Friday, December 29, 2017


How on earth is this man child the BIG seven??!
I know what your thinking or all you can see is that dangler of a tooth... welp, he was terrified to pull it out... it might be a bleeder tooth!  So with this fear, I will forever have dangler tooth in our family pictures of 2017.  I kind of like it though.... I mean, that face!
Anyways, the dangler is gone (thanks to that overly excited kid on the slide elbowing Bray in the mouth so he could be first)!  The tooth flew right out.  I am just glad he did not eat it this time and we did not have to write a letter to the tooth fairy explainin' how I was NOT going to be diggin' it outta the poo.  I digress.
He is seven.
The time with my lil guy is just flying by.  I can remember walking into his bedroom on his 1st birthday singing the Today is Brayden's Birthday song and him dancing and smiling.  Oh, how I wished those days away so quickly (oh just go to sleep, oh if I can make it through breakfast, oh if I can just make it to bathtime... because that means bedtime is around the corner)!  So crazy! Now, how I long for those days when these babies liked to be all snuggly in my arms, did not talk back, or want extravagant Lego things to be built.  Those might have been the days.  #WhoKnew
Brayden, my last little.
He is in the 1st grade, is becoming a great little writer and working so hard at reading.  Math seems to be a good thing for him (thankful for that).  He is definitely the baby of our bunch, always the first to run to me if something is wrong or he has been hurt.  He loves all things Legos and Ninja Turtles.  Favorite food, still catsup.  He loves his family and he loves his friends just as much.  He is always begging for a playdate or having someone sleepover!  He is my smoocher boy (loves kisses), loves cuddling, and loves hugs.  I hope he is forever gentle with me like this.
Loves his gymnastics/ ninja class, cub scouts, soccer, and tball.
Tonight we celebrate by watching Star Wars (he is totally my child)!
So in love with our boy, he for sure brings us much joy.

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