Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mom Fail

I have not even made it to 8 o'clock and I am already wanting to jump back in the bed and start my morning over!  It is chilly outside, the time change (3 days ago) still has me as a sleepy mess, and my "Mom of the Day Award" has already been taken away!!  (Whomp whomp)  Mornings are tough.... in fact mornings with little people are tough.... Mornings with little people, a momma who overslept, kids that will not put on shoes, and kids who are not listening are tough!!
Do any other mommas have mornings like this or am I all alone??
I hate that before 7 the kids had already been scolded and had to hear my crazy loud mom voice!  It comes out everyday, but sheesh, before 7 (I was even annoyed with me)!  We had not even been awake 40 minutes!
On the way to school everyone was quiet and the only thing that I could hear was my dragon breathing (What??  I am still struggling with a bit of nasal blockage which is causing mouth breathing!)  I was already feeling bad, and I am thinking we were moving so slowly but we actually left the house 9 minutes before we would normally leave.  So it looks like all of my overreacting was for nothing, and there was no reason for me to even lose my "mom of the day award".
I was feeling so guilty about how the kids day had started out that I had to pull over the car and tell them I am sorry.
I am not good at saying that I am sorry, and it is hard to tell your little people sorry.
As soon as I turned around and saw their sad faces, I knew it was the right thing to do.  I grabbed their little cold hands (one of them was a bit gross because I had just witnessed Brayden using it as a Kleenex when wiping his nose... so that reminds me I need to disinfect my hands) but anyways, I just held them and looked at their sad faces and told them that sometimes when mommy is stressed and is in a hurry she acts like a nut job.  This morning I was a complete and total nut job and I yelled at you and I did not need to do that.  I said my sorrys and asked for their forgiveness. 
I love the rebound rate of a little.  They were very quick to forgive me, tell me that they loved me, and that I was the best.
Now that all of the crazy is out of the way, I am sure I will be able to move forward and have a good day, I just hate that sometimes we freak out on the ones we LOVE the MOST!!  Hopeful that they will not need to much therapy in their future.
Thankful that tomorrow I will get a redo-

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Karen in Southern Maryland said...

I would have to say that most moms are guilty of this. I finally ended up getting up an hour (or more) earlier than my boys. I got dressed, did my hair and makeup BEFORE getting them up, that way I wasn't trying to get ready and then checking on them to make sure they were on task. It's the best thing I've ever done. A few extra minutes of sleep just wasn't worth the stress on myself and the harassment I was giving my kids so early in the morning. Fast forward a few years and my husband and one son leave for work by 4:00 a.m. I get up at 3:15 a.m. and by the time 6:00 a.m. rolls around, I'm dressed, makeup done, a load of laundry finished, read my Bible and prayed. I never get 8 hours of sleep until Friday and Saturday nights but I get so much done that it's worth the compromise.