Monday, September 18, 2017

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up...

Y'all remember that sweet old lady that somehow fell out of the bathtub fully clothed in that Life Alert commercial?  Well, let me refresh ya memory...
That poor ole gal, so sad as she is wedged in that corner, so scared and alone.  Welp, I can honestly say that I have laughed at that commercial, heeeeeelp!  She sounded so pitiful!
Strangely enough, I thought of this fully clothed lady sprawled out on her bathroom floor on Sunday.  Ya see, I too was calling for hhhhhhheeeeeelllllllllllllppp!  Yes, friends.  I was stepping out of the shower to reach for a towel, stepping over the dog, and as I put all of the weight back on right leg (still in the shower) I slipped and fell!
Yes, I know, busted it right in the shower!
It happened so quickly, but I immediately knew something was broken, just not sure what!  I called for Sophia who was right outside the door (she had been fighting with brother and was having a bit of time out to think about attitudes (this is a think we think about often).
I called for her calmly to go and get her daddy and tell him that he will need to take me to the hospital, because I broke my leg!  Looking back, I prob would not have said that to small child, I had no idea that she would get so upset, but she remained brave and got her daddy for help.  Such a good girl.  There I was, sitting in the shower, fetal position, in tremendous pain, thinking how was I going to "use the force" and levitate right outta that shower??  Hummmm.
Aron ran in... I am sure he just thought I was being dramatic, but I explained he would be taking me to the hospital, but first I'd have to get out of the shower, get dressed, and we would need to call my parents for help.  He realized I was very serious.  The kids were sitting in the hallway watching my every move (my every necked move)!  That is right y'all, my old lady friend in above pic fell with a nice bathrobe on, I had no bathrobe, just a big ole bunch of anatomy colored in pale and cellulite!  It was such a site, a scary site, but a site.  This is prob what brought on the tears!
Still staying calm, I asked Aron to get me underware and a dress, I asked for Sophia to find my deodorant, and Brayden to assist me with my face moisturizer!  Yes, I was in pain, but I had to keep my troops believing that I was okay!
My parents arrived and we kind of analyzed the situation, and they decided it would be best that I sit on a kitchen chair and they carry me out to the car (kind of like my throne)!  As if the injury wasn't scary enough!  I get to the car and just prayed the whole way there!
We got in fast, such a praise, but we were there for hours!
I have for sure had better times, but at least I was there with the man friend, my daddy, and one of the brothas... so I knew I was in good hands and my guys would not let anything happen to me.
We finally received the news my leg was in fact broken!  I was surprised, I mean it is Sunday morning and I had stuff to do that day!  I guess God had other plans for me to just be.... still, and hang out with my momma!  We are going to enjoy this time sooooo much!!  So, if you need me, I will be at home for the next weeks......... broken bits and all!  Get ready for the blog to blow up, it seems that I have run into a bit of spare time!!

Until tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your fall and bless your little heart (knew that was coming being from the south didn't ya?) I know how badly a fall hurts and breaking a bone is not an easy feat. I broke my ankle badly when I picked up my 9th month old grandson (he is 8 now) to change a diaper. Broke it severly that required surgery, scrws, pins and plates. Was in the bed a long time, so I am praying you have a clean break and your time will not be as long to heal. No surgery and just stabilization for you!!! Give your Mom, those littles, and your man a hug. I am sure they all need it. Your Momma is so good to always be there for you and I envy you the closeness you all share. So take a deep breath, inhale, and exhale and remember God has you there for a reason, so rest and relax that He has all this (it was in His plan) enjoy your down time, From a very fond reader in Georgia, GiGi