Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Where've ya been??? Whatcha doin??

Tens!?  Are all ten of the readers even there any longer?  Prob not, but I just wanted to pop in and make sure that all of you knew that I am still alive!
People, this blog hiatus has gone on long enough.  I have had much to write type about, and plenty of time to share it, but y'all, I... AM... KINDA... LAZY!

Seriously though, me and my people have been doing well.  Keeping busy with school stuff, extra curriculars, and that's really about it!  Nothing too crazy exciting has been going on here at la casa de Foresee.  (Well, that's a lie, there was the whole I've incorporated a nursing bra into my weekly attire... What?  Too much right off the bat?  Then there is the mouse thing... and I ain't talking Cinderella's friends.  All of that will have to be for another day!)

The kids are doing well, growing like crazy, and they daily cause me to question my parenting skills (or the fact that I do not have any good skills.... well, none that I will be sharing).  My man friend is still here, being manly and super cute (I know he is cringing at me calling him super cute.... he is totally one of my 10s of readers.  I hope)

My baby bear is not so baby any more, he is losing all of his teeth and is OBSESSED with all things basketball and baseball!  He is the most active kiddo I have ever met, and his eating has changed from only eating catsup and chicken nuggets to adding in at least 9 bowls of cereal a week!  #CinnamonToastCrunch
My sweet Red.... mommas!  She is a ball of fire and sweetness all in the same breath!  She is really into watching her fave YouTube family, Shot of the Yeagers (she is obsessed with them as I was with Kirk Cameron back in the day..... #SoDreamy).  Then there is the fake glasses..... she is still sporting those all of the time and has really taken on a big interest in doing her hair with different hair styles.  Like sleeping in braids and wearing her hair wavy.  #IDontGetIt Why ever someone would want the curly crimp look, I guess we just want what we cannot have.
Now... now, enough about all of the people that make my world go round and back to me....
I see this picture and think, "hello, coulda photoshopped that one a bit", but it is really me for the past few months.  I have just been hanging out, trying to be more active with the kids (obvi not working on my hair game), working, and I have really started to focus more on me getting into shape!  I even took a before and after picture and if I ever make so much progress that I go from now size to zero, I will share!  Ha  Until then, I will just have to guard my phone with my life, because if those pics get out it could really ruin my street cred.... #IDontGotNoCred  I have been trying to walk, as we are going on a BIG vacay in the summer that entails much walking (details on that to come in future posts)!  So I figure, I need to get with the program and start to get my leg a bit stronger and ready to be walking!

That is kind of where I have been, and the break from the blog has been waaaaay too long!

I'mmmm back!

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