Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lost Dog! Please help me find her!!

Hello Friends.

Today my brother Richard, I know that you have seen his photo in previous blog entries, went to Wal-Mart around noon, and came back around an hour later, and his dog, Penny, was not there. Either she ran out when he was leaving or someone came into his home and took her!!

I know you girls are always out on the town (Bentonville), so maybe just keep your eyes peeled for her!

She will answer to the name, Penny. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Tan all over except for the white fur under her neck to her belly and on her feet. She also always looks like she is smiling!! You may also notice her purple collar.

All of our hearts are just broken without her!

Thank you.


Nancy Bane said...

Caryn, did your brother find his dog? If she was picked up in Bville by animal control she would have been taken to the City of Rogers Animal Shelter, where they only hold them for six days before they are either put up for adoption or worse. Have him check there...their # is 621-1197. He should also call the Bville PD dispatch center and notify them that she is missing, along with identifiers such as collar collar, any tags worn, etc, so that if they pick her up then they might realize who she belongs to. Hope this helps, and hope he finds her. I would be heartbroken if it were me.

Katie said...

Caryn. Hi! I love your wonderful blog. It is so awesome. I love the night before christmas story u posted a cuple of weeks ago. I just LOVE it!!!!! Caryn, r u going 2 help me o my blog? THX ALOT, CARYN! Bye-bye.

Katie said...

CARYN. Sorry i can't write every day I have H.W. DUHHHHHHH? U had 2 do H.W. I can write on the weekends. or on free days. Check me l8r. bye. c ya fashion hater, in a while w/ no style.

Katie said...

caryn, y r u not commenting me. r u even listening 2 me. LOL! TTYL! C YA! L8R!