Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day! We had such a nice and relaxing time. We took Aron to a 5 star breakfast at Dennys!! The few bites that I had were scrumptious, Sophia ate a little and chunked a little on the floor, and Aron loved his meal. For the rest of the day we just hung around the house. We watched golf, baseball, more golf, Lethal Weapon 1 and 2, and baseball (it was so stimulating)! The things that I do for that sweet man!

Then for dinner we went to momma and daddy's and celebrated over dinner. Later we watched golf (shocker). What is up with the golf and guys?? Boring!

All in all, it was so nice celebrating Father's Day with my most favorite men.

My sweet husband, Aron and his lovey. Everyday I fall more in more in love with him. He is just amazing. He is smart, funny, kind, helpful, and makes me feel like I am the most special girl in the world. He is so loving and takes such care of us. He makes my day so much brighter.

Who knew that I would ever meet a man so wonderful as Aron. For 26 years, I only thought that there was one man in the whole world that was that special, my daddy.

He is still my hero.

Love you so!!

Happy 1st Fathers Day to my sweet Aron! (your Sophia and sweetie pie love you!)

Happy Father's Day to my precious Daddy!

Happy Fathers Day to my sweet Bug-Eye and my Possy!!

Happy Father's Day to my b.i.l. Ryan!!

Love yal!!


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