Monday, March 13, 2017

What's White Lightning Been Up To??

Just a few things...
1.  My hair has been out of control as of late.  It has been a combo of 80s hair band and hot mess express.  I rarely ever get my hair cut, it just takes too much time (that I hate to spend on myself), and I hate to spend the extra money when I think that it should go to something else.  (Do any other mommas feel like this?)
Anyways, it was a bit long, a bit frizzy (honestly, because I stopped putting gel in it, and that is a natural curly hair nono), and dried out.
The bottom 6 inches did not even curl (which is strange since I have curly hair)!  Welp, today was the day.  I called up an old friend (not age old, just a friend who knows me and this mop on top)!  PTL she had an opening....  Upon walking in, I explained how it needed to be cut and she got right down to business (before I even sat down in the chair, she ponytailed it (yes, I made ponytail a verb) and then cut the ponytail off)!  There was NO looking back after that!  6 inches on the floor (possibly more)!
I know what you are thinking...
1.  Why is your collar popped?
I don't know!  I blame it on my 80s hair, and I think that poppin' a collar was a thing back in the day.

2.  Why is your shirt unbuttoned to your bubbies?
I don't know y'all!  Tomorrow I will make sure to utilize all buttons (there is no need for bubbies to be out on a Monday... geez, I was at the beauty shop!)

3.  Is that your best pose when taking a selfie?
Possibly.  It is what it is.  Most of my selfies CANNOT be photo shopped, and in most of them I am being a mouth breather!  #CantFixThat

Anyways... I left the shop feeling so much better about my hair and myself.  Sometimes it is good for mommas to take a few minutes out for themselves.  Tonight, I feel 10 pound lighter and a little bit happier about myself!

2.  This morning, I was looking in the mirror... like super close in the mirror, and I was very surprised to see not gray hairs, but WHITE hairs!  WTH?  Fa-reeking WHITE!  I am 37 and turning into a white haired middle aged woman?  It just doesn't make sense.  I would pull them, but I am afraid that 10 would grow in their places!

3.  I cannot believe that I am typing this, but I have been walking/ running (and when I type running, I really mean very fast walking.... like super fast jogging, you might even call me White Lighning).  It is a new thing I am trying.  It is not easy, I am 37 and my physical activity is well.... nada.  In fact, I am doing all of this to run/ jog/ walk fast in a marathon with my Red!  There is a 5K and a fun run, and I have not decided what I will be able to accomplish, but I am going for it!  I know it will NOT be easy, and that I will possibly pee all over myself, and that I might die (just die die or die of embarrassment), but my Red will see me work hard to do this with her, and my husband will also see how athletic I am (or not)! 

4.  When I am not jog- walking, mommin', or wifin', I am spending WAAAAAY to much time playing some silly game on my phone... ToyBlast.  It has become such a time-suck for me and I def need to delete it from my phone, and that is a struggle since I am completely ADDICTED!  I feel like I need to go to "Gamers Anonymous". I wonder if there is such a thing?  The other night I was playing and I looked at the clock and it was not even night anymore, it was morning- 1 something!  I could not believe it!  The last thing I was completely obsessive with was that Friday Night Lights show, remember when I watched all of the seasons/100 episodes of the show in almost 2 weeks?  Which reminds me......
#YoureWelcome #Riggins

5.  Our family is planning a little vaca in a few months to New Orleans!  We have never been before, but are so excited to go.  My cousin Mary (that is her real name) is getting married, and we will be coming for her BIG day!  So far we are planning on taking the kids to the zoo, maybe the aquarium, and we are planning on giving a luncheon before the wedding!  It will be such a packed trip of family, but I am hoping we can have a little bit of fun on the side!  The kids are most excited to see their cousins (and I cannot wait to see mine)!!
Tens of readers.... have you been to New Orleans?  What is something that we should check out... family friendly!!

6.  The other day before work I turned on the television and I was able to watch the pilot episode of Growing Pains!  Ughhhh, I adored Kirk Cameron... like I thought he would make his way to Btown and take me away to be his wife one day!  Ha!  I even wrote him a letter (thinking that he would write back) and I gave it to my daddy to mail.  Sad.... he NEVER mailed it!  He placed it in his sock drawer, and he gave it to me a few years ago!  I was half sad and half relieved!  Sad because I just knew he woulda read my super deep pre-pre teen thoughts and felt a connection between us, and I was embarrassed because of all of the words I misspelled and all of the hearts that were doodled all over were a bit much!  Sheesh!  I needed spell check!  #NeverTheSpellingBeQueen #OneDoodledHeartIsOkayButTwelveNOWAY
Anyways, that was such a good show!  I have watched a few episodes this week, and I love that I grew up watching it.  They just do not make tv like that anymore!

7.  and just because I think it is funny...

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