Thursday, October 8, 2009

It is a slow Thursday!

Today has been very low key in the Foresee house. The weather in B-town has been rainy yucky and now we are in a tornado watch! I cannot believe that I am sitting here on the computer during this horrible storm, so I will make it quick!
I am reading the greatest series of books right now, the Twilight books!

I am hooked and pumped for the next movie to come out in November. Have yal read these books? Are you on team Edward or team Jacob? I have just started book 3, loving it!! Have you read any good books lately, let me know!
I just had to upload these two pictures of our girl after she got out of her bath today. She really makes my job as a stay at home mom so wonderful!
I am so in love with this precious girl.

Love yal! Caryn


Anonymous said...

oh my word, i need book #2 stat!!!! its killing me! but hello, EDWARD!!!!

love, love, lover her! so cute!! miss ya!

Nancy Bane said...

I read the Twilight books just last all 4 books in 5 days! I was completely obsessed...Chris came home each night to NO dinner on the table. He was nice and cooked while I finished the series! DEFINITELY Team Edward. :)