Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Foresee Family is a Growin'

Ya see friends, in the wake of all of the crazy life has thrown at us the past few months... we decided to go out and get a puppy!
I know right, a puppy!
I know what you might be thinking...
1.  Don't you already have a dog?
2.  Aren't you recovering from your broke leg situation?
3.  Couldn't you get a fish instead?  Less work and a bit cheaper.
All great questions friends.
This is why we had to get a puppy....
because all Little Red has been wanting for over a year is a puppy.  I know, I know, she is a child and she also wants me to color her hair pink... but she loves dogs.  Each week her library book is about dogs, we are always having to watch a show with a dog in it (or the Monster Fish show), or she is asking us to look up dogs on the internets (on the reg).  Normally, I would not give into the child so easily, but her father... my sweet sweet man-friend was weak, and he should never be left alone with her while they are discussing her hopes and dreams!  She got him talking over a year ago about dogs, and he ended up promising her a puppy by Christmas!
(insert the emoji of the hand smacking the face... my face)
So, for months we have looked for a friend.
I have checked shelters, FB pages, even the classifieds in the newspaper.  I knew it needed to be a puppy, a small dog (Bray is kind of afraid of dogs, so I needed it to be small and I needed him to be able to be around it from the time it was a pup).  I also needed it to not shed and be good for children with allergies.  May not make sense to you, but for me it makes total sense.  A month ago, I finally found the nicest lady and she had a few pups!  Boom!
We went down this past weekend, and surprised the kids on Saturday.
This look makes it all worth it.
He is so happy too!
I was told by all of the parties in my house that they would help with pee and poo clean up (that should also entail sanitizing the area with bleach or some sort of cleaning agent), I was told that others would help with doggy duties such as feedings, and then others would get up with the lil fur ball.....
This is me between the hours of all night long!
Yea, I know manfriend will not like this pic, but it is funny, and I love him anyways.
Yes, that is the friend asleep on my chest.  She likes to do this for a few hours a night (just like my other littles did as new borns)!
Good thing I knew what having a puppy would be like.  I knew this would be no walk in the park.
She is kind of precious though.  If I could just get our 1st born Chipper Dog to love her like we are.  He is not sure if she is a sqweeky toy for him.
Hopefully all will sleep tonight (myself included).  I almost fell asleep numerous times today at work.  One time it was just a really long blink (for about 6 minutes), and the other time was while someone was talking to me... yes, right there in mid-convo with my eyes wide open!
Night night!!

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