Monday, February 6, 2012

Dancing With The Stars..........

Well, it is time for another Dancing With the Stars prediction!! That's right, I am gonna go out on a limb and predict the DWTS cast for the upcoming season! Last try, I got notta one dancer correct (but I believe whole heartedly that my show woulda been way better... just saying)! On to the cast.....

Tim Tebow! That's right yal! It would be TEBOW-RIFFIC! Do you think that he would come out with a verse painted on his face for each dance?? Now that is something to ponder. Hummm? What a great way to spread the good word... dancing for Jesus all over that DWTS floor!

Matthew Broderick... he just did that big Superbowl commercial... so it is time Matt! Kick off those actor shoes.... and put on those dancing shoes!

That's right! I am going back to my favorite Tori Spelling! I heart her, cannot help it. She is too funny, a wife, a mother, she can do it all! Sign her up! This is the prime time.... seeing as how she just had a baby recently, we know she is no longer with child, dancing could be her next big thing! Sign her up DWTS people!

I know... I know. I was hoping for a lil bitta Dog action on the show last year! Yal know, the show would be amazing. Look at him, I know that he has an inner ballroom dancer just waiting to break out! I can just feel it! I can almost see his amazing hair whipping across that dancing floor!

Okay, lets switch it up a bit with.....

Jo Frost, the SuperNanny! Sure she knows kids, but does she know dance??

You know that a Kardashian is probably going to be affiliated with the show some how! They will be dancing on it or either sitting on the front row cheering on a family member! I think that the person representing the K-dash clan should be.... Lamar Odom! Khloe's husband. He seems the most low key and I would just like to watch him dance! Maybe they should bring the Kris Humphries (Kim's ex husband) on to dance too! They could have a dance off!

Nate Berkus. Precious! He is just precious.

The show needs a funny person! Thus, Chelsea Handler. Can you imagine? This show would be DVRed so I could watch everyday! What do you think... not funny enough??

Well... then what about Joan Rivers? Dying! She could be super amazing. What if her partner was Maks! OMG!! Hilarious!

So, Peyton Manning, if you are retiring maybe you could do DWTS. It could fill your down time and you would still get a great work out! Come on! Sure, thhe man has how many Superbowl rings, but does he have a mirror ball trophy??? Ummm Hummp! Come on Manning! TV/ Sports domination!!

Mark Paul Gosselaar... I can see him dancing with Julianne Hough! They would Pase Doeble all up over the rest of the cast! Seriously, you know the guy can dance! He was the lead singer of the Zack Attack, the mans gots skills... enough said.

Kirk Cameron! I know... I had him on my last list... but I just hold that special place for him in my heart! So, there ya go... Kirk, please do the show!

If he doesn't... I could be, would be, o so happy to watch his sister, Candace Cameron Bure on DWTS! She Loves JESUS, is still doing movies/ tv, is a wife a mommy (so relateable, is that a word?), author, has an online magazine! Geez! The girl can do it all! What do ya think.... Come on Donna Jo Tanner!

This would be my last cast member guess. Since Jersey is so hot right now (and I ain't talking the weather yal!) This state is all up in the news with the governor Mr. Christie, the Jersey Shore is trying to do world domination with their spray tans, health/ weight loss pills, the books (yes, the Shore peeps are writing their life stories... I ain't hatin' just simply statin'!, the girls are Jerseylicious and well the rest of the community is EVERYWHERE! So, I am going on a limb and saying that just 1 of my favorite New Jersey Housewives should be on the show. Team Melissa or Team Teresa?

What do you think? Will you be watching DWTS? If they have already announced the cast for the next show, and my people did not make it.... that just means I do not get out much and for sure need to be paying attention to more quality news programs... E! or Access Hollywood! Ha!

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