Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nick Lachey Cake and Chubby Fingers!!

Okay, odd title for the post, I know. Onto the stories...

First of all, it was a happy day for our family yesterday! We went over to my sil and bil's house for a birthday celebration! Happy Birthday to some of my most favorite guys, Ryan and Abram!!! Yal, we ate so good last night! Fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, rolls, and home made mac n cheese (good thing that I wore my stretchy pants!) Yummy sounding I know! I was most excited about the birthday celebration, because I know that at some point we would get to eat BIRTHDAY CAKE! I love me some icing!! Well, not so much. My bil, Ryan, wanted something called a tres leche cake. Ya heard of it? Tres leche. What does that even mean? Is that made by Betty Crocker? Is that Spanish? What-ev. The cake sounded so foreign to me, which was made worse by my sil! She could not pronounce the name, tres leche cake, so she kept calling it NICK LACHEY CAKE. So, now, I am concerned. I am at a celebration that should have cake (with icing), no one can pronounce the name of the cake (thus I think that I am eating some 98 degree singers baked goods)! It was a mess! Then to top it off, my bil (Ryan) translates the name (tres leche) to (3 milk). Immediately in my mouth, I vom! I yack at the thought of milk and now to consume a cake that does not have 1, 2, but 3 milks? Are they the same milks? Is it a 1 percent? A whole milk? Goats milk? Soy milk? Cats milk (yes, cats have a teet from which milk is produced). Yes, yal. These are just a few thoughts that are going through my head at this time. After all of the racing thoughts and the queeziness a brewing in my belly, the cake is placed on the table......

Umm. I know. Where is the icing? Why does everything look like it is wet, like the whipped topping melted (it has been in the fridge why does it look like it is hot and wet?). "Ummm", that is all I could say. I am sure that my face told a different story. Then the cake is cut up and placed on a plate. "Ummm!" That is all I could say. My thoughts at this time were...... my cake looks wet..... my cake is a leaky mess..... where is the icicng? Betty Crocker would be so upset at this travisty of a desert!!!!! So, I look at the others at the table. "Ooooh, aaah." Everyone loves it. Everyone is slurping up their cake (yes, this is a slurpable cake!) Even the children are lapping up this cake. Then I look at my bil's daddy. He is such a sweet man. He takes one bite (just one) and then pushes his cake away as if his pants are so tight that another bite would send his pants button to pop right off! Well there you go. That is all I needed to see, someone not loving the cake! So, I placed my fork down on the table and decide this is not the desert to try!! Then my bil's daddy said, "it is like biting down onto a sponge and all of the milk comes out."!! Ummmm. Gross!! Needless to say, the Nick Lachey Cake was nooooo bueno!!! Besides the cake, the family time was delightful!!

Onto the next story!

As I sat watching the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot on VH1 earlier (I know, why am I watching this, all it makes me want to do is run and forgo any food for the rest of the month), but I watched. While watching this riviting documentary on the making a swimsuit magazine, I was scrolling through the latest updates on Facebook. Do yal FB? I am a FBer. I have a love/ hate relationship with the site. I love to see what people are doing (my friends and the people that I have not seen in FOR-EV-ER), and then I hate that I have a false relationship/ friendship with some of the people that I am "friends" with on FB (because we dont really talk all of the time, and honestly, I do not know a lot about some of the people that I am "friends" with) It is wierd. Isn't it? Some people I am FB friends with, I have seen at Wal-Mart and they do not acknowledge me, makes me NUTZ but what-ev! Anyways, while watching the ever so skinny bikini wearing women on the S. I. special, then telling Sophia the names of the animals that the bikini wearing too skinny women are posing with, and checking FB status updates (do you notice that my focus is not soley on one thing, MULTI TASKER!!), I see a girl that I went to high school with (she is married, I notice her last name is different), and I click on her profile, then see that she is married to.... blah blah. I think...humm? Do I know him? So I click on his FB profile, and then it SENDS HIM A FB FRIEND REQUEST!! Dang chubby fingers!!! My stomach dropped! OMGosh, I am now busted for FB stalking! I could not even take back the friend request! Mortified! Here I am FB stalking a girl that was older than me, that I went to high school with, whom I have not spoken to since 1996, and I am looking at her photos and her husbands photos to see if I know him from our home town and now I am busted for being a stalker! The only friend we would have in common is his wife! I am sure he looked at her and said who is this, she is your FB friend, and now she wants to be my friend on FB. Holy Moses! The jig is up. Hi my name is Caryn and I am a FB stalker! I hate that my chubby fingers just clicked on send friend request! Good thing I am watching the Sports Illustrated models, I wonder if they have any tips on not only getting a slender body but also slimming down my chubby pointer finger!!

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Brooke said...

you crack me up friend!
1)I love tres leches cake, yum! Table Mesa has a key lime tres leches cake and it is one of my favorite desserts!
2)did you see my tweet back to you on how to cancel the friend request? love you!