Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some days turkeys and some days lurkeys....

Sorry about the title, but I was trying to make it rhyme, and honestly it just wasn't happening, thus turkeys and my new word "lurkey".  A "lurkey" is person that is caught lurking around a place where turkeys sometimes roam.  Yes, lurkey.  I am thinking of submitting it to Webster for his dictionary.
I'm just gonna put it out there, the Foresee fam has had an eventful weekend.  What has made it even more exciting is that the events came to us, we need not even leave our street!
This morning, started like any other morning, we get up, make milks, change a diaper, and discuss how many times and what times the wee ones got up during the night.  (Why do we do this every morning, I do not know, but we do).  So, we are a movin' and a shakin' through the house.  Aron and the kids go back to Sophia's room, he opens the blinds, and what does he see but a lurker/ lurkey.  Aron hollered for me to come and check out this guy who was outside running in the yard, checking his phone, darting to the end of the street (as if looking for a ride), talking (coulda been singing to himself), and then (as if y'all needed more unusual behavior information) the lurkey started hiding.  Ummm, humm.  He was hiding.  Peeking around our neighbors fence, and hiding out.  Did I mention it was 8 o'clock in the morning (and he was not playing hide n go seek with the neighbor kids, because he was over the hide n seek age of 12, he looked 18-late 20s, and he had no coat).  His behavior was so strange.  We all sat in the window and watched this fishy behavior for about 30 minutes.  Yes, 30 minutes this went on!  Aron and I were thinking maybe we were witnessing a future episode of 48 Hours Mystery.  We would be interviewed because we helped solve the case.  I even recorded the strangeness.  Yes, I am that nosy neighbor, whatev.  Hello, danger stranger!
Anyways, my big, brave, strapping defender husband decided to take one for the team and "go open our garage door" to see what lurkey would do with human contact.  So, lurkey guy noticed the door open and Aron was in the garage (standing out of sight), and then lurkey went and hid behind the fence again.  Wierdo Vierdo!
Aron then decided this guy was up to no good and called the police.  Y'all, it was only 8:40 and we are calling the 5-0!  Can you believe it, never a dull moment!  Lurkey was hiding still, and we could see the police cars (not one, not two, but three cars) coming down the street!  Really, 3 cars?!
They were turning around the corner, and right at that moment Lurkey stood up to walk from behind the fence saw the police and just walked right up to the cars.  It was the strangest scene ever!  They talked for a few minutes, we witnessed a pat down (had my children been older I woulda been all, this is what happens if you don't eat your vegtables or this is what happens if you don't stay in school (they woulda never gotten that though), but it was just as if we were sitting on the couch watchin' an episode of COPS).  Then the guy willingly got into the car, like it was his momma picking him up from school or something.  "Oh, hello suspicious character!  How was your day dear.  Get in the automobile, do you wanna get a slushy from Sonic?"
There ya have it.  Some days it's turkeys, some days it's lurkeys!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


Shelley said...

Anonymous comments are the best, huh? I would have waited to call too. Some people are weird. That doesn't mean they are psychopaths.
And you are most certainly not an idiot.

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Thank you Shelley! To the anonymous commentor, thank you for stopping by and reading. I will remember your very wise council next time I see something out of the ordinary going on