Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mermaids and Pirates O' My!!

As of late, I have been on a wee bit of a blogging hiatus!  My nap times and after bedtimes are filled with planning an under the sea Sophia's turning "3" birthday extravaganza!  Lil Red will be '"3" in August... I know, I know, why am I planning now???  Well, my grandparents, Red's great-grandparents, have decided to come for a 12 day visit in 2 weeks.  After much thought, I started thinking how great would it be for the greatgrandparents to be here for the birthday party..... well, they cannot come in August, so I am just moving the party up a month and a half early!  Yes, I have 13 days to make my parents yard seem like it is "under the sea"!  After spending a nap time on PINTEREST, have I mentioned I love me some PINTEREST, (seriously, people have some of the most cool and creative ideas, I kick myself and think.... why didn't I think of that!)  Anyways, here are a few of the ideas!
At Sophia's request... "I wanta mermaid party....yes!!"

Ariel, The Little Mermaid, will be making an appearance!  I sketched her up this morning, all she needs is a little paint!  Her shells are a little misshaped, but maybe no one will notice!  It looks as if the Bear has noticed her! 
 Sebastian and Flounder, the sweet sidekicks!
 Going with the theme of the party, I tried to make the letters look like they are submerged under water... thus the bubbles!  I just painted over the old designs that I did for baby bear's cowboy birthday party.  My sister and I painted them blue and I added some bubbles the next morning over breakfast!
 Jellyfish made out of colored plastic bowls!  This is a PINTEREST find!  Thank you to the pin from the  Great ideas!  The ones in her picture were just precious
 Yes.... these guys are currently in the kitchen and hanging from the inside of my garage door!
 How funny is this idea, from PINTEREST!  Follow Adrienne Kirkham to see these funny hot dog octopus' from her daughter's birthday party!  I am thinking that these would be a hit with our family!
 The Titanic watermelon!  Find me on Pinterest for this gals picture (she made it for her Titanic party), I kept clicking on it and it would not take me to her page anymore:(  Now, to just find someone that can carve a watermelon to look like a ship!  I must have this on the food cool!

I have got so many fun ideas in the works.  Still so much to do!  I cannot wait to see Red's face when she dives into her party!!

Stay tuned more fun to come!


Katie said...

There is nothing wrong with planning ahead. Especially when it comes to saving a bit of money. My girls were both born in February, same week, and since money is tight around here. I've already come up with next years theme, and here soon will begin buying decorations and stuff.

I love you're drawings. Ariel looks wonderful and let's be honest...nobody has perfect tata's so why should she? LOL

Katie said...

This is what happens when you have a one and a two year old who have driven you crazy all end your sentences before you should. Sorry about that!

Unknown said...

so glad you found some use for that wood!!!! cant wait to see the rest! :)