Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why'd the turkey cross the road??

What a day! 
The weather in the NWA has been beautiful today, and we have spent it outside!!
The day started early (because our children are not big fans of sleeping and their internal alarms are set from anywhere in between 2 am to 7).  Anyways, 640 came very early this morning.  I had no desire to move out of the bed.  We had both children in the room asking for milk, a cartoon, a doughnut, and all I could do was lay there and play dead.  Yes, that is right, I just laid there and thought if they saw no movement that they would keep on going looking for another life form.  Too bad, their father has me beat!  So, the morning was filled with laundry, My Little Ponies, and doughnuts with a side of bacon (two of my most favorite food groups).  We spoke with G and Honey (the grandparents) and they invited us to meet them for lunch at Abuelos.  We said no, that is a lie, I had the kids socked in shoes within minutes and out of the door (wha?  chips and salsa are two of my other favorite food groups).  The lunch company was so nice, I love any time that I can spend with my parents, I really do like them a lot.  Our conversation was all about summer vacation at the beach.  I cannot think of anything I would rather do than talk about the time I will be spending in swimwear while stuffing my face with chips! Ha!  After lunch the cheetah babies and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart.  There was a lot of shrieking, 101 questions of why cant we have this and that and is that a boy?, and jumping in and out of the cart.  (I could not get out of there fast enough).  A nice little lady even stopped me to say, "they grow up so fast, treasure these moments".  Really?  Did she not see the sweat pouring off of my face?  Just kidding nice lady, I do treasure these moments when my tiny tots act like nut jobs, I figure they are just getting me ready for their teenage years.
So next up was a quick stop at the Sonic, I even purchased their kids their very first Sonic slushy.  I went with strawberry, I thought that would be a safe drink seeing as how they love strawberries.  I was wrong.  You would have thought I was trying to poison them!  Brayden was gagging, and Sophia said that it smelled.  Ummm, okay.  Needless to say I am sipping on a Rt 44 Vanilla Coke and 2 slushies (I will be up all night fo sho)!
When we got home Aron was finally home (he is on call this weekend and has been in and out with all of the wind causing power to go in and out).  He was home and ready to go outside and play.
The kids colored, tried to hula hoop,
 and played baseball. 
Aron and Brayden had so much fun, I think we might have a ball player on our hands.
Every time Brayden would hit the ball, he would say, "thank you, thank you!"  Crack... Me... Up!
Aron and Brayden went in the house after awhile, and Sophia and I were still outside when we heard a buncha gobblin'.  I was very confused (not alarmed), I just thought maybe Aron and Brayden were playing with his turkey call.  (Aron has a passion for hunting turkeys).  The gobbling went on and on and on.  Then all of a sudden Aron starts yelling then running while holding Brayden in his arms.  Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!
That is right, my man was just walking around the yard with two of our newest friends.....

Y'all, these turkeys walked all around the neighborhood with the Foresee fam in tow.  The kids would just call them and tell them to come here, it was too funny!
I love this picture, we were trying to get the turkeys to walk back to this wooded area by our house, and here I am with these 2 gobblers looking at me.
All I could think about was that show, When Animals Attack!  Seriously, what was I going to do if they charged me?
1.  pee my pants
2.  fall of the ground and play dead
It was a scary moment.
We followed them all around the neighborhood for a good 30 minutes and they finally retreated back to the woods.
Ya never know what is going to go down at the Foresee home, I felt like I was in that movie, We Bought a Zoo, only we did not really have zoo, or all of those zoo animals just turkeys and Chip the dog.
Hope your Saturday is as exciting as ours!

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