Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Back.....

Have yal even missed me? I have not posted in awhile, but please be reassured that I am on the up and up. I have pulled my head out of the toliet and I have decided to choose life! I will not let this "all day" morning sickness keep me down any longer!

Thank you to my friends at the doctors office who have refilled my prescriptions of Zofran and Phinnergan (sp). I can now make it through the day. Hopefully I can start back to play groups, lunches with friends, and going back to church! I could not even get out and go to the store (that has been wonderful)!

When I was preggo with Lovey, I suffered from the sickness for almost all of the pregnancy. Do not get me wrong, she was well worth all of it. For some reason, I really thought that things would be different this time around! (Waa- waa! Boy was I wrong).

Girls, did yal have the pukies? How did you get through it? Was it better the second, third, or fourth, tenth time around? Were there things that you could not eat or places that you just could not go?

Just wanted to let yal know, that I am okay! I can do this, only like 31 weeks to go!!

Love yal!


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Anonymous said...

we missed you at lunch last week!!! tom was said that its been over a yr and he hasnt seen you :( but we'll do it again soon...when u are feeling better....and i hate that u are so sick again, it stinks for the time being but no2 will be worth it!!! miss you!