Monday, June 7, 2010

Uhmm.. a little panic

So, a little bit of panic just rushed over me.

Am I really ready for this all over again?

I know, I know, green is not so slimming.

In about 243 days, Aron and I are going to have another baby!

When you had your second child, did this feeling just rush over your body?

I just have a few thoughts...

Have I totally forgotten the pain of pushing a baby out? I sometimes have flashbacks, am I ready to do that again? I will probably opt for the epidural a bit sooner.

Boo-morning sickness!!

yikes-the stretch marks!

Where will SweetiePie sleep? I guess if it is a girl she can share a bedroom with Sophia, and if it is a boy, he can share a room with Sophia. Okay, that stress is gone.

Where will SweetiePie sleep...ha...when will we sleep? We totally shoulda thought about that. I guess we will sleep when the children move out and graduate from college and get married (who am I fooling, we will never rest again).

Honestly, we are so excited! I cannot wait! Who would not want to experience this all again!

Love yal,

Aron, Caryn, Sophia, and our little SweetiePie (and Chip the dog)

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Tracy said...

Caryn, you look adorable! The second baby is so much easiery than the first. Sophia is going to love being a big sister!