Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween and the little people that make my world go round.....

In case y'all missed it... Halloween has done come and gone!
Introducing the Ninja Turtle and Evie 

This year we hung around our own neighborhood trick or treating!  The kids picked out their own costumes this year... Brayden was once again a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (seriously, he is obsessed with these guys) and Sophia was Evie from The Descendants (oh what, you do not know who Evie is?  She is the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White!  I know, who knew she had kids??)  Anyways, Sophia told me exactly what she needed to pull this off, and since I have not been able to be out and about finding this costume I heavily relied on Amazon to get the stuff here!!  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!!  (FYI, I love that I was so on top of getting her a blue wig (just like Evie and paid extra to get it here on time.... and she did not wear it..... insert the MAKE ME NUTS emoji... is there one?)

The day started early with G picking up the kids for school!  He has been so helpful during this time!

The day only got more busy, with class parties and my momma was such a trooper to push me around in my wheelchair so I could see them in action (I really do miss hanging out and volunteering at their school).  She even took me to WM... that was probably too much, but hey, we survived!
(Y'all, Brayden has this front tooth that he will NOT let us pull! It is hanging by, oh I don't know air??)  It is his first tooth, but he is terrified for it to hang out!  Thinking of pulling it in his sleep!!  #KindaKidding #KindaNot

My mom and I had fun the rest of the time we were not at class parties.  Y'all ever heard of "BOOOING" someone?  You know, you leave a fun Halloween treat on a friends doorstep... anyone??  Well, we were BOOOED, by my Moss, so we decided to "BOOOOOZE" a few friends!  Get it, BOOOOZE?  That's right, we gave them wine or champagne treats!!  First stop, Moss!  If you know her, she would love to be Booooozed!
I know, judge away, it looks like my children Boozed her, but whatevs, they just like a photo op with their girl!!
Momma just chauffeured us all around (I am sure she is looking forward for the break when I go back to work... tomorrow (insert sad face)!)  Oh, these two people have done so much for Aron and I over the past weeks!!  I love them!

Then the night was a success, and the kids will have enough candy to last them until well the month (because I will throw it away... in my belly or in the trash, candy ain't really their thing).  I know... #NotNormal  We were able to walk around the block with some friends... manfriend pushed me in the wheel chair.  Our biggest scare was Brayden tripping and falling and we were not even close to him!  Thankful to live in a small town because two girls Aron and I went to school with, Christine and Allison, were out with littles and were quick to come to Brays aide!  So so sweet!  It takes a village friends!!

With this holiday in the books, we are jumpin' into day numero 1 of November... the month of all things thankful, and I know two tiny people that I am over the moon for and find myself thanking the good Lord for them on the reg.

      Sophia and Brayden

These two make me the most happy and most crazy ever.  I am so proud of everything that they do, and I am so glad that I get to be their momma.  I cannot imagine my life without these two, forever thankful that they are mine 

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