Friday, February 21, 2014

It's all fun and games until someone pees their pants...

I think that we all know the direction that this post is taking, so if you feel that you will have trouble looking me in the eyeballs come tomorrow, Sunday morning at church, or Monday around town, please "X" out of this post, come back tomorrow and I will be blogging about something adorable that the tiny tots are doing, but today I discuss this.
This week has been very busy.  If we were not at work, at church, or in the car on the way to one of those places, we were just at home getting ready for bedtime and baths.  I was so very excited for tonight though.  Our church had a women's night, and all of the ladies in the church were invited to come and play bunco and be able to visit.  Oh yes, and there was child care!  Let's just say my week has been so very long, and I have been so tired, but let us not get it twisted I was going to bunco!
We arrive a few minutes late (because, well that is how we roll).  I dropped the littles off with their workers and off I went.  It was so great.  There was a hot meal and women to chat with!  Not once did I have to yell over anyone to talk, get anyone a milk, or even ask anyone to stop playing in their food.  IT... WAS... WONDERFUL!  I sat down with a couple of ladies I did not really know, and we played a game that I am not totally into.  I mean let's be honest, rolling the dice does not really get me going, but chit chat...  ummmm it is kinda my thing.  So, there was a lot of rolling dice, tally marks, yells of bunco this and bunco that.  Looking around the room you could see that everyone was having a great time, I mean these women really know how to represent.  We love a great meal (that we did not have to cook), and each table had multiple bowls of snacks... chocolate snacks (heaven)!  The night was a bit funny.  I am not sure how many of you know about bunco, but you roll 3 dice and.. well, I am not really sure what you do or how you explain it (this is probably why I did not win a game).  Each game has two winners and 2 losers.  I lost 10 out of 12 times.  In fact, I lost so many times that I got a prize for losing so much.  It was the best.  I love being a loser!  I received a gift card to a local store, Marshall's and they have the cutest things to decorate your home (I will be there tomorrow, with my 2 children).  Please, pray for me know.
Anyways, I left the adult section of the church and traveled on over to tiny town to pick up the tots.  The kids, ugh, my sweet babies, were so excited to see me.  I was excited to see them too, distance does make the heart grow fonder! Ha!  Anyways, the kids were so excited to see me that when I opened the door to pick them up, they escaped out of the door to run to the car.  After I loudly talked at these kids, "stop running, come back here", seriously the kids have no fear when it comes to me, they looked at me, pushed open the door and ran outside.  Oh, no they di-int!  They just ran out of the church in the dark!  So, in front of the mothers and their children (that listen, stood there and watched), I walked quickly out of the church questioning my parenting capabilities.  For real guys, I was having a fun night but I was getting ready to be crazy mommy, in front of my friends :(  I got outside and these kids were already down the ramp.  I mean seriously, who are these children?  They have the speed of cheetahs!  So, I once again (in my keeping it Christian tone, but really starting to sound a tinge on the exorcist side) say to the cheetah kids, stop running!  Now, the animals  precious angels start running across the street.  Did I mention it is night time, and that cars are backing in and out of the parking lot?  So, now that I realize the kids are not going to listen to me (and I need to put forth a little more effort to save their cheetah booties) I start running.
I will let that sit in, I .... Start.... Running.
Here is a little FYI about me.....
There are a few things that this gal is not into.
1.  Being sweaty
2.  drinking coffee
3.  running
I am not a runner.  When I run, move swiftly, jog, whatev, I pee.  I may not even have to go at that moment, but it will happen.  (thank you cheetah children.  Not only do you run away from me and not listen to me in public places, but you helped to make your mommy not potty trained).
Well done children.
Well done.
I finally caught those kids.  Let's just say the excitement for the night was short lived.  I mean, I had to chase these Olympic runners, I pee my pants, have to discipline the runners, then ride on a blanket on the way home.
All in all, I would say the night had its ups and its downs!  How was your Friday night? 
Oh, yes.  Just a PSA for the 10s of readers out there.
1.  I love my babies
2.  I love my babies
3.  I love my babies


Cory said...
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Cory said...

Oh Caryn... I haven't read blogs in a very long time. IG became my new BFF. But, stopping in to read your blog has been the highlight of my day so far. Three things about me... I am not a runner, I love to chit chat too, and I have no idea what Bunko is. I have also been know to pee my pants a few times. ;) Your IRL friends must adore you. How could they not. You always makes me smile.