Also, the phrase "baby got back" comes to my mind! Ha!?
My thigh is 21.75"
I am motivated 10s of people! I am using these products and I want you to see that I am a product of these products!  I am so excited!  Just seeing the testimonials of others who are using Plexus, it really encourages me that I am not alone!!

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